7 Tips | How To Do “No Makeup” Natural Makeup

by Molly Gardner

When the “no-makeup” makeup look became really popular last year, I’m not gonna lie, I wasn’t super into it at first.  I just always felt like I looked tired and not like myself.

But I kept trying and tweaking it, because I loved how it looked on other people.  Now it’s become my go-to look for every day makeup!

Here are my top 7 tips for your best no-makeup makeup.

My Top 7 Tips for Natural Makeup

1 | The most important part of a perfect natural makeup look is to have a flawless base.

Most people are surprised that going a bit heavier on your foundation or CC cream will actually allow to you wear less makeup overall.  When you even out your skin, the focus shifts to your beautiful features (eyes, cheekbones, lips, etc.).

Make sure to use a hydrating primer to keep medium coverage foundation looking like skin.

The key to making medium coverage foundation look like second skin is a beauty blender.

I blend as much as I can with my fingers first, then bounce the dampened blender over my skin after to give it the airbrushed look.

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2 |  For natural lipstick, start by applying a lipliner that matches the color of your lips all the way around the natural line of your mouth.

If you don’t use a lip liner, the lipstick can slide off the edge of your lips and into the fine lines around your mouth, making those lines look deeper than they actually are.

Then apply full coverage swipes of your lipstick on both your upper and lower lips.  Don’t try to do light coats on each side.  It’ll be too hard to get an even amount of pigment and will end up looking splotchy.

Then, use your middle or ring finger to pat the color into your lips to soften the look of the lipstick.

3 |  Switch to brown or taupe eyeliner and brown mascara.

Unless you have naturally darker hair, the brown will read much softer against your eyes and skin.  A little brown eye shadow right over the liner will soften it and set it for all day wear.

4Individual lashes are kind of tricky to learn, but once you get the hang of them, they make a HUGE difference.

I like to smudge in a brown liner right into my lash line, apply individual lashes all the way across my eyes (shorter length on the outside and inner corners and medium length in the middle/outer corner).

Then I let them dry and add a coat of mascara.  People always think they are my real lashes.

5 |  Pick a crease shade (Kjaer Weis in Grace is my fav) that is only one shade deeper than your skin tone.

You can swipe this into the crease of your eye and it it will open up your eyes and make them look bigger without looking like you are wearing eyeshadow.

6 | For blush, pick a peachy rosy shade that is the same shade as your natural flush.

I prefer a cream formula, Kjaer Weis in Suntouched in my favorite.  Cream formulas look the most natural as they blend with your skin.

7 | Fill in your brows with a micro brow pencil.

A micro pencil will give more natural and hair-like strokes.  Start at the arch for the most natural look.  This post details my full brow tutorial.

I always fill in my eyebrows before I do any eye makeup, because it makes such a huge difference.  I usually end up wearing less eye makeup.


Here is a before and after shot to show the difference these tips make for me.

In the “Old Way” photo I am wearing one light layer of foundation, concealer, black liner, mascara, and lipstick.  In the “New Way” I am wearing everything listed above.



Here are some favorite makeup looks I’ve done:

Actress Maddy Curley

Actress Maddy Curley

Actress Hilty Bowen

Actress Hilty Bowen



Thank you so much for reading!  Have you tried no-makeup makeup?

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