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/ June 30, 2015

Every Dry Shampoo I Have Ever Tried.

Anyone who has ever colored their hair knows the best way to preserve your color is to basically never wash it ever.  Which feels a little gross.  I try to wash my hair twice a week maximum.  And then “wash” with dry shampoo other days as needed.

Even if you don’t color your hair, dry shampoo is an all around all-star product that can preserve your hairstyle, give you texture on clean hair, freshen the scent of your hair after working out and absorbs excess oil so you don’t have to shampoo every day.

Summer and Oily Scalp HAC:  Spraying dry shampoo on your roots in the morning before they get greasy will get you through the day without your hair losing volume or looking greasy.

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All dry shampoos come in either an aerosol can or a container that taps out powder.  The Klorane “Loose Powder” container has a unique squeeze poof nozzle that I’ll get into more.

Pros of aerosol:  Easier to control placement of dry shampoo, faster.

Cons:  I always seem to go through the product quicker.  Not environmentally friendly.  Also, you can’t take an aerosol can in a carry on airplane bag, so they are harder to travel with.

Pros of powder:  A container lasts forever.  Environmentally and travel friendly.

Cons:  Can be messy and harder to apply.  Can build up and not absorb as easily if too much is used during application.

And now, every dry shampoo I have ever tried, in order from least expensive to most.




1 | Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion, $4.99 for 4.3 oz, aerosol.

I’m 99% sure this was the version I used from Suave, but I don’t have the can anymore.  I do remember liking it.

Suave makes great regular shampoos and conditioners in their Professional line, they just aren’t great for people who color their hair.  This dry shampoo did not affect my color at all.

I was impressed that this dry shampoo worked well at absorbing oil, smelled great, and was affordable.

2 | PSSSST! Instant Dry Shampoo Spray, $5.99 for 5.3 oz, aerosol.

The first dry shampoo I ever tried and still a favorite.

Soaks up oil, never looks flaky or too matte and adds just the right amount of texture.  Smell is very neutral/fresh.

Great product.  Highly recommend.  I always have a can in my beauty closet stash for quick touch ups.

3 | Dove Refresh + Care Volume Dry Shampoo, $5.19-$6 for 5 oz, aerosol.

Another drugstore win.  This smells like fresh laundry and absorbs oil well.

Doesn’t give a ton more volume compared to non-volumizing formulas, but overall still “fluffs up” the hair.

4 | Tresemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo, $6.09 for 4.3 oz, aerosol.

This dry shampoo was sadly only beauty product that I have ever thrown in the trash.

I wouldn’t even give this a friend to have them try it, it was so bad.  It made my hair heavy and greasy looking.

I couldn’t get my hands through my hair afterwards and my hair just looked so, so bad.  A surprising drugstore NO.

5 | Batiste Original Dry Shampoo, $9.99 for 6.73 oz, aerosol.

I used the Original formula and my hair was really silky.

I think I’ll start using this on day 3 or 4 of dry shampooing when my hair has enough texture from a different dry shampoo and I just want it to feel silky.

Absorbed oil and the scent was great, not overpowering.

6 | One Love Organics Healthy Locks Dry Shampoo Powder, $12 for .6 oz, non aerosol.

I love this formula.  It’s organic and soaks up oil perfectly and makes my hair feel super fresh.

The downside is the packaging.  I feel like it’s really hard to get the right amount on to my head.  I’ve only been using it for about a month, but so far I’ve found the best way is to turn the shifter top so that only a little sliver of one of the openings is open and then I tap it out that way.

Other than having to get a little creative with application, I truly love this product.  It’s an amazingly effective dry shampoo and a cruelty-free, organic formula.  Great stuff!

7 | Bed Head Oh Bee Hive Matte Dry Shampoo, $19.99 for 5 oz, aerosol.

Goes on sale a lot at Ulta, keep an eye out.  One of my favorite scents in a dry shampoo.  Be warned though, this scent doesn’t fade, which I love.

But if you are not a perfumes person, maybe skip this one.  Otherwise, this is an amazing product!

I had a hair stylist use it on me once and I immediately turned around because I had to see what was in their hands.  It smells so dang good, absorbs oil beautifully, doesn’t build up, and gives great texture to the hair.

I wish it weren’t so matte and just had a bit more of a natural sheen to it’s finish.  But it’s hands down one of my favorites and I stock up when it’s on sale!

Also, you can use Ulta sale codes and coupons on these to get an even better deal.

8 | Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk, $20 for 1.7 oz, non aerosol “Poof” dispenser.

One of my all time FAVORITE dry shampoos.

A hair stylist on set back from my acting days recommended it to me and I was hooked right away.  I also tried and loved the aerosol version, but I go through the cans so fast.

This poof dispenser gets the product distributed just as evenly as any aerosol can and I’ve been using the same bottle for over a year.  You just twist the top, and gently squeeze the bottle.  It poofs a little bit onto your hair in a very fine mist.

The only downside is that it can build up easily, so use less than you think you’ll need.  I can only use this dry shampoo once between shampoos or it starts to feel super heavy and powdery on my scalp.

It doesn’t really have a scent, so also great for people who don’t want to smell a dry shampoo all day long.

It also travels well.  Really great product!


9 | Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo, $14-$24 for 1.8 oz or 4 oz, aerosol.

This dry shampoo quickly became one of my all-time favorites.

It’s feels light, smells amazing, leaves no residue, and absorbs oil.

This dry shampoo actually cleans your hair, so it’s not just powder soaking up oil.  I feel like I get a few extra days in between shampoos when I use this Living Proof dry shampoo!

10 | Bumble and Bumble Pret-A-Powder, $28 for 2 oz, non aerosol.

This is billed as a part dry shampoo/part volumizer.  It’s honestly one of the best volume adding powders I’ve ever used.  It has no tacky feeling, so you can run your hands through your hair easily.

I love this as a volume adding product, but as a dry shampoo, it takes a while to distribute evenly all over my roots if I’m super greasy.

I actually do bring this on trips with me and use it as a dry shampoo and to add volume after styling.  It’s an amazing  product!best-top-dry-shampoos-shampoo-worst-drugstore-high-end-organic-non-aerosol-dove-klorane-one-love-bumble-and-bumble-batiste-tigi-oh-bee-hive-pssst!-suave-beauty-blog-blogger-los-angeles.jpeg

There is everything I’ve tried!  Any that you love that I should know about?  Do you go for aerosol or loose powder formulas?


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  1. I absolutely agree with this! I just posted a blog about dry shampoos too and what is the dang hype with batiste? I don’t get it! Thanks for the recommendations that I haven’t tried so far. Great post and wonderful photos!

  2. THANK you for sharing this run down of so many dry shampoos spanning such a wide price spectrum! There’s some things in life I just HATE spending extra $$$ on and this- unfortunately for my tresses- happens to be one of them.

    Unless of course I somehow manage to stumble across the ever-sought after diamond in the rough, holy grail, fall-to-my-knees-in-worshipful-awe beauty product that all women spend their lives searching for. And who do they think they’re kidding? Men are casually peering under those rocks, too. We SEE you sneaking glances in the mirror, buddy. And I know you’ve been “borrowing” my eye serum, so either admit you care about crow’s feet as much as I do or I’m locking the beauty cabinet. Let’s see how many miracles your aftershave lotion can pull off…

    Aaaand- Pump. The. Brakes. Woops! Sorry about that, don’t know how I tumbled down that rabbit hole… What I was trying to say is, if I can find a best in class product worth the price then I’ll fork over next month’s rent like any good twenty-something who has her priorities about as worked out as a Rubik’s cube.

    And now you’ve officially nudged me off the fence and onto Sephora’s website for the Klorane powdered ‘poo. I am so excited to finally try it! But before I checkout my spidey-senses tell me to explore your other blog posts for more beauty gems 😀

    Anyone with the ability to validate a person’s frequent and sudden shopping urges using logical reasoning and- heaven help my credit score- actual RESEARCH is an excellent person to know and the PERFECT BLOG to follow 😉

  3. Hi Molly! I found your youtube channel about 5 weeks ago wanting to color my hair strawberry blond. I actualy download one of your pictures and show it to my hairdresser. 😛
    She didn’t do a good job, unfortunately. Really, the procedure was so poor i could do it by myselfe at home and not spend so much money. I was so sad about her ‘job’ that i even came back a day after to see if she can make it look better but still it wasn’t what i was hoping for to be but it looks better now. 🙂 I accepted a fact that it will look diferent after every wash and coloring so I’m thinking to maybe put some highlights so i don’t have to go so often to a hairdresser or dye all of my hair. It si much steawyer and more damage that it was before 🙁 so i don’t wanna make it look, feel and be worse. What do you think? My natural color is about shade 7 (i’m 21 and dont have grays).

    I comment under this post because i’m not sure if you’ll see it under you hair story post. Sorry for that. So, what is my point? I was actually wanting to share with you about a product that i found searching online.
    I know red/orange shades are stabile for like 2 washes 😛 but i do some research and found a product that is not a hair dye but it a creme and gives hair some pigment (shine and conditioning) between coloring. It’s called Revlon Nutri Color Creme (it’s a 3-minutes thing :D). It has a lot of shades and it actually do what it says. I didn’t found on your blog a post in wich you rewiev this product so i wanted to suggest it. In Croatia (where i live) it’s 80 kn (which is about $12) so it’s not too expencive, a little goes a long way. Google it! 😀

    Sorry for long comment and for putting it under wrong post. I’m hoping to hear if you ever tried this product and if not suggest that you try and share your experience here with us.

    Oh and I was thinkin about those dry shampoos lately. I heard for this Batiste one, and i thing i’m gonna try it. Currently I’m using baby powder :D. I put a little on my fingertips, band my hear over (is that the expression? Sorry for my bad english) and rub it in my scalp and it work well. 😛

    New fan. :)) Have a nice day! :*

  4. Yay for a dry shampoo post! I feel slightly more confident now using one, but can’t wait for your second post! The few I have tried are all heavily-scented, but I did like the Khlorane aerosol so I am going to try the powder….

    • Oh thank you, I’m so glad it helped!! And yes, I’m hoping the video will be helpful too. 🙂