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/ August 23, 2020

ZIIP Beauty Device Review | Before + After Photos of My Results ( + New Sale Code!)

I’m so excited to share this review and my before + after pictures of the ZIIP Beauty nano-current device.  Like most things related to beauty, I first came across these electrical facials on Instagram and was intrigued. I wondered if the ZIIP device actually works and if it was worth the price.

Update 2022: ZIIP has reached out and offered me a code exclusively for GGG readers! Use ZIIPMOLLY for 20% off your entire order (!) at checkout with this link to their official site.

I’ve always been good about getting proper sleep, drinking water and have a great skin care routine. Even still, I felt like I always looked tired.

The area under my eyes was getting a sunken look and I had permanent deep creases under each eye. For the first time in my life, I considered getting under eye fillers, but felt like there had to be a non-surgical and more affordable option

Enter nano and micro current.    

ZIIP Beauty Device Details

How ZIIP Beauty Works

Micro current has been used since the 1980’s to treat Bell’s Palsy, the sudden paralysis of muscles that causes one side of your face to droop.  Athletes also use micro current treatments to get injuries to heal more quickly.

Here is my oversimplified explanation of how ZIIP beauty works, it would probably make a scientist cry: nano current devices work by sending an electrical current into your skin that mimics your body’s own electrical system

1 | The device’s currents increase your body’s production of adenosine triphosphate, the body’s most basic fuel.  ATP transports energy within cells.  

2 | The increased ATP from nano and micro current facials helps your skin produce more collagen and elastin, so it naturally plumps skin and decrease the look of wrinkles.  

3 | Cells are responsible for driving many body processes, such as muscle contraction.  Which is how nano current gives you a face lift.

Because of these results, nano-current facials are being touted as a natural alternative to botox and fillers

Is ZIIP Worth the Price?

The internet was scant on details.  Eventually, I gave up trying to find reviews and just ordered to see for myself. 

My justification: the initial $500 price tag was still less than under eye fillers and botox – $700 average for under eye fillers every 6- 8 months and $400 average for botox every 3 months.

By the end of the first year alone, I’d save $2,500 using the ZIIP over regular botox and fillers.

With ZIIP facials, you only have to replace the gel.  It took me about 6 months of 6x a week facials to get through a bottle and now the bottles last me 8-9 months since I am in “maintenance mode” and only doing 2-4 facials a week. 

I usually wait for sales and stock up on bottles for the year, but my ZIIPMOLLY code will also get you 20% off the gels.

shop | Silver Gel . Crystal Gel

My Results

I’ve been using the ZIIP beauty device since the end of November 2018.

It took me about 6 weeks of consistent use to see results

I woke up one day for a makeup job at 5 am.  I expected things to look a little rough at that hour, but to my surprise, my under eyes looked fairly smooth and I had minimal dark circles.  It was that early morning that made me realize that the ZIIP facials are really working!

The bags and deep creases under my eyes are gone and my forehead is as smooth as the one time I tried botox.

  • my jawline looks contoured and my cheekbones have definition again.
  • my skin looks more dense and has a bounce to it again.
  • my upper eye lids were drooping and have lifted.
  • my eyes look bigger as a result. 
  • my forehead is significantly smoother.

I feel like I have my “old” face back.

shop ZIIP | ZIIP Beauty Official (code ZIIPMOLLY for 20% off) . Cult Beauty (global shipping) . CurrentBody (free shipping) . ebay

Is Nano-Current Safe?


Except if you are pregnant, have a pacemaker, or are blood thinning medications or taking aspirin regularly.  Then they are not recommended, until you give birth or have stopped the medications.

Our bodies have a mix of chemical and electrical systems.  Nano and micro current devices have a safe current that is almost identical to our bodies

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How to Get Best Results with ZIIP

When you first start doing the facials, you’ll need to use it at least 5 times a week for the first 6 weeks to start seeing results.  You can use the ZIIP device to do facials for as little as 4 minutes or up to an hour. I like to do my facials while I am checking morning emails and having coffee. I have a friend who prefers to do her ZIIP facials at night while watching tv.

Think of the ZIIP device like a workout for your face, just like a regular workout, you’ll need to be consistent to see long term results. After that, you can go into “maintenance mode” and use it 2-4 times a week.

There are 10 different “treatments” you can choose on the app. You select the treatment and the ZIIP app links those currents to the device via bluetooth. You don’t have to adjust anything manually, just click the device on and go. It’s pretty amazing!

ZIIP vs NuFace

ZIIP’s device stood out to me vs. other micro-current tools because it uses newer nano-current technology.  I did purchase both (with my own money) to compare see the side-by-side facials with both devices here.

ziip vs nuface review

Traveling with ZIIP

In my opinion, the ZIIP device is essential for traveling.

In these photos, I had been traveling for almost 24 hours from the US to Croatia (!) and when I woke up the next day my eyes were so puffy and heavy. That was as far as I could open them!

In the “after picture”, you can see how much more awake I look after just the 12-minute “Energize” facial. I could not believe my own eyes looking at these photos side-by-side.  The results are so good!

  • my eyes are fully open
  • my eyebrows also look more lifted
  • my jawline looks more contoured

I also love that the ZIIP comes with and is charged with a cable and detachable plug. It can charged via a wall charger OR by plugging the cable into a USB port.

ZIIP is dual voltage, meaning you can charge it directly in the wall (with a plug adapter) when you are traveling internationally. You can charge your ZIIP by plugging it in to your laptop USB port.

ziip beauty results before after with makeup

shop ZIIP | ZIIP Beauty Official (code ZIIPMOLLY for 20% off) . Cult Beauty (global shipping) . CurrentBody (free shipping) . ebay

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before after ZIIP beauty photos


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  1. ZIIP is a total scam. I used it since mid december and nothing has changed .You reviews are just to make $$$. The inventor of ZIIP looks in her 60s, i was shocked o find out she is under 50. I wish people would be honest

    • Hi Lana, I am sorry your results have not been what you anticipated. I used the device for a solid 6 weeks before seeing my results and from there it’s been very easy to maintain them. I do have to address you saying I review things only to make money. I started my blog 12 years ago and am incredibly selective about what I share. I turn down thousands upon thousands of dollars every year in sponsorships so that I can share whatever I chose to and say what I’d like to about the products. So I do think it’s incredibly unfair to accuse me of doing anything “just for money” when I said no to over $50,000 in partnership money last year alone. I highly respect my blog readers and stand behind what I do recommend, even if it ends up costing me having to turn down sponsorships. – Molly

  2. The internet does lack info on this device! Thank you for the thorough review. I just received mine for Christmas and used it today. A couple things caused me concern….along my neck it caused my mouth to pull down. I have tight muscles along my neck so it must be pulling nerves but it was crazy to see. Then at my forehead I got zapped. Like surprisingly strong pain and also middle of forehead I could feel it pull nerves up to the top of my head. I turned 40 this year and don’t have major skin issues I’m just trying to avoid Botox but these reactions are causing me concern. Have you ever had these things happen to you?