How To Fix A Broken Compact | 5 Easy Steps

by Molly Gardner

How to fix a broken compact:  a couple of drops of 70% rubbing alcohol.

Yep, it’s that simple.  Don’t toss a broken compact!

Seriously, it’s easiest fix ever.  Total time to fix any compact or palette is about two minutes.

What You’ll Need

How to Fix a Broken Compact

1 | Place a couple of drops of alcohol spaced evenly around your compact.  You only need a tiny amount, enough to mix the broken pieces back together.

2 | Cover with the piece of plastic saran wrap.

3 | Smooth alcohol and broken pieces together.

4 | Remove plastic wrap and let compact air dry.  (Bonus: the alcohol disinfects your makeup!)  Because it’s only a few drops of alcohol, it will not affect the formula of the makeup.

5 | If any makeup has gotten on the edge of the container, run a q-tip around the edge to clean it up.






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how to fix a broken compact


All fixed!  Easy, peasy…


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