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/ November 13, 2023

ZIIP Halo Black Friday Sale + Code 2023

It’s here! This is ZIIP’s Black Friday sale for 2023 and as always, it’s their biggest discount of the year. With my code and link you’ll get 40% off the ZIIP device when bundled!

They’ve bundled their new Halo device with their premium gels. The bundles are limited quantity, so if you have been considering getting this device, I would shop quickly. This is the time to buy the ZIIP device if you’ve been wanting to get one.

My personal favorite set is the ZIIP Halo (comes with the travel standard gel) and the Silver Gel. I have sensitive skin and the silver has been the best gel for me in terms of calming my skin. The day after using the Silver Gel, my skin always has an amazing glow as well.

ZIIP Halo Device + Two Silver Gels Set LINK (Normally $449, sale $380, with my code: $285)


My code: ZIIPMOLLY, will also take 25% off all individual products, in case you are just on the market for the new ZIIP Halo or need to get some gels.



I have been using the original and then new halo ZIIP device for 5 years now and can say it’s still the best skincare investment I have ever made.

If you want to see some past posts, here is my original review and my review of the new Halo device.

And if you love photos, here are some crazy before-and-afters, all unedited.

One more time, here is the ZIIP BLACK FRIDAY LINK and my code: ZIIPMOLLY

I hope you love the ZIIP device as much as I have these past five years.



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  1. How long is your Black Friday code good for? It’s working as of now; just wondering how long I have to decide on what to buy!

    • Hi Ann! Ok, I figured out that they added a second silver gel (regular price $50) to this set. The original set that came with just one silver gel was an exclusive for GGG readers before the sale opened to the public. So essentially you are getting a second silver gel for $20, great price! They really went for it this year with Black Friday. Thank you for your kind words too, I was excited when they emailed about the exclusives for blog readers. It takes about 6 weeks to see results once you start using the ZIIP, so let me know what you think then if you don’t mind! 🙂 – Molly

    • Hi Emily! I just realized, they added an additional Silver Gel into this set! The original set was: ZIIP Halo (device + travel size gel) and one (1) silver gel. That was an exclusive for GirlGetGlamorous readers, then once they opened the sale to the public, they added a second silver gel to the set. I hope you love it all, let me know in about 6 weeks! 🙂 – Molly

  2. Hey Molly,
    Thanks a bunch for the discount code! I followed the link you shared (Halo device + silver gel set) but it shows us as $285 in my cart. Any idea why that might be?
    Nevertheless, super excited to get this!