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/ October 16, 2014


This is a good way to set up your tree to make room for all the holiday makeup sets.

A lot of the big stores like Target get flack for setting up their Christmas section before Halloween has even happened.  Which frankly, I have no opinion on.  If you asked me what I thought, I’d probably just stare at you, wide eyed, while my jaw opened and closed like a guppy fish, as if words were going to come out, but never did, before I just shrug.

But one thing I get genuinely excited about?  Holiday makeup gift sets.  I could dance around my apartment right now in absolute joy just thinking about them.  Makeup, packaged together, at crazy discounts.

And this year, they have started pouring into stores early.  I know there will probably be more as we actually approach the holidays, but here is the best of what I’ve found so far.  There are a billion sets, but I’ve gone through all of them, YOU ARE WELCOME, and found the best deals.  Honestly, there are so many, and some are a “meh” deal but I’ve found the best of the best, in my humble opinion.

And no, it’s not greedy if you are just getting some of them for yourself.  As a person who has bought many a gift set for herself and told the sales clerk, no need for gift wrap, I’d rather just wrap it at home, I say, it’s fine.  They get it.

Navigating the Holiday Gift sets and sales:

Not a makeup sale, but none-the-less a rare and amazing sale at one of my favorite online clothing sites: 25% sitewide at Shopbop until midnight tonight, October 16th.  I have two pairs of J Brand jeans that I’ve had my little eyes on…

Urban Decay is known for their eye pencil holiday sets, but I also love their makeup setting spray.  It feels great on my sensitive skin, never makes my skin itch, and makes my makeup last forever.  I use it on all my clients so their makeup lasts all day.  I’m going to pick up some makeup setting spray duos, which are an amazing price at 2 full size bottles (normally $30 each) for $39.

This YSL beauty gift set, $75 exclusive to Sephora,  includes a mini size mascara, full size Touche Eclat, full size lip gloss in a gorgeous peach shade, a travel makeup bag, and a 1 oz travel size eye makeup remover.

Tarte Cosmetics always has amazing holiday value sets and this year is no exception.  I love this brush set, which includes FIVE of their amazing quality, sustainably made, bamboo brushes and a travel bag.  The bag is amazing for travel, with a band on the top lid to hold your brushes in place.  Each brush retails for around $25 normally and I was just looking at a similar travel bag that was $30.  The whole set is $44.  $44!  At the checkout, you can add a mini lipsurgence lipstick pencil and gloss for $5 for both.

This BUTTER London eye pencil set includes five full size pencils for $32, a $90 value.  It’s a good way to try some fun colors without having to pay more than you would for just the standard black and brown.

I already ordered this Lancome “Boost The Drama” set, because I felt like it was going to sell out fast!  It was $38 and a $105 value.  I saved (hoarded) my birthday gift cards this year to Sephora to save them for the holiday sets.  Glad I was a little hoarder packrat and did that because this set includes a full size mascara, full size liquid liner, mini kohl liner, mini eye lash primer, and mini makeup remover.

Lorac has amazing gift sets!  “Elegant Orchid” contains 5 full size products, including my favorite Front Of the Line pro eyeliner (normally $23!) for $29 total.  The orchid lipstick looks like a stunning shade and the eyeshadows are such wearable shades.

The Lorac “The Royal Full Face” collection is exclusive to Kohl’s and it $40 for 9 full size items.  Insane!  All the colors are stunning and great every day shades.  Lorac makeup is top quality, I’m so in love with it.  The coral blush in this set is beautiful.

For lip gloss junkies, this Lorac “The Royal Lip Lustre” set includes 6 full size glosses for $25.  Another amazing deal.

I tried a sample of this Josie Maran SPF Argan Oil face moisturizer and loved it.  This set seems like a good deal for a 2 oz bottle of the moisturizer, 1.7 oz light oil for face, and 6 oz oil makeup remover.  $68, $118 value.  Def considering it.

I saw this Buxom “Dolly’s High Roller” set in Sephora and was super impressed with it.  The sizes were very generous and the Dolly soft mauve shade looks good on EVERYONE.  This set includes an eyeliner, blush in Dolly, bronzer, luminizer, four eyes shadows (all really pretty), and a double sided lip gloss/cream in Dolly.  All for $42.

Stila “Putting on The Glitz” lip glaze set, $42, a $90 value, includes 8 lip glazes, which are awesome lip glosses – hydrating and not sticky, and a gorgeous rose golf leaf headband.  The lip glazes alone made me give this set a second look, but the headband puts me over the edge.  So beautiful!

Another awesome gift set from Stila, this “Come Up Roses” set, $39, includes the “In The Moment” eyeshadow palette (regular price $39 just for this palette), which already comes with a full size eye pencil, a fill size All Over Shimmer highlighter in Rose Gold, and a lip glaze in Shortcake.

There is my round up of all the best sets!  I got to see a lot of the ones with a ton of hype in person and felt “meh” about them, but I think these are the hidden gems of the holiday set world.  Comment below if I missed anything or if you’ve already grabbed some awesome sets.  Let me know if you are a better person than me and plan on actually giving any away to other humans!

Thank you for reading!  Feel free to share this post on Facebooks with your friends and family members who have normal jobs and lives and need a quick cheat sheet like this to navigate the holiday sales.  Follow @girlgetglamorous on Instagram for daily beauty pics!

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