L’Oreal Collection Exclusive 2015 Red Lipsticks + Polishes

by Molly Gardner

I went into the drugstore the other day searching for a concealer to ship to my friend who lives in the Bahamas because she can’t find some U.S. brands there.  Well, Karma gave me sweet angel kisses because I walked into Rite Aid and smack dab into this display for these L’Oreal Collection Exclusive Red lipsticks.

I didn’t even know this was a thing.  I froze in place.  I got so excited that I caught my breath and my mind went totally blank and my heart started racing.  Then, my first thought was “wah wah wah wah weee.”  I’m not kidding you guys.  My brain’s first thought was wah wah wah wah weee, like a cartoon character.

If you think these lipsticks lined themselves up, you are wrong.  Yep, I lined ’em up and did an iphone photo shoot right in the store.  Yes, people stared.  I don’t even care, how beautiful is this line up??  Worth it.  Because You’re Worth It.  Okay, yep, I’m gonna scale it back a little.

loreal-collection-exclusive-best-red-lipsticks-for-every-skintone-top-beauty-swatches-review-buy-online-2015-blake-jlo-blog-blogger-los-angeles.jpeg loreal-collection-exclusive-best-red-lipsticks-for-every-skintone-top-beauty-swatches-review-buy-online-2015-blake-jlo-blog-blogger-los-angeles.jpeg

The info on these is scarce, I couldn’t even find anything on L’Oreal’s own website even.  So, I’m thinking they might be limited edition, but the nude lipsticks from this same Collection Exclusive line became permanent, so maybe the red shades will too.

It’s the same concept, a red shade to flatter each L’Oreal ambassadors skin tones and a universal shade called “Because You’re Worth It.”  I am totally in love with this idea, because there are so many different undertones in makeup, it can be tricky to purchase so it’s great seeing it on someone who looks similar to you.

That being said, I was surprised once again that the Julianne was the least flattering on me.  We have such similar tones but I just found her red shade too be too bright.

One other thing that was interesting was that some of the shades were very pigmented and others were almost sheer.  I’ll get into that more below.

My only other “hmm” on these is that they are being marketed as Mother’s Day 2015 gifts.  I just don’t think “mom = red lipstick” but maybe I’m the only one.  I think these could have been better marketed as a Valentine’s Day Limited Edition product.  Just my two cents that not a single person asked for.

There was also a coordinating, but not perfectly matching, nail polish shade for each woman.  I didn’t purchase these, but did grab photos.

Side note, anyone want to give me around a zillion dollars?  J/K J/K J/K.  But seriously, these are really beautiful nail shades.

If they are all sold out near you, I did find a Sinful Colors ($1.99) nail polish “Ruby, Ruby” that was almost an exact shade dupe for the “Because You’re Worth It Red” nail shade.

loreal-collection-exclusive-best-red-lipsticks-for-every-skintone-top-beauty-swatches-review-buy-online-2015-blake-jlo-blog-blogger-nail-polish-los-angeles.jpegloreal-collection-exclusive-best-red-lipsticks-for-every-skintone-top-beauty-swatches-review-buy-online-2015-blake-jlo-blog-blogger-nail-polish-los-angeles.jpeg loreal-collection-exclusive-best-red-lipsticks-for-every-skintone-top-beauty-swatches-review-buy-online-2015-blake-jlo-blog-blogger-nail-polish-los-angeles.jpeg loreal-collection-exclusive-best-red-lipsticks-for-every-skintone-top-beauty-swatches-review-buy-online-2015-blake-jlo-blog-blogger-nail-polish-los-angeles.jpegloreal-collection-exclusive-best-red-lipsticks-for-every-skintone-top-beauty-swatches-review-buy-online-2015-blake-jlo-blog-blogger-nail-polish-los-angeles.jpeg loreal-collection-exclusive-best-red-lipsticks-for-every-skintone-top-beauty-swatches-review-buy-online-2015-blake-jlo-blog-blogger-nail-polish-los-angeles.jpeg

Product Info

  • retail for $8.99
  • comes in 9 red shades: Jennifer, Julianne, Doutzen, Zoe, Eva, Blake, Frieda, Liya, and Because You Are Worth It.
  • I purchased 6 shades, but did not get Eva, Frieda, or Zoe.  Eva looked like a Brown Red, Frieda a Purplish Red, and Zoe a Deep Burgundy Red.


I do love the L’Oreal Color Riche lipsticks but they do have a distinct taste and scent.  It doesn’t bother me, but if you can’t stand makeup with scents, this might not be the line for you.


These have a very smooth and moisturizing texture.  Not sure if they are supposed to be a matte finish or not, but they read as more of a matte/satin finish on me, which I loved.

I wore one yesterday for about 7 hours and only had the tiniest amount of wear off around the inside corners of my lips.

I also forgot to eat that whole time, so I’m sure I would have done touch ups if I’d eaten.


Okay, so here’s where things got interesting.  Some of the lipsticks had a ton of pigment and others were sheer, almost like a “Jelly” finish.  I didn’t see that one coming.  CURVE BALL.  So for a lot of the I had to swipe several times to get them to really show up.

High Pigment: J Lo, Blake, Because You’re Worth It

Sheer Pigment: Julianne, Doutzen, Liya

I ended up loving the high pigment shades the most.  The sheer pigment just didn’t do that much for me.

I did love the subtle changes in undertones each lipstick had.  This might not seem like a huge deal, but really makes a difference when you are doing your makeup and need a red that matches the warmer or cooler tones in the other makeup you’ve put on.  And for under $10 each, this is a good way to make sure that you always have a red that matches.

J Lo: red with blue undertones (bonus: blue undertones make your teeth look whiter)

Julianne: bright red, almost neon, with coral tones, sheer

Doutzen: orange red, sheer

Blake: deep blue red, the most matte finish

Liya: sheer blue red, hint of berry

Because You’re Worth It: true classic neutral red



Because You're Worth It, here and above.

Because You’re Worth It, here and above.


Definitely pick some up if you see these in store, hopefully they’ll become part of the permanent collection, like the nude line.  My favorite shades are: Jennifer (again!  JLo nude is my fav nude lipstick), Blake, and Because Your Worth It.

Shop | Ulta

Let me know if you pick and up and see these anywhere and what your thoughts are!  I’m going to put together a comparison post on my favorite red shades, I’ll try and find some dupes for these L’Oreal lipsticks if they do end up being limited edition.

Thank you for reading!  Please feel free to share this post or the photos on Facebook and Pinterest.  You can find me on Instagram @girlgetglamorous.

Go Get Glam!



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Kelley April 29, 2015 - 12:07 am

Oh girl, my obsession with finding a red that doesn’t “shock” the rest of my face/coloring continues! I agree about the scent/taste, but the smooth quality makes them worth it (no pun intended). The Loreal shade I use often is 762 Divine Wine. Have you tried Besame lipsticks? They are made/shipped from LA, so they are probably in stores out there. They have a range of reds, but I really like their chocolate kiss color, which has apparently already been discontinued. The lipsticks have a gorgeous smell and feel – the texture is SOO smooth for how pigmented the lipstick is!

Girl Get Glamorous May 6, 2015 - 5:20 am

OOooo, I’ve never heard of Besame, but I will definitely check them out! Thank you for the tip. I love when a lipstick gets the smell/taste and the texture right.

Carrie June 24, 2015 - 6:44 pm


First of all, you are so cute!

Second, thanks for modeling all of those. I wanted Julianne and I think I still do, but it helped so much to see them on someone with fair skin tones. Would you say you have a yellow/orange base tint? I haven’t read your whole blog (new here) but I think you look like a Prescriptives Yellow/Orange (remember Prescriptives?) If so, what looks good on you would look good on me 😀 which is very helpful.

I will be picking up Jennifer also… it looks phenomenal on you.

Summer is here, have fun with those pretty reds!

(BTW, I am a mom and for Mother’s day I got Marc Jacobs Sexy Amber EDP… a red lipstick to go with it would have been awesome :-D)

Corinne Dickey August 21, 2015 - 10:38 pm

NEED to find..L’Oreal Collection Exclusive Polish #722 Zoe..I have one bottle need 5 more..went to every walgreens..NO ONE had it..I don’t care what its costs..its for my daughters wedding..PLZ help

Girl Get Glamorous August 21, 2015 - 11:12 pm

Hi Corinne, I would check ebay and also look up L’Oreal customer service info. Check with them, maybe you can buy it directly from them or they will know who has stock of it. I hope this helps! Molly


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