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/ September 10, 2020

The Best Eye Cream for Fine Lines + Dark Circles | Sensitive Skin Friendly

If you’ve been searching for the perfect eye cream, look no further!  This eye cream from the Japanese brand DHC is hands down my favorite. It brightens skin, softens fine lines, it’s super gentle, and is a great value.

dhc coq10 eye cream the best for wrinkles fine lines dark circles review

DHC coQ10 Product Info

Product | DHC coQ10 eye cream

Size | .88 oz (most eye creams are only .5 oz)

Price | $39

Packaging |  Squeezable plastic tube with screw cap. Sanitary and easy to use the complete product.

Texture | medium/thick cream, blends easily, absorbs quickly.

Years I’ve Used | 6+ years (I have repurchased 6 times now!)

shop DHC Q10 Eye Cream online | skin store . dermstore (free shipping) . lookfantastic (free shipping). amazon

dhc coq10 eye cream the best for wrinkles fine lines dark circles review


The DHC coQ10 eye cream is the only eye cream I’ll use. 

It brightened my skin in about three weeks. 

The skin around my eyes was looking a little dull and sagging.  I started using the cream without any expectations, as I’ve tried my fair share of mediocre eye creams before.

So I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that the skin around my eyes was noticeably brighter and firmer within a few weeks and over the years, the results keep getting better.

I dug a little deeper into the benefits of coQ10 and found that coenzymeQ10 is a powerful antioxidant that we naturally have in our body. It helps to protect our collagen and elastin from free radicals. Collagen keeps our skin lifted and elastin keeps skin dense and “bouncy.”

This cream is amazing.  The tone and texture of my skin looks like it did 10-15 years ago. 

This eye cream is really gentle on my sensitive eyes. 


The texture is the perfect weight and so hydrating, without being greasy at all!  It absorbs completely and leaves my eye area feeling perfectly balanced.

During the day, I concentrate the majority of the cream under my eyes. Then I tap what’s left on my fingers over my eyelids. I use an eyeshadow primer as well on days that I’m wearing makeup.

My under eye area and eyelids look plump and hydrated, which helps my concealer blend easily and look smooth.

Concealer wears well over this eye cream (no separating) and my eyeshadow stays looking fresh with no creasing or longevity issues. I do always need an eyeshadow primer – eye cream or not! I’m so impressed with how nicely this eye cream wears under makeup.


As a beauty blogger, I try everything I can get my hands on. but I always come back to this DHC coQ10 eye cream. I’ve been using this eye cream for over six years now and have repurchased it six times. A repurchase is my highest form of praise for a beauty product!

My skincare results, the easy and sanitary packaging, and great price keep me coming back to this unicorn product.


skin store . dermstore . lookfantastic (free shipping). amazon



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  1. On your before and after 5 years of use photos, you really should use individual photos, eyelashes and eyebrow hair in EXACTLY the same place is a dead give away that you’ve photoshopped.
    And when has 39.00 been “reasonable”?

    • Hi Cait! Thank you for voicing your concerns. 1: I don’t photoshop my photos and am an open book on that. I also do extreme close ups shots on my skin on YouTube. All footage and photos are unaltered, except for minor lighting adjustments at times to brighten dark photos or videos. 2: I think you might have misunderstood. The photo on this post is NOT a before and after. Please see the bottom left and right corners: Smiling and Not Smiling. These are my (unretouched) photos, taken seconds apart on the same day. I wanted to show how my skin around the eyes looked not only flat, but with movement. The photos (as stated on the photo) are taken after 5 years of regular use. I always welcome politely worded questions when things aren’t clear in a post or photo, but there really isn’t a need to accuse me of misleading people with photoshop. 3: Pricing is subjective, but $39 for .8 oz of product is below or equal to the cost-per-ounce of most US drugstore eye creams (avg price for eye cream with actives $28.99 for .5 oz). I’m not quite sure how you’d find a cream less expensive than that, with equal skincare results. Please feel free to try. The blog is where I share my skincare and makeup finds, you are not obligated to use the same products as me.

  2. Hi Molly,

    Piperjane again. Do you teach eye make up as well?

    I would like my eye make up to look nice and bright like yours do.

    Over to you 🙂