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/ April 8, 2020

Makeup 101 Master Post | Beginner + Mature Skin Tutorials

Hi!  I know makeup can feel confusing when you first start out, or as your skin changes and techniques that used to be your go-to’s just don’t have the same finish anymore.  

I wanted to compile this master list of makeup posts that I have done, to have all the posts accessible in one spot!

As I post more of these makeup 101 tutorials, they will be added below to make them easy to find or to recommend to a friend.  You can email, text, or post this to your Facebook page to share!


1 | How To Figure Out Your Skin and Foundation Undertones (important!)

2 | Foundation Tutorial for Beginners + Mature Skin 

3 | Best Foundations for Dry + Mature Skin (with swatches)

4 | Affordable Drugstore Foundation + Concealer Full Routine (Sensitive Skin friendly!)

5 | Getting Rid of Dark Under Eye Circles (instantly)

6 | Concealer Step-by-Step FULL TUTORIAL

7 | Best Concealers for Dry + Mature Skin (with swatches)

8 | Blush 101 Tutorial MUST WATCH

9 | Contouring 101 Tutorial: Why + How

10 | Highlighting 101 Tutorial: Look Dewy + Amazing

11 | The BEST Highlighters for Mature Skin 

12 | Eyebrow Tutorial: Guide for Natural Looking Brows

13 | Best Setting Sprays: The Best Way to Make Your Makeup Last All Day

14 | The Easiest Way to Wash Your Brushes + Blender


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