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The Black + Brown Matte Smokey Eye Combo

This is a new favorite eye look of mine.  It really makes your eyes pop.  I love it for night, I love it done softly for daytime, I love it I love it I love it.

What you’ll need:


1.  Crease

2.  Lid

3.  Liner

4.  Smaller Blending

5. Larger Blending

Shadows, all Matte:

1.  Pink-Brown a shade deeper than your skin.  I’m using “Bliss” from the Stila in The Light palette.

2.  A deep Chocolate Brown, all the rest of my shades are from the Lorac Pro palette

3.  Black

4.  Light Cream, slightly brighter than your own skin

-Eye Primer

-Tissue (hold this underneath your eye if you are afraid to get shadow “fall out” on your cheeks while you are applying the shadows.  You can see halfway through the video I use a tissue because the fall out was ruining my foundation.)

-Black creamy pencil eyeliner

-Eyebright pencil (matte light pink)

-Highlighter pencil (shimmer light pink)


How to:

1.  Pat primer across both lids with your fingers.

2.  Using your Crease brush, work shade 1 (Bliss) into your crease.

3.  Taking the Smaller Blending brush, dab the Cream color into the inner corner of your eye, up to above the crease shade and under your eyebrow.

4.  Using your Lid brush, sweep the deep chocolate from the inner corner, up to right below your crease shade, to the edge of your lid.

5.  Dip your Liner brush into the Black shade, then get it as close to your lash line as you can on the top and bottom of your eye.

6.  Take your Crease brush again and draw a line with Bliss underneath the line you just did in Black under your eye.  Blend.

7.  Take your brushes that you used, and go over and blend again where you used them (Crease in the crease, Lid over the lid, etc.)

8.  Take a Large Fluffy brush and blend again.

9.  Do a dot of Eye Bright at your inner corners and a thin line of highlighter pencil underneath the arch of your brow.  Blend.

10.  Curl your lashes, apply mascara, and add false lashes if you want.

You’re all done, Pretty Lady!

Here is the VIDEO link.

Click on the photos below for step-by-step photos.  When you click on the photos, it super sizes them for full size photos!


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Stay Glam!


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Thursday 19th of February 2015

I love this tutorial! Just found your blog and it is wonderful! Do you use anything else on your lids before the primer, like the BB cream or foundation? Thanks :)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.