Becca x Jaclyn Hill Collab | Champagne Pop Highlighter Review + Swatches

by Molly Gardner

Can I be honest?  There is something about hype that makes me feel the opposite of how I’m supposed to.  Maybe it’s a reaction of all of the years I spent acting, anytime my agent really hyped a project, it always seemed to turn out to be something kind of lame.

And the hype was just to sell actors to sign on to a stinker of a project that they’d normally read the script and immediately say ‘no’ to.  So I have developed a strange reaction to All Things Hype.

When I saw the first look at the Becca x Jaclyn Hill ‘Champagne Pop’ collaboration, I started to feel genuinely excited.  What was this feeling?  Was my cold heart melting?

I decided to order one, but not let myself get too excited until it came and I officially swatched and wore it.

Shop | Champagne Pop powder . liquid

I ordered a nail polish set with mine from Sephora.  It’s a Deborah Lippmann set, which also turned out to be amazing, but not the smartest thing to do when you want your order to arrive right away.

Nail polishes have to ship via ground transport only, which tends to take longer.  I ordered mine early in the morning, so I’m giving myself a pass on that snafu, my brain wasn’t running at full speed yet.  I am not a morning person, I’m more of a 3pm kind of gal.

The highlighter:  When I opened Champagne Pop, it was much darker than I had expected.  Becca had said it was going to be as if Moonstone and Opal had a baby.

Moonstone is their lightest shade (that I use and love on myself) and Opal is the next shade up that I use to my light-to-medium clients.  Champagne Pop is a pretty peachy highlight.

I guess I expected it to be just a tiny bit darker than Moonstone, which I why I was surprised that it was slightly darker and with strong peach tones.

When I swatched it, it came out much lighter looking than in the pan and blended perfectly into my skin.  It’s the ultimate highlight shade for redheads, I feel like it compliments my skin and hair perfectly.

It looks natural, but then in the right light it just pops so beautifully.  It draws out your cheekbones in such a pretty way.  This highlighter would also be beautiful mixed with a blush to give the blush a little more illumination.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfectors Pressed are one of the only powder highlighters that I truly love.  They are so creamy, it’s hard to believe they are a powder.  I use a fan brush to apply them, because they are so pigmented that just the lightest touch with a fan brush is all you need for a natural looking highlight.

Which brings me to the price.  The highlighters are $38 each, which did give me sticker shock at first.  The more I use them, however, the more I believe that these are one high end beauty product worth every penny.

You only need the tiniest amount, so my Moonstone pan looks almost brand new after a year.

The product is .28oz and comes in the traditional Becca packaging that has a silver metal top in a round pan.  I love this packaging, I just wish I could tell which product is which from the top, because sometimes I’ll go to grab my Moonstone highlighter and I grab the Lowlight instead.

Overall |  I’m so happy that I tried this highlighter.  I love seeing other beauty bloggers succeed and have these collabs and I’ve even more happy when the products are next level.  This is a next level highlighter.  It’s gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.  A must have, especially for redheads!  I just Becca products so much and this one totally lived up to and surpassed the hype.

becca-best-champagne-pop-top-swatch-review-buy-online-beauty-blog-blogger-los-angeles-sephora.jpeg moonstone-opal-rose-gold-pressed-shimmering-skin-perfector-liquid-becca-best-champagne-pop-top-swatch-review-buy-online-beauty-blog-blogger-los-angeles-sephora.jpeg

I guess I'm raising the roof in this pic?

I guess I’m raising the roof in this pic?

becca-best-champagne-pop-top-swatch-review-buy-online-beauty-blog-blogger-los-angeles-sephora.jpeg becca-best-champagne-pop-top-swatch-review-buy-online-beauty-blog-blogger-los-angeles-sephora.jpeg

Thank you for reading, I really appreciate it.  I hope this review and swatches were helpful!

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Stacey July 24, 2015 - 1:00 pm

Hi Molly, I just found your blog when I was searching for reviews to support a review I was writing about another product and I saw this was your newest post! I was on holiday in the States when this launched and managed to snaffle one in Vegas. I have just taken photos of it for my blog (blogger problems hey!) so I haven’t even swatched it yet but am glad you’re liking it so much! I am fair skinned so hoping it looks as good on me as it does on you!

Stacey | Expat Make-Up Addict

Girl Get Glamorous July 27, 2015 - 4:30 am

Hi Stacey,

You are so lucky you got your hands on one! If the Champagne Pop is coming out too dark, I do like it mixed with a bit of Moonstone for a softer glow on fair skin. I hope you had a great trip!


Lisa Burkhart July 27, 2015 - 2:51 pm

I just love your blog. I write a blog too but yours is the best!


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