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I have loved each and every BK Beauty brush I have used, so picking my top six for eyes and face was a challenge! I thought sharing what I use each brush for and what I like about it would be helpful.

One thing I’ve noticed over my years as a makeup artist and blogger is that makeup artists generally come out with the best makeup lines, because they know exactly what is needed to make the perfect product. The founder of BK Beauty is Lisa J. a former makeup artist, and after the first look at her makeup brushes, I knew these were thoughtfully crafted to apply makeup perfectly. Each brush truly serves it purpose.

Another thing I have noted on these brushes, I have been using my original set of brushes for over two years and wash them all at least once a week, sometimes more, and these all still look new! All the bristles and barrels are still firmly attached and all the brushes are still beyond soft. I love being able to recommend these brushes, knowing that they really do last and hold up to daily use.

Of note, BK Beauty did send me their brush line as a press sample, with no obligation to post, this review is not sponsored, and all opinions are my own. They also kindly sent me a discount code for my readers, to save at checkout, use code: MOLLY10 and this link or any of the links below.

Without further ado, my most used BK Beauty brushes are below!

My Top 6 BK Beauty Eye Brushes

1 | Detail Blender #211

This is a smaller size crease brush that works perfectly for my hooded eyes. I can apply and blend a crease shade and keep it exactly where I want the color. I bring this brush on every trip with me as well, I can not be without it!

shop BK Beauty Detail Blender Brush #211 | $16 (use MOLLY10 to save 10% at checkout)

2 | Precision Liner Brush #208

This brush is a very unique size. It’s the perfect micro angled liner brush.

The extra small and compact angled brush make it so easy to get winged liner, winged eye shadow, or eye brow pomades or powders applied with complete precision.

I own two of these brushes. I keep one for liner and one for my brows.

shop BK Beauty Crease Brush #208 | $15

3 | Mini Pencil #210

I use this brush to apply and diffuse eye shadow under my eyes and occasionally on my upper lids at the outer corner.

For the lower lash line, the mini size gets the bristles really close to the lash line. Also, the softer rounded edge blends out all eye shadows, so there are no harsh lines.

shop BK Beauty Crease Brush #210 | $16 (use MOLLY10 to save 10% at checkout)

4 | Angled Lid #205

This was one of those brushes that I didn’t know I needed until I had it.

I usually use this brush “clean,” without adding any product on it, to blend out my eye shadow and shape the shadow at the outside edge of my eye.

shop BK Beauty Crease Brush #205 | $18 (use MOLLY10 to save 10% at checkout)

5 | Blending Shader #206

If you love a quick “one-and-done” eye shadow look, you’ll love this fluffy lid brush. I can pick up eyeshadow and blend it all over my lid and crease when I’m doing a really fast makeup look.

It can also be used clean, without any product on it, to blend out shadow at the crease.

shop BK Beauty Crease Brush #206 | $18 (use MOLLY10 to save 10% at checkout)

6 | Blended Crease Brush #201

This large crease brush can be used to diffuse eye shadow into the crease for a soft transition shade. It can also be used without any shadow on it as a blending brush for the crease.

The dome shape is perfectly cut and has the perfectly density for either use!

shop BK Beauty Crease Brush #201 | $18 (use MOLLY10 to save 10% at checkout)

Shop The Eye Brushes

My Top 6 Bk Beauty Face Brushes

1 | Small Contour Cheek #112

If you’ve been looking for the perfect every day contour brush, this is the one.

It applies and blends all my contours powders seamlessly. I bring this brush with me on every trip! I can not be without it.

Nothing else compares for a soft, natural looking contour.

shop BK Beauty Small Contour Brush #112 | $28 (use MOLLY10 to save 10% at checkout)

2 | Dome Foundation #106

BK Beauty has two foundation brush styles, a slanted version and this domed shaped version. Both are great, but I find myself reaching for this one the most.

It blends out all my foundations so nicely and quickly! It took over as my go-to foundation brush.

shop BK Beauty Crease Brush #106 | $34 (use MOLLY10 to save 10% at checkout)

3 | Large Bronzer #103

My favorite bronzer brush of all time. Sweeps and blends bronzer on perfectly, every single time.

No notes, 10/10 perfect bronzer brush.

shop Bronzer #103 Brush | $34 (use MOLLY10 to save 10% at checkout)

4 | Large Tapered Powder Brush #102

This is a great all-over powder brush. The tapered bristles deposit powder finely and evenly over the skin.

Sometimes I use this for bronzer when I’m using an extremely pigmented bronzer and want a softer finish, but I mostly use it for face powder.

shop BK Beauty Large Powder Brush #102 | $36 (use MOLLY10 to save 10% at checkout)

5 | Kitten Paw Concealer Brush #A506

This is a great brush for blending out concealers!

I spritz mine with a little setting spray before I tap it over my concealer. Then I buff the concealer out and make it seamless where the edges of concealer meets my foundation.

shop BK Beauty Concealer Brush #A506 | $24 (use MOLLY10 to save 10% at checkout)

6 | Fluffy Blush Brush #107

This blush brush is a really nice fluffy blush option. It diffuses the color of powder blushes while you are applying, for a very soft and natural finish.

shop BK Beauty Blush Brush #107 | $32 (use MOLLY10 to save 10% at checkout)

Shop the Face Brushes

BK Beauty

Small Angled #112

BK Beauty

Bronzer #103

BK Beauty

Large Powder #102

BK Beauty

Concealer #A506

BK Beauty

Blush Brush #107



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  1. I apparently mistakenly ordered the 4 pc Core Line Ext EYE set when I very much wanted the set for deep set/hooded eyes.
    Called & texted and BK Beauty says “Temporarily Closed”. Scammers

    • Oh no, sorry to hear that! Did you try again today? They were probably closed for the holiday weekend because they are family business. I promise you, they are not scammers, they usually respond within 48 hrs to me during normal work weeks.