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/ February 18, 2014

L’Oreal “Women of Worth” Collection Privee 2014 Nude Lipsticks & Nail Polishes: Review & Swatches

I have been on a drugstore makeup binge lately.  I feel like makeup companies have been really improving their formulas and I’ve been finding a ton of products that truly work and can compete with higher-end products.  L’Oreal Color Riche lipstick has long-been a drugstore fan favorite.

It’s highly pigmented, smooth, and retails for around $9.  So what could L’Oreal do to possibly improve it…?


They are called the “Collection Privee: Women of Worth.”  Each shade of lipstick and nail color has been specially created to flatter the skintone and coloring of each of their spokesmodels.  I am not sure if this is a limited edition type thaaang or going to become part of their permanent collection.

They did release a similar line in 2013, which was created for the Toronto Film Festival and was available in Canada with an extremely limited US release.  The 2014 lipsticks/polishes are different shades than the 2013 edition.  Also, for 2014 they added two lipstick and three nail polish shades.


I declare 2014 the year of the Nude Lipstick and I’m A-OK with that!

Quick Overall Review of the Lipstick:

The Color Riche formula has been a personal favorite formula for me.  The color is nicely pigmented, creamy, and wears beautifully for hours.  It has a slightly odd scent and flavor that I could do without, but generally the scent fades within the first 20 minutes for me.  The retail cost is usually under $10.  I love finding such a great pigment in a lipstick at that price.  The Collection Privee line is especially moisturizing.

Collection Privee Colors:

What I love about the L’Oreal nude collection is that some of the shades have a hint of pink in them.  I don’t like getting the “zombie lip” look with a super pale lipstick.  Nude lipstick can sometimes wipe out the color from my face.  These L’Oreal shades really flattered and enhanced my skin tone.  These are gorgeous shades and very wearable.  The hint of pink in some shades get a huge A+ from me.  I already went back and bought an extra tube of the “J Lo” shade because I’m so in love with it and don’t want to use it all up and find out this are limited edition shades!

The spokesmodels and their shades (I purchased the first 4 shades, I thought the last 2 would be too dark on me):

Julianne Moore – Light Pink Nude

Jennifer Lopez – Light Rose Nude

Eva Longoria – Light Warm Caramel Nude

Doutzen’s – Light Rose/Pink Nude

Frida Pinto – Light Brown Nude with a hint of Violet

Liya’s – Chocolate Brown Nude

I thought I’d like Julianne’s Nude the best, because we have the most similar coloring, but I have fallen in love with Jennifer’s Nude and worn it every day since I’ve bought it.  Jennifer’s has the perfect balance of pink-to-nude for me!  I have been stocking up on this shade, like a little hoarder.  I would love if L’Oreal brought this shade into their permanent line.


The tubes are a sleek, rubberized black material, with a gold ring around the middle and each spokesmodel’s signature written on the side of her tube in gold.  The packaging is beautiful.

loreal-collection-privee-nude-lipsticks-nail-polish-review-swatches-2014.jpeg loreal-collection-privee-nude-lipsticks-nail-polish-review-swatches-2014.jpeg

The Nail Polish:

I only purchased one of the nail polishes, but there were some amazing colors and I know I’ll be back like a junkie to get more.  I bought Doutzen’s Nude #600 for my polish and it’s a gorgeous dusty light pink/purple nude.  The formula is decent, it streaked a little on me on the first coat (which might be my base coat) but smoothed out beautifully on the second coat and lasted almost a full week without chipping.  I have seen the polishes in stores as part of the permanent L’Oreal collection.  There is a really great range from beige nude to brown shimmer to dusty pink.  I LOVE that L’Oreal did their nudes in such a huge range of shades.

loreal-collection-privee-nude-lipsticks-nail-polish-review-swatches-2014.jpeg*Update* I purchased the Liya’s Nude nail polish shade as well.  A gorgeous deep purple neutral shade.


And now the moment we’ve all been waiting for: onto the swatches…


loreal-collection-privee-nude-lipsticks-nail-polish-review-swatches-2014.jpeg loreal-collection-privee-nude-lipsticks-nail-polish-review-swatches-2014.jpeg loreal-collection-privee-nude-lipsticks-nail-polish-review-swatches-2014.jpeg loreal-collection-privee-nude-lipsticks-nail-polish-review-swatches-2014.jpegloreal-collection-privee-nude-lipsticks-nail-polish-review-swatches-2014.jpeg loreal-collection-privee-nude-lipsticks-nail-polish-review-swatches-2014.jpeg


Jennifer's Nude is my go-to lip color!
Jennifer’s Nude is my go-to lip color!


You can now buy the lipsticks and nail polishes online {HERE} yay!!!

Thank you for reading.  You can subscribe above so that you never miss a new post!

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  1. Thank u for posting where to buy them! I’m currently out of the country and I’m sure it’ll be hard to find where I’m going!

    • No prob, yes, I think they ship internationally too! These lipsticks are worth it, I use my J.Lo every day!! Glad this helped 🙂

  2. These are permanent now! In the permanent display at my Walmart! I fell in love with the Julianne nude, and now am so happy!

    • I’m so excited about this!!! I saw them in an ad in this month’s Instyle, but didn’t want to get too excited until I saw them in a store to confirm they are permanent. Glad you saw them too! The Julianne shade is so pretty. Best lipstick!!

  3. Based on the pics, I think the Doutzen’s nude lipstick looks great on you. Unfortunately, I don’t feel like I match the skin tone of any of the models. I have medium brown hair and semi-fair skin, but I have native american heritage and tan a red-brown color. I feel like red-brown undertones are not addressed by any major mak eup brands. It’s either pink or olive/golden tones that most makeups are designed for. I wish Carmen Electra was one of the models. She would be a close match for my skin tone.

    • I think Eva’s nude might look pretty on you! It’s a bit deeper but looked beautiful on a friend of mine that also has brown hair. I have ended up loving Jennifer’s nude the most…and like a crazy person keep buying it wherever I see it. I’m now up to 3 tubes that I’m hoarding, haha! Carmen Electra is gorgeous, she should def be a L’Oreal spokesmodel! I wonder if there are any brands that focus on your undertones. I’ll look into it!

  4. I bought the JLo nail polish, but there were no lipsticks left at the store, so I was really curious to find out what did it look like. Thanks for explaining every detail!

    • The nail polishes are so gorgeous! I wanted to get every single one. Thank you, glad the post helped. I am hoarding this lipstick and really hoping that L’Oreal makes it part of their permanent collection. I think it would be their best selling line!!

  5. I hope these are still out. I’ll see tomorrow if they are and I think maybe the Eva will be more appropriate for my coloring, although I love the Jennifer one on here.