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/ November 3, 2023

Jones Road Beauty Reviewed: The Powder Bronzer

Wow.  Bobbi Brown has done it again.  Her original line of bronzers were best sellers for the BB line.  I’ve never so quickly had a new product dominate my makeup routine, to the point where I barely use anything else.

Jones Road’s “Dusty Rose” bronzer is the most unique bronzer shade I’ve ever tried. This might sound dramatic, but I can not be without this bronzer in my makeup routine.



product | The Bronzer

7 shades | $35

powder | .2 oz

shop The Bronzer | The Bronzer


Her Jones Road formula is super smooth and silky.  It blends easily and doesn’t look powdery on my skin.

A word of advice with this bronzer, use a very fluffy brush, as it is quite pigmented.  If you use a brush that is more dense, you’ll end up with more distinct lines vs a soft wash of warmth.  

To apply, I use my BK Beauty #103 bronzer brush.

I like to start at my forehead and draw the number 3 across my forehead, down across the top of my cheekbone, and then over the edge of my jawline.

I only tap the brush into the pan once or twice before I apply and then use that for one whole side of my face.  Then I re-tap into the pan for the other side.

I have found with this bronzer formula that less is more. It really looks best with one or maybe two light layers, rather than building up multiple layers..


The total stand out, made-my-jaw-drop was the shade range.  Like a true makeup artist, she created a bronzer shade for every skin tone. 

The stand out shade for me though is her Dusty Rose shade.  

If you have a fair to light skin tone, you need Dusty Rose in your life.   It’s a super unique, rosy shade that almost looks like a blush shade at first.  Once applied though, it has the perfect rosy tan tones. 

In the past, at times, adding bronzer as my last-ish step just felt like too many different colors and tones on my face.  

Bronzer is meant to add warmth back in to the skin, as though the sun naturally warmed you up.  Tans always have a bit of red in them, which is something most makeup companies don’t get right. 

Dusty Rose warms my skin up and adds dimension without it adding too much color to my face.  It’s the most perfect bronzing tone I’ve ever tried and so, so unique.  

Dusty Rose looks like a blush in the pan, but transforms to a taupe rose on the skin.

Jones Road Bronzers.   Fabulous, must have, love the extensive shade range for all skin tones.

shop Jones Road | The Bronzer



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