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/ January 16, 2023

One Common Foundation Mistake + Fix: Finding the Perfect Coverage Level for Your Skin

When I was a working makeup artist, by far the most common request I received for foundation was for something that “felt light” on the skin and “didn’t look” like heavy foundation. Tinted moisturizers and BB creams have soared in popularity over the years. I completely understand the allure of a product that applies quickly, blends easily and makes skin more even.

One thing I find interesting is that if you have a lot of redness or discoloration in your skin (I do!) then a medium to full coverage foundation might actually feel lighter on your skin vs several layers of a tinted moisturizer or light coverage foundation.

One of the most common foundation “mistakes” I see, is people wearing the wrong coverage level for their skin.


By not covering up spots, redness or other skin discolorations, skin remains uneven instead of having a visually smooth base. Then, when you put more color on top of uneven skin, it will look patchy.

Even if you apply your blush and bronzer evenly, any blotchiness of the base skin will come through and make the other products look uneven.


This part isn’t as complicated as some aspects of foundation, for example, finding your skin’s undertones.

If you find yourself adding 2-3 layers of a light coverage product, it might be time to try a medium or full coverage foundation.


Two things that really help for me to keep coverage feeling light on my skin are applying my base products on well moisturized skin. I do my eye makeup first, before foundation, so I make sure to go a bit heavier with my moisturizer so that my skin still has a slightly damp feeling when I do apply my base makeup.

On days where I do apply my foundation first, I try to apply it as soon as I can after my skincare routine. It makes such a big difference! My skin glows.

If speed is an essential for you, I recommend applying your foundation with a foundation brush. They really make all the difference in how quickly my foundation blends out. I like to use the brush to dot foundation all over my face, then blend.


The other bonus of going for a fuller coverage base product is that you’ll end up saving money. Using one layer of product with more coverage, instead of 2-4 light layers of a light coverage base will really start to add up!

Even just using one layer of product instead of two will double the life of your product. That’s the difference between buying a bottle of foundation every year vs every six months!

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In conclusion, if you have a lot of surface tones or discoloration in your skin, a product with more coverage might be a great pick for you. Remember, more pigment does not mean more weight on the skin!

If you have skin that has fairly even tones, a lighter coverage might work. It’s all about finding the perfect coverage level for your skin, to create a smooth base for the rest of your makeup to rest on.

I truly hope this post was helpful, let me know if you have any more questions!

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  1. I have oily skin and it’s been dry around my eyes so when I put on the concealer it’s noticeable so I’m not sure what to do about that problem and it’s summer time. I would like your opinion on how I can fix my issues. Thank you for your post