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/ February 6, 2014

SEPHORA Collection Perfection Mist Airbrush Foundation vs. DIOR Diorskin Airflash Spray Foundation

The second Sephora came out with their Perfection Mist Airbrush Foundation my first thought was, “How does this compare with the Dior Airflash Foundation?”

Anyone else wondering this too?

I decided to compare the two.

For a week I went back and forth wearing one foundation one day, then switching brands the next.  But I felt like it was still too hard to spot any differences, so I ended up wearing them side by side.

The Sephora foundation is 2.5 oz and retails for $28 and the Dior is 2.3 oz and retails for $62.  They are both spray foundations.

Quick tip | To avoid the spray getting messy and getting on your hair or clothes, hold it at least a  few inches a way from your skin, spray it towards the center of your face, then work the foundation out with your fingers or a buffing brush.  You’ll get all the coverage and none of the mess.

Shade |

I purchased the Sephora foundation in Light and the Dior foundation in shade 200.  The shades are identical.

The Dior has 10 shades available and the Sephora has 5 shades.

Finish on the Skin |

The Dior ha a dewier and more luminous, skin-like finish.  The Sephora is slightly more matte.

Texture |

This is where I noticed the most difference.

The Dior sprays out a bit more finely and the Sephora spray is slightly thicker.  On bare skin, it was harder to notice any difference in the thickness/texture on the skin.

When I added additional makeup though, (blush, bronzer, etc.) that was when I noticed the products blended a bit more easily on the Dior side.  On the Sephora side the products did look a little heavier.

I definitely think that both foundations did give my skin an airbrushed look.  My skin looked and felt soft and smooth.

Feel |

The Sephora felt slightly heavier and more “makeup-y” on, where the Dior had a lightweight feel.

Wear |

I wore both for long days and they both held up decently for a 10 hour day, with some slight fading around the nose.  I did not notice any difference between the two on their longevity.

Coverage |

Both foundations were a nice medium coverage on me that I built up to a medium-to-full coverage by adding a second layer.

Overall |

Sephora’s new Perfection Mist Airbrush Foundation is a great budget friendly alternative for the Dior Airflash foundation.

I do think the Dior Airflash is an amazing foundation and I prefer it’s finish on my skin, but with the price difference ($28 vs. $62), I think Sephora will be selling a ton of their new foundation.  Do they look similar to you or can you spot major differences between them?


Sephora in shade "Light."
Sephora in shade “Light.”
Dior in shade "200."
Dior in shade “200.”



Airflash foundation.
Airflash foundation.
Sephora foundation.
Sephora foundation.
Sephora foundation.
Sephora foundation.

Video |

You can get the Sephora foundation {HERE}


the Dior foundation {HERE}

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Thank you for reading, I hope you found this comparison helpful!  Please feel free to share it on your Facebook page using the share button above the post.

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  1. Hi I’ve been using Dior airflash foundation for years now shade 501. Is hey changed this colour so I’ve had to add a touch of 600. Is there a shade similar to this colour in Sephora. Thankyou .

    • Hi Avril! It seems as though both foundations have been discontinued, so I couldn’t find any swatches online. I so dislike when shades etc change like that, I hope you find a great new match! I would recommend bringing with you have of your best matching shade in the airflash to sephora or ulta and hopefully they’ll be able to find a great texture/shade match similar to the original Dior that you loved. – Molly

  2. The Dior one is so much better than the sephora one. I live in Hawaii so the matte makeupy look you mentioned about the sephora version just looks out of place. The cake like feeling on my face drove me nuts. The flash spray is worth every penny imho

  3. The Sephora version out now (not sure if this is different than the one you reviewed) is waterproof, which I love. I’ve got oily skin & this stuff really holds up throughout the day, I tell you. It’s beautiful. I actually prefer the Sephora version over Dior Airflash because Airflash made my pores more noticeable & feels much heavier to me. The shade Fawn matches my skin perfectly, which very much surprised me as I thought it would be too light at first swatch. I ended up taking Airflash back today, actually. Had it performed as well as Sephora’s, I would’ve kept it.

    The added bonuses are the airbrush bronzers & blushes in this line, which apply so incredibly smoothly over the foundation. No surprise, I suppose, as they’re based on the same formula. They are waterproof as well, which I love. As far as I know Dior hasn’t done the same. I bought all 3 Sephora-line products to use together because the blush & bronzer definitely work best over this particular foundation. I tried both over one of Guerlain’s foundations & it ended up disturbing my base layer too much, allowing imperfections I had already covered to show through too much.

    Personally, I’d pass on Dior’s version of this product – I did – and go for the Sephora version. It really is beautiful & a fraction of the price. You gotta like that 🙂

    • I saw the new Sephora airspray blushes and wanted to check them out!! I did love the Dior, but personally if I’m going to splurge on foundations now it’s the Koh Gen Do or Armani. Must check out the spray blushes and bronzers though! xo Molly

  4. Hey!
    First of all great review 🙂 I saw this spray kinda thing in yt from Wayne Goss and I got pretty interested about it.

    I think both look freat on you, but the Dior one minimize your pores more.

    So before I buy one the spray I have a question. My skin oily. Do you think one of them will suit me?

    Greetings from Germany 🙂

    • Thank you, I appreciate the kind words about the review. I do think the Dior is a bit more like real skin with a beautiful finish, but I think the Sephora spray is a great budget option too. Both are very sheer and lightweight and work with oily skin. Especially if you prep with a primer like the Hourglass primer and set with a light powder or setting spray, like the Physician’s Formula Nude Wear powder or Urban Decay De-Slick setting spray. I hope this helps!

      • Thank you for your fast reply 🙂
        Then I will go for the cheap one first and if I have the money, I will order the Dior one 😀
        Have a nice day!

    • Yes, highly recommend! This Sephora spray foundation doesn’t have any SPF so it photographs beautifully. It doesn’t make my pores or acne scars look bigger, so I think it would work for you. I spray it on first onto the center of my face then work the products out with my fingers and blend. Then I go over it all with a beautyblender to make sure it’s really blended. I hope this helps and congratulations, I hope your wedding is beautiful and fun!!

  5. Thanks for your help 🙂 I didn’t know which one to buy. Now, I am going for the Sephora one.

  6. I work outside and need something that can hold up to humidity and sweating. Do either of these do that?

    • The Sephora foundation holds up pretty well for me, but I (sadly) don’t get outside that often for a full day. For a long lasting foundation, you might like the Kat Von D “Lock It” foundation. It has lasted me through full days of meetings, auditions, work, shows, and workouts. Without budging! Here is the full review: