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/ November 6, 2023

Jones Road Beauty Reviewed: The Mascara


product | The Mascara

shade: black | $26

see more | FULL REVIEW

The Jones Road mascara is another product just done “right.”  

I applied the Jones Road mascara on one eye and another mascara I’d been testing on the other eye’s lashes. The results: the JR was richer, made my lashes look longer and thicker vs the other mascara, and did not smudge under my eyes all day long.

I don’t have the longest lashes in the world, but I do think this mascara made them look richly colored and evenly coated and defined.

The wand features curved bristles that are really nice and thick, but I am still able to get them very close to my lash line for a natural looking mascara application. I truly love this wand! It might be my favorite mascara wand of all time.

The only real downside to this mascara for me is the price.  It’s on the more “luxe” side at $26 plus $6.95 shipping. To get free shipping you need to spend $85, which (unfortunately for my bank account, ha!), I can do easily. 

I typically replace my mascara every 4 months or so, more frequently than any other makeup product, so I feel more sensitive to the overall cost of the product because of this. Price not factored in however, I absolutely love this mascara and have no other complaints. 

It’s great and so rich looking on. Great formula and the results really stood out to me in a match up against other mascaras.

I’d love to see a brown mascara shade next! 

shop Jones Road | The Mascara



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