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/ March 4, 2014

11 Tips for Major Volume + Big Hair

I love big hair.  My favorite hair styles usually come from the 1950’s and 60’s because a lot of those looks had major volume.  These are my best tips, tricks, and favorite products to give my hair tons of body.

A note about hair products: I try to use the least amount possible of each product, while still using enough to make it effective.

For creams and oils, I usually use a pea size amount.  For the foam, I’ll use half a golf ball size.  I want to make sure the products are working, but also not applying too much so that ends up weighing my hair down.


1 |  For me, big hair starts in the shower.

It can be tricky to find volumizing shampoo and conditioner that are also safe for colored treated hair.  When you finally find that perfect shade, you don’t want to the color to change one bit.

I have found that Living Proof FULL shampoo and conditioner gives me great volume and keep my color in tact.


2 | After the shower, I towel dry my hair then apply Aveeno Active Natural Nourish & Style Volumizing Foam.  I apply it at the roots only and it gives my hair a huge boost.

It’s been discontinued, which make no sense at all, because it’s seriously amazing.  Non crunchy, lifts my roots up a half inch, and is completely invisible when it dries with no crunchy curls look.

I use it every time I wash my hair and one bottle has lasted me over two and a half years.  Maybe that’s why it’s discontinued, everyone is still working through their first bottle.  Bring it back, Aveeno, I’ll buy more!

You can still find it on Amazon and Paul Mitchell makes this similar one.


3 | If I want my style to last me three or four days without touch ups, I use Living Proof Prime from my roots to my ends.  This stuff is so lightweight, yet somehow makes your hair hold its style forever.  It’s a miracle product.


4 | Then I apply  Living Proof Full cream if I want crazy big hair.  The Full cream gives your huge volume.  Like Dolly Parton hair.  And you all know how much I love Dolly.  I use a pea size amount of the cream from roots to ends.


5 | To finish the hair, I use just one drop of oil on my ends.  My ends are dry from hair color and heat styling.  I work the oil into the last inch of my hair, then with whatever is left on my hands go through the rest of my hair.


6 | I always blow dry my roots to give them extra lift, even if I’m not blow drying the rest of my hair.

I use ghd heat protectant lightly misted all over.  It’s the best out of any heat protectant I’ve tried.

I always blow dry my hair at the roots in the opposite direction than I want it to lay.

I blow dry the sides straight up and the back of my head forward.  Then I flip my head upside down while I’m blow drying to get the bottom dry and give it some extra volume.

This is called “over directing” the hair and it gives major volume.


I always blow dry my hair in the opposite direction at the roots. Gives it a big volume boost!


7 | When I’m heat styling my hair, whether I’m using a flat iron or a curling iron, I always start styling an inch below my roots if possible.  If possible means if my roots are smooth and not frizzy.  This helps keep that natural volume in my hair.


Start heat styling an inch down from the roots.


8 | After I’m styled, I part my hair at the top of my head in three places, and lightly spray hair spray on the part.  I use Living Proof Flex, because it’s not sticky and is super, super light, with amazing hold.

I then flip the hair back down and gently brush everything out, so that it’s not crunchy where the hairspray is.


9 | For major volume, I’ll tease the crown.  If I’m lazy and don’t feel like teasing, or I’m trying to give my hair a little break, I’ll use Bumble & Bumble Pret-a-Powder at the crown and scrunch the hair at the crown.

Pret-a-Powder not as volumizing as teasing, but is gentle on your hair.


10 | On day two or three of washed hair, I will use dry shampoo to counter the oil at my scalp.

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11 | For big, big hair, you can add clip-in hair extensions.  This will give you a huge boost in volume and length.  Clip-in extensions are a fast way to get volume and/or length.

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These are ALL my tips and tricks that I have for you.  I hope they help!


11 tips for big huge hair


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  1. Thanks for the info. You have beautiful hair! I recently started using LP products and my hair has never looked better! After reading this post I’m going to give the Full line a try.

    • Hi Sofia!

      Thank you – you are so sweet! I love the Full conditioner and cream. Great products!! I hope they work for you too…

      xo Molly

  2. So I have been reading a lot of ur blog here and I was wondering what hair dye combo is these pictures above that is the color I am looking for and I know that u have tired all different kinds just wonder which on this one was….OH by the way love all your tips

    • Thank you, so glad you like the blog!! This was the Wella combo of Titian Blonde and 7R Red. This was three weeks after I colored, it was suuuuuper red at first, just to give you a warning. If you want it to be this shade right away, I would probably only do half a tube or maybe 3/4 of a tube of the Red. I hope this helps!

    • Thank you! I am using the Wella Color Charm combo from the post Wella vs. L’Oreal Strawberry Blonde. All the shades I tried are in the Strawberry Blonde Hair: My Epic Journey Part 1 and 2 posts 🙂

  3. Thank you for this post! I am headed to Ulta right now to get the LP Full line of products and am going to try and get some BIG hair for this weekend 🙂