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How To Use Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector to Hide Dark Circles Instantly

Ever since I discovered the Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector, I have been flat out obsessed with it. 

I notice a huge difference when I use it vs. days I don’t.  It quickly camouflages dark under eye circles without making me pile on concealer.

In short, this corrector brightens the dark tones at the inner corners and underneath the eyes by reflecting light and adding a soft peach tone.

I wanted to do a quick demo video, as I’ve gotten a lot of comments and emails from people about applying the product correctly.

Product Info

  • comes in two shades: Light/Medium (best for fair-medium skin tones) + Medium/Deep (best for darker medium to deep skin tones)
  •  retails for $32
  • .16 ounce (I’m still on my first pot from 3 years ago!)
  • corrects and brightens darks circles and tones around the eye
  • can be used before concealer or on it’s own for lighter makeup days

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How To Use

I treat this product as a skin care product.  I apply my serum, then eye cream, and facial moisturizer, then tap this product on.

There are two KEY elements to the corrector really working perfectly for you.

1 | amount of product used – I gently tap my finger to the top of the jar, then lift.  I don’t press down.  I don’t pick up a ton of product.  You only need the teeniest, tiniest amount of product. 

Whatever amount I pick up from that light tap is what I use for both eyes.  I tap a bit under each eye and then go back and blend.

2 | placement – I make sure that I only place the corrector where my inner corners and under eyes are blueish-purple. 

When I first tried the corrector, I placed it like I would concealer, but that actually gives so much reflection and shine that my face and cheeks looked sweaty all day.  When I started placing it correctly, only on the blueish-purple tones that it’s mean to counter, I looked awake, not sweaty.

It seems like the biggest problem I kept hearing from people who had tried the corrector was that it was causing their concealer to crease.  When I told them how little I actually use and they tried decreasing their application, the creasing problem went away. 

Less is definitely more with the Becca corrector!

Here is a quick video demo, I hope this makes everything super clear on how I use the corrector to hide my dark circles prior to applying concealer.

Video Tutorial

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