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/ December 13, 2016

The Best Nude Lipstick Combo | Redhead + Fair Skin Friendly

A great nude lipstick can tie together a whole look.  I love wearing one with a smokey eye or a softer, natural glow look.  As a redhead, I’ve made my way through plenty of nude lips that were slightly too pink or too pale.

I posted this photo on IG the other day and got a ton of questions on the lip combo.  It’s become my go-to lip pairing lately, so I wanted to share it.  I like how it’s nude, but wakes my skin up, instead of washing my complexion out.

too faced la creme lipstick and essence lip liner

The lip liner is from Charlotte Tilbury and is shade “Iconic Nude.”   It lasts me hours without budging and is a great nude color.

The lipsticks are a combinations of two shades from Too Faced.  They are the La Creme Color Drenched Lipsticks.  I apply shade “Naughty Nude” first over my whole lip, then shade “Naked Dolly” over the center of my lips.  This gives your lips a bit of dimension and makes them look plumper.  The shades melt together and make such a beautiful nude lip.  They retail for $22 each.

The pigment on this lipstick is amazing, one swipe and your lips are truly “drenched” in color.  They are also hydrating, which I love.  I tend to throw nude lipsticks on when I’m going to be wearing makeup all day and don’t want to have to check in on my lips frequently like I would with a darker lip.

The formula lasts about five hours on me before requiring a touch up.  I think it’s probably the most truly hydrating formula out of all my lipsticks.

The formula has a bit of a shine or satin finish, so I skip gloss with this combo.

Overall, I love both the lip liner and the lipsticks.  Really great formulas and a perfect nude lip combo!


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Thank you for reading!  What’s your favorite shade of lipstick that you’ve ever worn?


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  1. Thanks So much for these ideas!! I myself am a natural strawberry girl who can Never find a gpod nude lippie!! I am So excited about finding your blog, always a pleasure to find another ginger sister!!!