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Best Shampoo + Conditioners for Color Treated + Heat Damaged Hair

Finding the best shampoos and conditioners for both color treated hair, dry, and heat damaged hair has been my mission over the last few years! I have tried so many different formulas and these are what I love.

These keep my Strawberry Blonde color from fading. Also, I finally found a color depositing conditioner that keeps the red tones in my hair vibrant!



Before we get started, I want to go over hair needing moisture vs needing protein. This will help you find the right products for your hair

When your hair needs moisture/hydration, it will generally feel dried out. If your hair needs protein, a.k.a keratin, it can feel gummy and heavy, like when a rubber band starts to get old.

This is usually why you’ll see such wildly different reviews for the same exact shampoo or conditioner. One person will say, “this keratin conditioner turned my hair into silk” (they needed the keratin) and the next review will say “this keratin conditioner turned my hair into straw” (they needed moisture).

If you color your hair, you’ll generally need a mix of moisturizing products and keratin products.

If you heat style only, but don’t color your hair, you might only need a hydrating formula to get some oils back into your hair.

You want your hair to have a great balance of moisture and protein. I like to alternate washing and conditioning 2x a week with a hydrating formula, then on the 3rd day I wash my hair, I’ll use a keratin depositing formula.

Best Shampoos + Conditioners 

1 | Colorproof SuperRich Moisture 

I love the Colorproof brand, because all their shampoos and conditioners are color safe.  Most lines have one color safe product, but not a full line of products that are also for Moisture, Repair, Volume, etc. in addition to keeping your color in your hair.

The Moisture line is my favorite because it deeply hydrates my hair without adding weight or greasiness.  You can feel the difference after one use.  It’s really incredible!

If you have dry hair, I highly recommend this shampoo and conditioner.  They are great on their own, but also even better together, in my opinion.  

Another thing I love about Colorproof is that all their shampoos and conditioners are a concentrated formula.  Most shampoos have a higher water content and a more liquid feel.  Colorproof shampoos are thicker, so you just need a small amount to wash your hair.  Even the 8.5oz  bottles last me a long time.  I just bought the jumbo size bottle from amazon and am so curious how long it’s going to last me!

This is the one shampoo and conditioner that I think everyone needs! It really hydrates and has gotten my hair into the best condition it’s ever been,

Fragrance: This has a warm “baked goods” smell. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but it’s sort of a gingerbread cookie scent. I prefer the scent in the cooler months, but don’t mind it in the summer because the product is so good. The scent does fade quickly, for the fragrance adverse.

These links are to their official amazon storefront, with authenticity guaranteed.

8.5 oz | $30

shop Colorproof SuperRich Shampoo | Conditioner | Value set

2 | Oribe Gold Lust 

The Oribe Gold Lust line is a protein rich line that is great for damaged hair.  If you color treat your hair or do keratin treatments, your hair most likely needs protein from time-to-time to restore keratin or maintain the keratin treatment.  

This line provides a high dose of protein and will take damaged hair from feeling like straw to feeling like silk in just one wash.

I like to use this duo every 3rd or 4th wash. 

Fragrance: It has a very rich sandalwood fragrance, which I love. The scent also lasts in my hair for a few hours. But if you do not love a scent, this might bother you. I honestly could bathe in the signature Oribe scent.

The links below are to Dermstore, which is an Oribe authorized seller, for guaranteed authenticity.

8.5 oz | $49

shop Oribe Gold Lust Shampoo . sephora | Conditioner . sephora

3 | L’Anza Healing ColorCare Color Preserving Shampoo 

I always get asked for specific recommendations that are available at Ulta or Sephora.   

This L’Anza brand is really nice quality and will help your hair keep your color.  It’s a rich and creamy formula and lathers well for a color safe shampoo. 

This is a great color safe formula that helps lock in color.

Fragrance: lightly floral

10.1 oz | $31

shop L’Anza Healing | ulta beauty

4 | Alfaparf Milano Keratin Shampoo + Conditioner 

This is another great protein rich duo!  

I love how silky this makes my hair with one wash.  Alfaparf is a very high-quality Italian brand that is a bit easier to find now in the US with the blessing of The Internet.

This formula is a bit more liquid, so I recommend only using a small amount first and then washing a second time.  I end up getting a better clean this way. 

Fragrance: There is a warm scent that fades almost immediately.

8.45 oz | $20

shop Alfaparf Keratin Shampoo | Conditioner | Value Set | Alfaparf Official site

5 | Living Proof Full Conditioner 

This is such a great conditioner for getting tons of volume in your hair.  I will usually use this before events and sometimes before filming.  

It’s lightweight and as mentioned, gives crazy volume.  It’s neither hydrating nor drying, so if you need moisture, start with a hydrating shampoo. 

I’ve been using this for years now and it remains a favorite.  It gives me consistent results every time.

Fragrance: minimal clean scent

8 oz | $28

shop Living Proof Full Conditioner ulta beauty | sephora

6 | Alfaparf Milano Semi Di Lino Diamond Illuminating Shampoo + Conditioner

If you are in need of mega shine, this is the shampoo and conditioner duo for you. These add such an incredible amount of gloss to the hair. The shampoo is sulfate-free and very gentle on color.

As mentioned above, Alfaparf is an incredibly high-quality Italian brand of hair products. The liter size of the shampoo and conditioner are such a great value.

Fragrance: very light, clean scent.

8.45 oz | $22 – 33.8 oz | $48

shop Alfaparf Illuminating | Shampoo . Conditioner . Value Set . Alfaparf Official site

7 | Christophe Robin Shade Variation Mask – shade Chic Copper

I fully credit this mask for keeping my strawberry blonde hair color vibrant. I have been using this mask for about 6 months now and I’ve never been able to keep the red in my hair this long.

At this point, I feel like I’ve tried every color depositing shampoo and conditioner on the planet and this is the only formula and color that has worked for me. It’s so natural looking.

A little product goes a long way and this mask works best if left on at least 5-10 minutes minimum.

I can not recommend this mask highly enough! They have several other shades for brunettes and blondes as well. Chic Copper is the perfect shade for Strawberry Blondes and light redheads.

Fragrance: light floral

8.45 oz | $53

shop Christophe Robin | saks 5th ave . sephora . lookfantastic

8 | Scalp Massager

This scalp massager is such a game changer. You lather up your hair as normal with your shampoo, then place the massager on your head. Rub in tiny circles (but don’t comb through hair!) then lift the scrubber to another section of your scalp and repeat. Then rinse and condition.

shop scalp massager | amazon

This post contains my affiliate links and I really appreciate when you use them.  It costs you nothing extra to shop using them, your prices stay the same.  They helps support the blog and make future posts possible.  Thank you!




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Saturday 13th of February 2021

Love these! Any recs for someone who dyes their hair and gets dandruff? I feel like it's such a hard combo to shop for!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.