Girl Get Glamorous is a blog where we can be glamorous little divas and talk about everything hair, makeup, nail, & beauty related.  I feel like there can be a weird pressure to look amazing, but also pretend that no effort went into it.  Like somehow putting the least amount of effort into our appearance (or seeming like we do) is cooler than admitting how addicted we are.  Well, I’m addicted and not ashamed.  I love getting ready, I love trying new products and techniques, and I especially love sharing it when I learn something new.

I never went to a formal beauty school, I’m just a self-taught makeup gal and life-long beauty addict.  Long before I was allowed to use makeup, I would sneak into my mother’s nail polish, take a bunch of different colors, then give my dolls “makeovers.”  Blue nail polish would become “eyeshadow” and red polish would become “lipstick.”  And, of course, every doll I owned got hair cuts.  Pixie cuts, specifically.  Thankfully, I have a very cool mom.

When I was five years old, I took my “makeover” thing up a notch.  I had a friend over and while our moms were talking, I cut my friend’s mermaid-long hair into a very chic when-Katie-Holmes-met-Tom-Cruise-bob.  That time I was in trouble.  In college, I cut all my friend’s hair (more money for beer!) and, hopefully, did a much better job.

After moving to Los Angeles to begin my career in comedy, I had the opportunity to have my hair and makeup done on set and for photo shoots by some lovely and patient professional hair and makeup artists.  I watched their techniques like a hawk, asked a million annoying questions, and have pestered many a makeup artist on their favorite brands and products.  I’ve also read every magazine known to man, will try any tip, and will study a photo for an hour until I figure out how they did the makeup for it.

This blog grew out of my desire to share everything I’ve learned.  I want us to get glamorous and know all the little tricks that can make a huge difference.  I also love doing product reviews because I rarely buy anything these days without reading a review first!  So I hope I will save you some time and cold hard cash in deciding which products have worked for me.

I hope you find this blog helpful.  If you do, please feel free to share it on your or your friend’s Facebook walls, and on Twitter and Instagram. You can “Like” us on the Girl Get Glamorous Facebook page as well.  Post and hashtag your own photos trying my techniques, using the hashtag #girlgetglamorous.  Thank you so much for reading and following me.  I love reading all your emails, questions, and comments!

xo – Molly,


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