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One of the biggest requests I get is for recommendations for the best makeup brush sets. Brush sets are so appealing to me because of their ease and price point. It’s a great way to get every brush you need and save money over buying individual brushes.

Out of all the brush sets I own or have tried, these are my most used brush sets. I’ll have a video soon on how I use each of the brushes!

In order to make this list easier to read, the sets are sorted from least expensive to most expensive.


1 | Colourpop | The Complete Set

Ultimate Brush Roll: 14 brushes + roll case | $39

Brush of an Eye Set: 6 eyeshadow Brushes + holder | $18

Colourpop makes the best affordable brush sets I have found. The bristles are very soft and well shaped and they’ve held up nicely through two years of use and regular washing.

Their eyeshadow brushes in the sets are especially nice. From the Ultimate Brush Roll, I use E19 (narrow crease brush) and E18 (lid brush) almost daily.

I feel like the only thing these sets are missing are a good foundation blending brush, so personally, I’d add their mini Kabuki Brush ($6) to my order to take care of that.

Shop | Colourpop Ultimate Brush Roll . Brush of an Eye Set

2 | Jessup | Vegan Makeup Brush Set w/Sponge

14 brushes + sponge | $39

If you are looking for the best quality brush set on Amazon, look no further! This set from Jessup is one of the softest brush sets I have ever felt.

The face brushes and sponge are really where this set shines. The foundation brush quickly became a favorite and the face setting brushes are also so luxe and perform beautifully. The sponge has also become a daily use item for me. It has the perfect texture and the slanted edge fits beautifully under my eye to blend and set my concealer.

The eyeshadow brushes in this set are a mixed bag for me, some are the perfect size, others are just slightly too big for my hooded eyes. I have held on to them for extra blending brushes, though, it never hurts to have more blending brushes on hand.

Even without the eye shadow brushes factored in, this set is a great value for the face brushes and sponge alone!

Shop Jessup | Vegan Brush Set

3 | BK Beauty | Core Line Extension

Eyes Only: 4 brushes | $60 (save 10% w/code Molly10)

Face Only: 5 Brushes | $145 (save 10% w/code Molly10)

Full Set: 9 Brushes | $185 (save 10% w/code Molly10)

If I had to use only one brand of brushes for the rest of my life, they would be BK Beauty. At first, I didn’t really know what to expect, my entire makeup artist career, I’d used natural bristle brushes. Switching to synthetic was a big switch for me.

I have been nothing but impressed with the softness and quality of the BK bristles. After two years of washing them at minimum once a week, they still look brand new. Each brush is so precisely designed and cut, it fits and performs exactly as it’s supposed to.

My newest love from their brand is the Core Line Extension. The compact foundation brush is perfect for medium to full coverage. The new bronzer brush is designed for cream bronzers and the angled brush is beautiful for contour.

The eye brushes are my absolute favorite. I have not stopped using the crease brushes since they arrived, especially the #211. The lid brush is compact and great for cream shadows. The smaller pencil brush is perfect. I love, love, love these eye brushes.

If you have smaller or hooded eyes, I highly recommend the new Core Extension eye shadow brushes, they are sized perfectly.

Shop BK Beauty | Core Line Extension . Face Only . Eyes Only

4 | BK Beauty | Essentials Collection

9 brushes | $195

The original BK Beauty Essentials brush line is also filled with gems. Again, these brushes really hold up to daily use and washing so well. There is no fraying of any bristles (my pet peeve with high end brushes) and they bristles have stayed just as soft as day #1. You can purchase all of these brushes as individual brushes as well.

From this set, you can choose either the #106 domed foundation brush or the #101 contoured foundation brush. Both are great, it will just come down to personal preference. The bronzer brush in this set replaced every other bronzer brush in my collection. It’s that good. The face powder brushes are so soft and perfect for sweeping translucent powder all over the face.

The eye brushes are also great. The angled eye shadow brush has become a favorite. These are nice for larger eye shapes, they diffuse eye shadows perfectly.

Shop BK Beauty | Essentials Collection . Individual Brushes



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  1. Thank you for the information on the brushes. I’ve been looking for new brushes and I’m impressed with your reviews. Thank you very much.