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/ November 30, 2022

ZIIP Beauty Device: My 4 Year Update + Your Top 10 Questions Answered + Sale Code

It has been four years since I started using the ZIIP Beauty device. I can not believe how quickly that time has flown by! I wanted to answer all of your questions on this at-home facelift device as well as share any changes I have made with using the ZIIP in that time.

Full disclosure: I do use affiliate links in this post and all throughout the blog, meaning I make a small commission if you decide to make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. I truly appreciate when you decide to use my links, as they help support the blog. This post is not sponsored, I purchased the ZIIP device myself, and all opinions and thoughts are my own.

Your Top 10 ZIIP Beauty Questions: Answered

1 | Does the ZIIP device ever go on sale?

Yes! ZIIP kindly reached out and gave me a custom code for 20% off your device + gel set, exclusive to GirlGetGlamorous readers. That’s a $100 discount!

Use code ZIIPMOLLY at checkout and this exact link for the code to work.

2 | What can the ZIIP device do and what can it not do?

ZIIP is a handheld device that send electrical currents that mimic our body’s natural currents to help stimulate our body’s production of collagen. Collagen is what keeps skin firm and dense.

These currents also help tighten and lift muscles in the face. Micro current technology was first used to cure Bells Palsy, the partial paralysis of muscles in the face. ZIIP is the only at-home device (that I am aware of) that has both nano current and micro current, most similar devices only have microcurrent.

Nano and micro current can be used to smooth wrinkles and plump skin, so they can be used in place of Botox in the forehead and under eye filler for mildly sunken eye sockets.

ZIIP can help plump and fill in some areas, but will not change the shape of the face, for example, in the same way a “liquid” nose job with fillers changes the shape of the nose.

3 | Does the ZIIP device actually work and do what it claims? How long does it take to see results?

Yep, it works. It took me around 6 weeks of consistent use before I had visible changes in my wrinkles and jawline.

The ZIIP device is like a gym membership. If you use it regularly, you’ll see results. The app is incredibly helpful if you don’t know where to start, it puts together a program for you.

I do my ZIIP routine while editing videos in the morning, I have friends who do theirs while watching TV at night. I think fitting it into your schedule is easiest this way, instead of trying to carve out time just to use the device.

4 | Can I use other conductive gels or do I have to use the ZIIP brand gels? Does ZIIP have any natural or “clean” gels?

This is a question I’d reach out directly to ZIIP on. I have only used the ZIIP brand gels the past four years, because I am afraid of anything else clogging the device and damaging it.

Each bottle lasts me almost a year (using 2-4 times per week). I usually buy two bottles of the Silver Gel when they have sales to keep stocked up.

One thing I love about the ZIIP gels is that they never dry down. I tried other brand of gel with another micro current device that I was testing and that gel dried within 20 minutes. The ZIIP gels stay pliable for hours.

The “Crystal” gel from ZIIP is their natural or “clean” gel. I like it, but still prefer the “Silver” gel formula.

5 | Do you still like the ZIIP device? Has anything changed in how you use it or anything you like or dislike about it?

I firmly believe that the ZIIP device is the best skincare investment I have ever made. I don’t say that lightly! It has transformed my skin and also my jawline, which was really starting to droop with time.

Change #1 | The biggest change I’ve made is that I use the video guides vs going free form. Also, I’ve also slowed the movements way down so that I can get all the tissue evenly. Following along with the videos has been great for me to make sure I am in the right place and going the right speed.

Change #2 | I use two to four more pumps of gel than I used to. I have found that if my fingers don’t glide easily while applying the gel, my device won’t glide easily either.

Change #3 | When I first started using the ZIIP, I did the routines 5 days a week. Now I am in maintenance mode and only need do them two to three times a week to get the same results.

6 | Do you have any more before + after photos or videos, so I can see the results?

Absolutely. These photos were taken on a day that I woke up very bloated and the before-and-after are about one hour apart.

I generally see the biggest changes in my skin the day after I do facials (from the nano current) but the lifted and defined “facelift” results are visible right after the facial. The results last me around 3 days. The longer term results (increased skin density) last months.


7 | Can you travel internationally with the ZIIP device?

Yes, the ZIIP device is dual voltage, so it can be charged internationally.

It can be charged with the charging cable that comes in the box and an international outlet adapter. You can also charge it via the cable and the USB port in your laptop.

I highly recommend traveling with the device, it’s a game changer to lift your eyes and face while dealing with jet lag and bloating. This photo is from a trip to New Orleans, the side I’ve finished was so lifted that it even surprised me and I had to snap this pic.

8 | Do I have to use the device with the ZIIP app? Can I use it without the app?

The device syncs to the app and changes the currents automatically. You don’t have to change any speed or intensity levels manually. I LOVE this about the device.

When you turn the device on, it’s synced to whatever routine you did last. I do recommend using the device with the app, so you get the correct current level for each area of your face.

Syncing the routines takes less than five seconds. The routines are honestly great. I usually do some combination of Founder’s Favorite, Jowls, Contour, Eyes, and Forehead. They also have a new section that shows you the exact treatments to do for the results you want (red carpet ready, acne, sun spots faded, etc).

9 | How do I clean the gel off the device after I use it?

This is such a good question and important technique to protect the device.

I spray a reusable cotton round with 70% isoproply alcohol, then wipe down the device with that cotton round. You could use a face cloth also.

Make sure to always spray into a cloth first, never directly in to the device!

The alcohol removes the gel and also sanitizes the device for the next use.

10 | Can the ZIIP device replace Botox and Fillers?

Botox works by temporarily (for 3-4 months) freezing the muscles where it is injected. The most popular injection sites seem to be: the outside of the eyes for crows feet, the 11’s in between the eyebrows, and the forehead.

Fillers work by plumping and adding volume wherever they are injected. It’s a popular choice to add volume to the cheeks, smile lines around the mouth and lips.

Forehead: The results I get on my forehead smooth it out so much that I have not chosen to do any botox in that area.

Under eye and lips: The plumping routines for my under eye area and around my lips also give such a great plump to fine lines that I don’t feel the “need” to do any filler.

Crow’s Feet (lower outer eyes): I did decide to get 20 units of botox in my crow’s feet (Oct 2022) to compare vs ZIIP alone and I do think botox smoothes more in that specific area vs the ZIIP. I’d absolutely consider having botox injected again in my crow’s feet area.

Botox averages $10-12 per unit in the US and Filler averages $700 per syringe. In the past four years of doing ZIIP exclusively, I calculated that I would have had to spend $7,400 in botox and filler to get the similar results that I’ve gotten with the ZIIP (30 units of botox every 4 months for forehead and 11’s and 1 syringe of filler per year for under eyes vs $500 for ZIIP device and gel starter set, then $50 for gel every 8 months).

Jawline + Contour: The bonus with ZIIP is that it also slims my cheeks with the Contour treatment and lifts my jawline with the Jowls treatment.

The ZIIP device can be used with Botox and Fillers. Botox freezes muscles, so eventually the muscles will droop and micro current is actually recommended to do in combination if you do botox. ZIIP recommends to wait ten days after any botox or filler treatments before resuming the ZIIP routines.

I really hope that these questions-and-answers helped with anything you might have been wondering about the ZIIP! As always, feel free to ask more questions in the comments or on the video.

Product Review

  • product link
    five stasr
    Without a doubt, ZIIP is one of the best things that has even happened to my skin.

    The micro currents lift my jawline, contour my cheeks, and lift my eyes and brows, while the nano current goes to work supporting the collagen in my skin.

    These currents create a 1 + 2 combo that is unlike any other handheld facelift device that I've tried.

    The app makes it even easier to use, as the app treatments sync with the device and automatically adjust the current intensity for you. The device doesn't beep, it just gently vibrates when it's time to go to the next spot, making it easy to double task and fit in a treatment while I'm reading emails or watching a tv show.

    Overall, this is a 5 star skincare tool and I highly recommend the ZIIP Beauty device to anyone who is looking to make significant improvements in their skin.

    ZIIP Beauty

    GX Device + Gel



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  1. Hi,
    Do you know what the default intensity level is of the ZIIP Halo when not using the app?
    Many thanks,

  2. Great review – but to be fair, if you used 1Mil of Filler every year under your eyes you would look horrific. Filler under the eyes lasts and lasts – certainly doesn’t need to be replaced every year – and with some people, eventually has to be used because it puffs up looking like an eye bag.

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    • Hi Cristina! I got a conformation from Flodesk (the site that I use for my email list) and you are on the list 🙂 Thank you for subscribing! I will need to have a welcome email set up for confirmation, thank you for letting me know.

      – Molly