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/ July 28, 2015

Fran Denim: The Stretchiest Jeans Ever + Discount Code!

A few weeks I had the very cool opportunity to do makeup for the Summer 2015 campaign for Fran Denim.  One of my favorite parts of doing makeup, besides actually getting to do makeup, is meeting new people and brands.  The Fran Denim guys quickly became my favorites.

I was first introduced to Fran Denim when I did makeup for a RxSmartGear campaign featuring crossfit superstar (and one of my best friends) Maddy Curley.   Fran Denim jeans are made extra stretchy so that athletes can move in them.  Maddy did a back bend on top of a Porsche in them for the RxSmartGear shoot, so… they work.


It could not have been more fun.  Seriously.  I had the best time with these guys and couldn’t get over their dedication to the brand and knowledge of the denim industry.  Fran Denim was founded just over a year ago, but in talking with Robert, the creator, and Michael, head of marketing, I found that they had a combined total over over 36 years in the denim business.


Here's a few of the pics from the shoot, Rita is such a babe!
Here’s a few of the pics from the shoot, Rita is such a babe!


Robert created Fran Denim after he started doing crossfit workouts and realized there was a need for jeans that could fit athlete’s larger legs and smaller waists.  The fabric is very stretchy and moves with you for tons of mobility.

I have skinny legs but a rounder booty and a tummy.  So I was nervous these jeans that are made for super fit athletes wouldn’t work for me.  I usually wear Citizens of Humanity Rocket super skinny leg jeans in a really stretchy fabric, because I like how they fit on my legs and smooth out my stomach.


See below for pictures of me wearing each style and use my discount code: girlgetglamorous to save 10% off your order!


I was so excited to try them on, because on both shoots, Maddy and Rita Benavidez were able to bend, stretch, and kick a la Molly Shannon as Sally O’Malley on SNL.  As a makeup artist, I always wear my most comfy jeans (instead of what I want to wear, which is sweatpants, always) to look professional but also be able to move all day.

There are times I have 10 seconds to powder someone and then drop to the ground and lotion up their legs.  So, baby girl gotta be able to move and grove.

I also got to check out the Fran Denim HQ and see a few designs in the making!

fran-top-denim-barbara-jean-shorts-stretch-clothes-for-athletes-athletic-body-beauty-fashion-blog-blogger-los-best-angeles.jpeg fran-top-denim-barbara-jean-shorts-stretch-clothes-for-athletes-athletic-body-beauty-fashion-blog-blogger-los-best-angeles.jpeg fran-top-denim-barbara-jean-shorts-stretch-clothes-for-athletes-athletic-body-beauty-fashion-blog-blogger-los-best-angeles.jpeg


The fit is perfect.  Time to circle back to those 36 years in the denim business.  It’s very clear these guys understand fit.

The booty looks perfect and my legs look long and lean.  I like mid-rise jeans the best, so the “Sarah” skinny fit works best on me.

I got these in my standard size that I would buy in J Brand, a size 29.  If you are an athlete with larger quads and a tiny waist, you can size down to the waist size that fits you and the jeans legs will stretch to fit.

Instead of having to buy jeans a few sizes too big to fit your quads and then get the waist taken in.  So Maddy sized down 2 sizes and I (not being super muscle-y) order my standard size.  I hope that makes sense.


Like I mentioned before, this stuff has stretch.  They are so crazy comfortable, I feel like it’s perfect for me as a makeup artist and anyone who is squatting and lifting and moving like crazy all day.  Moms, you will want to live in these jeans.

Each wash had a slightly different feel:

1 | Sarah FD1009, $88

Medium/Light denim.  This is their stone wash and the least stretchy of all four jeans.  It still has a lot of stretch, just less than the others.  I LOVE this color for summer, especially with the jeans rolled up at the ankles.


2 | Sarah FD1003, $88

Dark wash with worn whiskers.  This is one of Fran Denim’s top selling washes and it’s easy to see why, especially once the jeans are on.  They are SUPER stretchy and hold everything in.

The whiskering is expertly placed and makes you look very slim.  The skinny leg is perfectly cut and the mid rise is perfect.


3 | Sarah FD1011, $68

Black, super stretchy fabric material.  These are the jeans that Maddy wore for the RX shoot.  She was able to do back flips in them, that’s how stretchy and comfortable they are.

These fabric doesn’t hold as much in as the FD1003 wash, but it’s still flattering and crazy, crazy comfortable.


4 | Barbara Shorts, $64:  I drove home from downtown in these during last week’s heat wave and they are easily the MOST comfortable and flattering shorts I’ve ever worn.

I kept looking for a classy pair of cuffed or finished hem shorts with at least a 4″ inseam.  But every pair was either booty booty rocking everywhere or so frumpy looking.

These shorts have the perfect inseam.

They are also the stretchiest of all the denim washes.  I hope they use this fabric on their skinny jeans for fall.  I’ve never experienced denim so soft and so stretchy.

Also, I have skinny legs but always felt like the leg openings were too tight on my shorts but these, again, fit perfectly and don’t squeeze my thighs at all.

If you buy one piece of clothing for summer, I’d make it the Barbara shorts.  They are that comfortable.



All the jeans range from $64 for shorts to $98 for jeans, with the average jean going for $88.

I have a sale code for you to use I’ll put down below.

Now, about their pricing, I have secrets.  Fran manufactures their own denim (a lot of companies will hire other factories to make their clothes).

Fran is that factory, so instead of paying $150+ for jeans in a store, you can buy them directly from Fran without the retail markup.  They eliminate the middle man.  So you are getting high end denim for about half the normal price.

Discount Code

10% off your entire purchase with the discount code: girlgetglamorous at checkout on!


I love this brand.  The jeans are well made, made in the U.S.A., priced so well, and are incredibly comfortable.  The Fran denim team couldn’t be nicer or smarter.  This is a great line of denim!

fran-top-denim-barbara-jean-shorts-stretch-clothes-for-athletes-athletic-body-beauty-fashion-blog-blogger-los-best-angeles.jpeg fran-top-denim-barbara-jean-shorts-stretch-clothes-for-athletes-athletic-body-beauty-fashion-blog-blogger-los-best-angeles.jpeg

Thank you for reading!  What style and wash do you want to see from Fran Denim for Fall?

Social Links | Instagram: @girlgetglamorous . Youtube: Molly Gardner . Facebook: . Fran Denim: | discount code: girlgetglamorous





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  1. I really want to try these but I must ask – how are the pockets? I hate carrying a purse but all my women’s jeans have those itty-bitty front pockets that barely fit a chapstick – are these any better? Thanks for the code!

  2. Nice gams, girlfriend! I would not have heard of Fran Denim without your post. Now I want a pair! Your clothing posts will be a welcome addition to your your already fabulous blog.

  3. Big thumbs up for the clothing post, since I am even more of a clothing than make-up/product addict! Thanks for another great post Molly! – Kelley (aka strawberry-blond sister)