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/ July 10, 2023

Reviewing + Comparing All My Honeylove Bras | Sizing Advice + Exclusive Discount

If you’ve been reading the blog or watching my YouTube channel, you know that I am a huge fan of the Honeylove shape wear line. Their quality and compression is unmatched. My most worn Honeylove pieces, however, have turned out to be their bras.

Before we moved cross-country from Los Angeles to Atlanta, I emptied my bra drawer and realized that the only bras I had been wearing for the past two years have been my Honeylove (with the exception of my strapless bras, because Honeylove doesn’t have any strapless styles yet). Honeylove really figured out how to make the most comfortable and flattering bras, so I tossed all my old bras that had just been taking up space!

This post is not sponsored, but Honeylove has provided these bras as press samples, so that I am able to compare all the styles for you.

In this post, I wanted to compare each of their bra styles with reviews about what I like and dislike about each style. Also, I’ll give my size in each style and size recommendations. For reference, my standard bra size is a 36D or 38D.

I hope this helps if you are trying to decide the best size or style for yourself! Also, if you click the links in this post, you’ll automatically save 10% on your entire Honeylove order, no code needed.

Of Note: I do wash all my bras in the Honeylove wash bag, but then hang them to dry, so the fabric stays in it’s best shape. Any stretch fabrics put in the dryer will lose elasticity, so especially important to hang dry bras to keep them in their best shape.

1 | Silhouette Bra

retail $64 (save 10% with my link)

my size | Large

The Silhouette style is my most worn out of all three styles.

The adjustable straps make it the easiest style to wear as someone who is petite and as the straps stretch with wear, they can be adjusted shorter. The thinner straps also fit nicely under all my tank tops and dresses.

The straps have shown some wear after about 1.5 years of use.

This style clasps at the back, does provide back smoothing, and the straps can be adjusted to give a bit more cleavage if you’d like.

I find this bra to be really comfortable, even with the thinner straps, and can wear it all day.

shop the Silhouette Bra

2 | V-Neck Bra

retail $64 (save 10% with my link below)

my size | Medium

This style was the first bra that Honeylove released and the first one I tried. To me, the V-Neck is their most comfortable bra style.

The wider straps always stay comfortable. The lift is perfect and my back is totally smooth. I can wear this bra for 16 hours and forget it’s on. It’s true comfort!

The only downside to this bra is the the straps and back are not adjustable. You pull this bra on over your head, or step into it, your preference.

I’ve only gotten one out of four where the straps were a bit too long, but in this instance, it was hard to keep it on my shoulder. Honeylove is good with exchanges, however, keep that in mind.

I find that because the straps and back are not adjustable, this style lasts me about 1.5 years before needed to be replaced due to the fabric stretching out.

This fabric does stretch and mold to you within 2-3 wears, like all their compression fabrics, so I do prefer to size down. The bra should feel snug, but still comfortable at first. The size Large stretched out too much for my liking, so now I get this bra in size Medium for the best lift.

In my opinion, the v-Neck bra is the best work-from-home or weekend bra.

shop the V-Neck Bra

3 | CrossOver Bra

retail $69 (save 10% with my link below)

my size | Large

The CrossOver bra is the most snug fitting out of all three of the Honeylove bra styles. If you prefer a lot of support and a bra that feels like it’s really holding you in place, this is the one for you.

The semi-thin straps hide well under most of my tanks. This bra clasps and adjusts at the back.

Out of all three styles, the CrossOver is the only I wear the least, but only because of preference. If you want the ultimate support bra, this would be the one for you.

shop the CrossOver Bra


Silhouette Bra


V-Neck Bra


CrossOver Bra



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  1. My bra doesn’t fit.
    I usually wear a 38 D, it is too loose and gaps at the axilla. I wear it anyway, what size should I order next time?

    Thanks vicki