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/ June 1, 2023

ZIIP Beauty’s New Halo Device: All the Info, Review, + Exclusive Back Friday Sale Code

(All the info for ZIIP Beauty’s Black Friday 2023 deals is in this post HERE)

The next generation of the ZIIP Beauty nano current skincare device is here and I have all the details – and ax exclusive discount code for GirlGetGlamorous readers! I’ve been using the ZIIP GX device for four years and am a huge fan of these face lifting, at-home facials.

If you want to see some more posts with my review of the ZIIP Beauty brand, I have this video and this post on the original GX device. This post is not sponsored, but ZIIP did send me the new Halo device to test before the launch date and all opinions are my own.


1 | retail $349

2 | set comes with the ZIIP Halo device and travel size 1.7 oz gel

3 | full size Electric Complex Conductive Gel retails separately for $25 and is 2.7 oz (same size as the original gels)

4 | auto resets to the new 4 minute “LIFT” routine

5 | still the only current device that has both micro current and nano current wavelengths

6 | shop online at ZIIP Beauty | Halo + gel set . Electric Gel

7 | use code ZIIPMOLLY for 10% off the new ZIIP Halo with this link

ZIIP Halo Device Video Review

What’s New With the ZIIP Halo vs the ZIIP GX Device


The most major difference might be the price tag. The original GX device retailed for $495 and came with a full size Golden Gel (regular retail $129) included in the starter set. The Halo device retails for $350 and comes with a travel size (1.7 oz) Electric Complex Gel in the starter set.

This post is not sponsored, but ZIIP did offer me a discount code exclusively for GirlGetGlamorous readers. The code is: ZIIPMOLLY and this link (you have to use the link for the code to work) to save 10% off the Halo.


Both devices have specific facials that can be loaded on the device via the app. The difference with the new Halo device is that it automatically resets to the new four minute “LIFT” routine each time the device shuts on-and-off. This change was implemented based on customer feedback for people who didn’t want to have to use the app each time they use their ZIIP.

I personally love doing three to four different facials once I have my gel on, so I am constantly using the app to sync the new wavelengths to my device. The ZIIP devices have wavelength intensities that are preprogrammed to change, all sent from the app. It’s pretty cool.

Because ZIIP is the only current based device that uses both micro and nano currents, I prefer to use the app to switch up between these current intensities. I also love using the app to follow along with ZIIP’s creator, Melanie, as she walks through each facial to show you where to move the device for best results.


Like the original GX device, the Halo only beeps once when the facial routine is halfway through, to indicate that it’s time to move to the other side, and beeps twice once the selected facial routine is synced with device or the device is turning off. It vibrates to indicate that it’s time to move to the next section of your face and keep the device moving.

The new Halo device has louder beeps and stronger vibrations. I actually preferred the softer beeps and barely-there vibrations of the original GX device. However, ZIIP did say they received feedback requesting the beep to be louder and the vibrations to be stronger. It distracted me a bit the first time I tried the device, as I am used to the original, but after doing a few routines, I was able to ignore the louder beeps.

For me, this wouldn’t hinder me from using the device regularly, for me: two to four times a week, which is what is needed to get maintained results. But my preference is definitely the softer sounding GX here, as I usually do my routine while I am editing videos or writing blog posts.


Seems like a funny thing to remark on, right? But the user experience is a big part of whether or not I’ll consistently use a device. The on/off button has been moved to the underside of the device, in between the silver globes that touch your skin. On the original devices, it was on the top of the device.

I actually prefer having the larger on/off button on the top of the device. Because I like to do several facials in a row, when I went to turn the device back on, I got a bit of the gel from the device on my hands. Again like the slightly louder beeps, not a total deal breaker for me, but I definitely prefer having the on/off button away from my skin.

Shop ZIIP with code | ZIIPMOLLY + this link to save 10% at ZIIPBeauty


I was pleasantly surprised to see that ZIIP also released a gel at a lower price point. This gel is a pure conductive gel with no skincare benefits, unlike the original Gold, Silver, and Crystal gels.

I did find the new gel to be a bit more of a watery gel, similar in texture to the Crystal Gel. Like all of the ZIIP gels, this lasted on my skin for over an hour without drying up or getting sticky. It’s a winner, especially if a concern when purcashing the ZIIP device was the cost of replacing the gels.

Of note, the 2.7 oz gel bottles last me on average eight months.


I’m happy to report that the new Halo device delivers the same immediate lift and the next day glowing-and-contoured results that the original GX device. My first time trying the Halo was after a four day destination wedding weekend and my skin -needed- the help.

I felt like the current was even a bit stronger with the ZIIP Halo. I am very impressed with my results after only two facials. I felt like my crow’s feet especially were noticeably smoother.

If you already own the original GX or OX device, I think you’ll be fine to keep using that. But if you’ve been waiting to get a ZIIP, now is the time. The results are impressive.

Shop ZIIP with code | ZIIPMOLLY + this link to save 10% at ZIIPBeauty

Thank you so much for reading. I hope that this info was helpful! If you have any additional questions, feel free to leave a comment below.



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  1. Hi
    I live in France, unfortunately currantbody haven’t got this device for sale. But I have a family member in USA, who might send it to me, I need to know the size of package and weight.
    If you can give me this information please