The Best ghd Curve Curling Iron For Your Hair Type | Demo + Recommendations

by Molly Gardner
ghd classic wave tong wand curler curl results before after beach curls waves beauty blog best curler for my hair blogger

Four years ago, I won a ghd Instagram Hair contest and I’m still excited about it.

I understand that this makes me a giant dork, but I don’t care.  I am who I am!

For the contest prize, they sent me all four of their ghd Curve curling irons and I’ve been using them non-stop ever since.  I kid you not when I say these are the best hot tools I have ever used.

I did a comparison video when I first got the irons, but get so many emails asking which ghd curler is right for certain hair types.  I realized it would be helpful to do a more in depth break down of each iron, as well as a demo video showing the finished results of each iron.  I included photos also, but to me, there is nothing quite like seeing a video to really help me decide.


Which ghd Is Right For Me?

1” Classic Curl Iron |

Best for |

  • Course/frizzy hair.
  • Short/mid length hair to create soft waves.
  • Creating tight curls on longer hair.
  • Quick curls.

Shop Online | Ulta . Sephora . Overstockebay . ghd



ghd classic 1 1" curler curl results before after beach curls waves beauty blog best curler for my hair blogger


1.25” Soft Curl Iron |

Best for |

  • Course/frizzy hair types.
  • Mid length/long hair to create soft waves or big bouncy curls.
  • Can be used to straighten hair.
  • Quick curls.

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ghd 1.25" 1.25 loose soft tong wand curler curl results before after beach curls waves beauty blog best curler for my hair blogger


Classic Wave Wand (Oval barrel) |

Best for |

  • Smooth, fine hair texture.
  • Mid length/long hair lengths.
  • Thin or fine hair texture.
  • Unique curl iron shape/unique curls.

Shop Online |  Sephora . Overstock . ebay . ghd


ghd classic wave tong wand curler curl results before after beach curls waves beauty blog best curler for my hair blogger


Creative Curl Wand (Tapered barrel) |

Best for |

  • Smooth hair texture.
  • Mid-Length/Long hair, but can work on shorter hair also.
  • Thin or fine hair texture.
  • Creating unique spiraled curls.

Shop Online | Ulta . Sephora . Overstock . ebay. ghd


ghd creative curl results before after beach curls waves beauty blog best curler for my hair blogger

________Iron Recommendations For Your Hair Type________

I find that the 1” and 1.25” irons with a traditional clip style body are best for frizzier hair types. They grasp the hair tightly, which is key for smoothing frizz out, but also allow the iron to to slide smoothly and easily through the hair. I will quickly straighten each piece before curling it, as I have frizzy and wiry hair.

I like using the 1” iron for tighter curls or waves. It works especially well on shorter bobs or lob hair styles, as it can get close to the scalp. The 1.25” is my go-to wand for loose, easy waves. I’ve also used it in a pinch on vacation to straighten my hair when I din’t have space for a separate flat iron. It works well on shoulder length or longer hair.  The 1.25″ curling iron is by far my most-used curler out of all four styles.

The wands are amazing. They create really unique shapes and curls. I do prefer these for hair that is already smoother. For frizzy hair, you really do have to smooth it out before styling. Sometimes when I do a rough blow dry, my hair is smooth enough that I can use the wands and they really create curls like no other iron can.

The creative curl and classic wave wands create absolutely stunning waves. They are my favorite to use on naturally curly clients, as it replicates natural spiral curls perfectly. The creative wand tapers to a narrow end. You can see a full tutorial using that wand here. The classic wave wand creates super unique oval curls. If you want your hair styled but don’t want it to look “curled,” then this is the iron for you. This is a red-carpet favorite because it creates such perfect “not done-done” curls.  I’ve seen a lot of celebrity stylists use this wand on their clients.

________Curl Duration + Tri-Zone Technology________

They really protect the integrity of you hair and keep it healthier longer.  The barrel heats up to one consistent temperature, using what they call tri-zone technology, to make sure your hair doesn’t get burnt.

One of my favorite things about the ghd range is how long-lasting the styles are.  The curls tend to last 2-3 days for me without needing to be touched up (which also saves my hair from repeated heat styling). I curl each piece for around twelve seconds and then hold it in place for another 5-6 seconds to cool. Make sure to let the curl cool completely before brushing or touching it.

For extensions, I recommend curling them hours or the day before and then letting them cool in shape overnight. I’ve done this before and my extension curls lasted a month. A MONTH!

The irons heat up to full heat within 30 seconds, no waiting required. They even beep when it’s ready to go. If you’ve ever plugged an old-school curling iron in and waited ten minutes for it to heat up, you know how incredible it is that the ghd heats up in 30 seconds.


Each of the irons retails for $199.  While initially, this price might seem steep, I have had mine for over four years and used the 1.25″ iron on average once a week .  I’ve also brought it with me on every trip I’ve taken.  I have a feeling these irons are going to last me a very, very long time.  They are incredibly well made.

The next time someone asks you what you want for your birthday, tell them a gift card to Ulta or Sephora!  Eight $25 gift cards = $200 = you with a happy head of curls!

Also, I think it’s important to note that I have gone from getting 4-6 haircuts a year down to needing only 1-2, because my hair is so much healthier and less fried from heat styling.  I’ve unintentionally saved money there, with the irons keeping my hair healthier and not needing as many trims.

I’ve also linked to and ebay, as they had some great deals ($50 wands!) on these irons.  If you do want a warranty, however, it’s probably best to stick with Ulta, Sephora, or ghd’s own site.  If a warranty isn’t super important to you, then by all means shop ebay and Overstock and save some cash!

________ghd Heat Spray________

The ghd Heat Protect spray is amazing and the best I’ve tried out of all heat protection sprays. I use in on both my natural hair and my girlgetglamorousHAIR hair extensions. It helps protect my own hair from getting fried and helps my extensions last longer.

Shop Online | Ulta . Sephora . Overstock. ebay. ghd . amazon



________In Conclusion________

Honestly, you’ll probably be happy with any ghd iron you choose.  They are such well-made products.   I’ve been using mine for over four years now and they work just as amazing as they did on Day 1. I can not recommend these highly enough.

The curls do come out slightly different between each.  I hope my explanations of wand vs iron was helpful and that the demo further helped you decide which is the best iron for you.  I’ve never been happier with a hot tool!


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I hope this hair guide helps you figure out which is the best iron for you. If you still have questions, feel free to leave a comment below. You never know, someone might be reading and have the same question as you!


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