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The Best Under Eye Color Correctors for Dark Circles

Color correcting works by countering either blue or grey dark circles by using an opposite shade, pink or orange over the discolored areas, so they better match your skin before concealer.

Color correcting dark circles at the inner corner of your eyes is a really game-changer for a lot of people. This was my “missing step” and once I started using corrector, all my makeup, not just my concealer, started looking it’s best, in my opinion.

I’ve heard from so many people who watched my concealer technique video and commented either on YouTube or IG after about how under eye color corrector was a game changing step for them too!


FINISH | Color corrector can have either an illuminating or matte finish. I prefer an illuminating finish, as the corrector catches the light to minimize the look of the dark circles. Coverage relies on the product having a lot of pigment, which covers the discoloration and preps the area to match your skin.

SHADE | Peach color correctors will even out grey dark circles and pinky-peach correctors will correct blue or purple dark circles (the category I fall in). You should aim for a corrector shade that is about the same shade as your skin tone.


MY #1 OG COLOR CORRECTOR | Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector

This is the product that changed the game for me. Becca’s under eye corrector is perfect. It’s the corrector by which I judge all other correctors.

What I Love | It’s a cream formula, so it has more coverage vs a liquid. It’s illuminating, so it’s a great 1 +2. The pinky peach color counteracts the blueish circles at my inner corner and the illumination further corrects by bouncing light off my skin.

Size | The tiniest amount covers everything and the pot is giant at .16 oz (huge for a corrector and for a cream product).

Sadly, Becca Cosmetics has said that they are going to close down in September 2021. The under eye corrector is still in stock in a few places which I’ve linked below. The container has a shelf life of 2 years from the date it’s been opened. I wear shade Light to Medium.

.16 oz | $32 | cream

shop Becca Under Eye Corrector | sephora . ulta beauty . revolve . cult beauty UK


1 | The Saem Cover Perfection Tip Brightener

The Saem is one of Korea’s biggest concealer brands. The brightener really works. It’s a matte finish and very pigmented. It definitely corrects and brightens any skin darkness.

The price is a-mazing.

I also love how smooth the corrector is when applying. It’s also gentle and causes no skin irritation. This is a wonderful color corrector.

I do wish they’d make an illuminating version because I love their products!

.22 oz | $6 | liquid

shop Saem Brightener | amazon . YesStyle

2 | Milani Supercharged Undereye Tint “110 Pink Rose”

This under eye tint is a new release from Milani, one of my go-to affordable makeup brands. The shade range on this: pink, peach, and deep peach is amazing. I wear shade Pink Rose, because my under eye circles are blueish-purple. If yours are more grey ro brown, go for one of the peach tints.

The finish is illuminating and so, so good. My one wish: the formula had a bit more coverage. It’s very sheer.

The illuminating aspect of this product has come the closest to Becca’s finish, but it just doesn’t have the same level of coverage over my blue circles. I truly hope they come out with a cream version of this to get a bit more coverage!

For now, I will wear this tint under my thicker cream concealers to add luminosity and light-reflection.

.51 oz | $9 | liquid

shop Milani Supercharged Undereye Tint | ulta beauty . milani official

3 | Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser “Brightener”

This was the 2nd color corrector I tried after the Becca. I was curious to try and find a drugstore option. I love the formula, it has the same rich pigment, that still looks natural, as the concealer.

Interesting, I did not have any skin reaction to the brightener the same way I did the first few times I wore the concealer.

This is a perfect pinky tone for blue-purple circles. It covers, it lasts, and it’s super affordable! I do wish they’d make an illuminating version. I know I sound like a broken record here, but I do love a well-done illuminating finish.

.2 oz | $10 | liquid

shop Maybelline Brightener | ulta beauty . amazon

4 | Pixi +Vit C Undereye Brightener

This is a newer product to me and I wanted to include it because I do like that it’s, drumroll: illuminating. However, it really sheers out and doesn’t leave a ton of pigment behind.

I’m trying to figure out if I like it, so far it feels like a yes. It’s lightweight and the color is a perfect correcting shade.

The deeper peach color would be great for medium to deep skin tones or anyone dealing with more grey or brown toned dark circles.

.4 oz | $16 | liquid

shop Pixi +Vit C Undereye Brightener | ulta beauty

5 | Charlotte Tilbury Magic Vanish “Fair”

This is another new-to-me product that I’ve been testing. I love the cream formula, but it’s a bit drier than the the other cream formulas.

The reviews online are raving about this products however, so I will keep testing it! I am going to try it with a hydrating concealer next to see if I like that combo.

I do love that they have four shades available.

.08 oz | $32 | cream

shop Charlotte Tilbury Magic Vanish | charlotte tilbury . sephora . spaceNK . cult beauty UK

6 | Bobbi Brown Corrector “Porcelain Peach” and “Porcelain Bisque”

This cream corrector has been my 2nd favorite in comparison to the Becca. I love the cream formula, it’s equally as creamy as the Becca, which has been hard to find! Many creams have been too stiff, but this one really melts into my skin.

Bobbi Brown offers a range of 16 different shades, which is the most I have found out of any brand. There is truly a shade for everyone. I am IMPRESSED with this shade range.

I actually think I went a bit too light purchasing the Porcelain shades for myself, I’d go up one for two levels for next purchase, I’ll probably try Light Bisque next.

I would 100% repurchase this color corrector. And I’m secretly hoping they come out with an illuminating version as well to add to their line up! It’s a great formula and incredible shade range.

.08 oz each | $29 | cream

shop Bobbi Brown Corrector | bobbi brown official . sephora . nordstrom




Thank you for reading and being a part of the blog!  – Molly

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