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/ May 23, 2014

8 Is Great | 8 Tips to Maintaining Colored + Red Hair

My number one tip for maintaining great color is to pic a great Instagram filter and stick with that.  HA.  Now that I’ve made myself laugh a little too hard at a very bad joke, LET’S GET SERIOUS.

8 Tips to Maintain Your Color


1 |  Wash your hair the least amount possible. Use a dry shampoo on the days in between washing.  The less water you get on your color, the better.  The water opens up your cuticle, which allows a little color to get out every time you wash your hair.

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2 |  Wash your hair in medium temperature water.  Hot water will open the hair cuticle too much and let more color slip out.

3 |  Make sure your hair is totally wet before adding shampoo.  If you hair isn’t totally wet, the shampoo pulls out more color.

4 |  Leave a plastic cup in the shower and after rinsing conditioner out, fill it with cold water and dip the ends of your hair into the cup to make the ends feel super silky.  It might be all in my head, but I swear my ends feel better after doing this. Make sure you use a plastic cup.  There’s a reason shampoo bottles aren’t glass.

5 | Use a sulfate free or low sulfate shampoo.  It takes a little getting used to not having a ton of lather, which is what sulfate creates, but I’ve noticed a huge difference in how much more red stays in my hair when I use a sulfate free shampoo.

Shop | shampoo

6 |  Use a hair product with UV protection.  This Living Proof spray is lightweight and helps prevent fading from the sun.

Shop | Hair UV protection 

7 | At the beach, or if you’ll be the sun all day, wear a hat or wear your hair up in a bun if your head gets too hot in a hat.  I wear a wide brimmed hat because my skin goes from white-to-pink-to-red-to-holey moley are you ok? in about 5 minutes.  So the hat helps keep my skin not burnt and my hair red and not brassy or faded.

Shop | straw hats

8 |  Refresh your red with a color  conditioner a few weeks after coloring  I rarely do this, to be honest, only because my shampoo is so good!  But this Christophe Robin one is awesome.

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keep hair dye red


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  1. Have you tried Tressa Watercolors Shampoo? What do you think? I have tried it in the past and loved it, but my hair is about the same color as yours now and I’m not sure what shade to go with.