ZIIP Beauty vs NuFace 2020 Comparison + Honest Review | Which is Better?

by Molly Gardner
ziip vs nuface review

One of the top questions I get asks how the ZIIP Beauty and NuFace devices compare. I purchased both so that I could give an accurate comparison of the two. Both are devices which lift-and-tone for an at-home mini facelift.

I have had such a difference experience using them though, so I’m excited to get into the comparison!

For the record: I purchased both the ZIIP and the NuFace devices with my own money and this is an unbiased review.

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In this video, I discuss what I personally like and dislike about each device. Then I go into a facelift on one side of my face using the NuFace and the other side using the ZIIP so that you can see the results for yourself. It’s pretty cool to watch!


NuFace Trinity

  • $499 with eye and red light wrinkle attachments
  • $325 trinity device, includes charger and conductive gel
  • $199 mini (lower current strength + compact size)
  • uses micro current technology
  • 4 treatments available with attachments + device, 2 treatments available with trinity device only
  • shop nuface at | saks . sephora . ulta . dermstore

ZIIP Beauty

  • $495, includes charger and conductive gel (gel normally $129 on it’s own)
  • uses nano current technology
  • 10 treatments + videos available on the ziip app
  • shop ziip beauty at | revolve . violet grey . space nk . cult beauty


NuFace | charges via a dock, which plugs in to the wall with a standard US plug.

I think this is nice to give your device a “home base” for storage, but the dock is a bit wobbly and does not protect against dust. Also, it can only be charged in a traditional US outlet.

ZIIP | charges via a cable, USB port and charger.

You can either plug the USB into the charger and then into the wall, or charge via any USB port (computer, USB outlet, etc.). If this is confusing, the video has a demo.

I love being able to charge the ZIIP by plugging it into my computer. This has been especially helpful when I’ve been traveling internationally. I don’t have to worry about the wall outlet electricity being too strong for the ziip and damaging the device!

I brought my ziip with me last year to Croatia and it was a game changer! I would wake up looking exhausted from the jet lag, do a 12 minute facial, and look completely awake.

User Experience


Nuface | beeps every 5 seconds during the facial, to let you know its time to move to the next area. This honestly was a very distracting sound for me, like when the smoke detector needs to have the batteries changed.

Ziip | beeps 1x to let you know it turned on, 2x to let you know it turned off, and 3x to let you know that the treatment from the app has synced. It beeps 1x halfway through the treatment to let you know to move to the other side of your face.

The rest of the time, the device is silent and gently vibrates to let you know it’s time to move to the next area of your face.


NuFace | I get a metallic taste in my mouth when I use this device. I’m not sure why. I did see a few other people mention this in online reviews, but it does seem like a rare side effect.

I also got a shock every time I used the NuFace, even with a generous amount of conductive gel.

Ziip | I did not get any taste in my mouth with the ziip device.

I occasionally get a very tiny zap with the ZIIP if I do not have enough conductive gel on an area of my face, but it doesn’t not hurt as much as the NuFace shocks.


NuFace | This was interesting to me! At first, the NuFace looks like the lower priced device at $325 for the Trinity device. But to get to use the device around your eyes and for wrinkle treatments, you need to purchase two extra attachments. The device with the two attachments comes to $499, making it more expensive than the ZIIP.

Additionally, you have to store the two extra attachments, so if you are trying to not have a lot of clutter in your home, it’s something to keep in mind as the Nuface is already the larger of the two devices.

The NuFace measures 5″ long and 2.5″ wide.

ZIIP | All treatments come pre-programmed in the device. You do not need to purchase any separate attachments.

The device does come with a small plastic bag, which I use only for travel, in case something wet spills in my purse. The rest of the time, I store my ZIIP in a small cloth bag.

The ZIIP measures 4″ long and 2″ wide.


NuFace | the Nuface app has two treatments available with the Trinity and Mini and four treatments available if you purchase the extra attachments.

The videos are silent, with written instructions. A model goes through the movements in the videos. I think it would be hard to watch or read if you are a glasses wearer. It’s hard for me to read and watch as I’m doing the treatment and I don’t wear glasses or contacts.

ZIIP | The ZIIP app currently has ten treatments available and include not only a facelift treatment, but treatments for under eye, dark circles, lymphatic drainage (I love during allergy season!), acne, melasma, and pores.

They have also been testing out new treatments lately, which has been very cool! I’ve been doing the “11’s” treatment everyday and my results are honestly better than when I tried botox once in 2017.

The creator of ZIIP, Melanie Simon talks and guides you through videos. She’s a professional esthetician, so it’s pretty incredible to have her telling you exactly where and how to place and move the device for the best results.


I think it’s best to see the results by watching the YouTube video! If you prefer to just watch the side-by-side facials, [click here] to watch the video cued up to that section.

It was pretty wild to watch the results of the facials in the video!

For me personally, I’ve enjoyed both the user experience and the results from the ZIIP more. I hope this post was helpful if you were considering getting either of the devices or wondering how they stack up against botox and fillers. Feel free to leave a comment on the video and let me know what you think!

shop ziip beauty | revolve . violet grey . space nk . cult beauty

shop nuface | saks . sephora . ulta . dermstore





I hope this post is helpful!  As always, thank you for reading and being a part of the blog.

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