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/ April 25, 2016

POP of Purple Eye Tutorial | Redhead Friendly

BEAUTIFUL BABIES!  I am SO excited about this redhead- friendly POP of Purple eye shadow tutorial.  I really love this look and couldn’t wait to get it up on the ‘tube!

This look just does it for me, it’s got flash of color that really lights up your eyes and skin.

I feel like most women love color but want it to be subtle and not overwhelming.  This look is a great way to mix up your makeup for spring/summer without feeling like the eyeshadow is taking over your face.

One quick thing: I was so excited that this look featured a super affordable/but still high quality purple cream shadow from Colourpop!  But then when I went to go find it on the Colourpop website for you, I saw it’s been discontinued!  I juuuust bought it a few months ago, so I was super bummed and surprised.  But I spent the evening searching the internet for a dupe and think I found a few good alternates, they are listed below the video.

OHHHH, one more thing then I’ll get to the video, I swear to you.  I decided to call the makeup looks “Redhead Friendly” instead of “Makeup For Redheads” because this look will look great on a range of hair colors/skin tones, etc. but redheads can def pull this color combo off.  I’m also a big weirdo and I hate the idea of someone feeling left out or that a tutorial is “only” for certain people.  I’ve always hated anyone feeling excluded and beauty is a place where everyone should feel included, thus the “friendly” term.  Namaste, my beautiful babies.



Here are a few pics of the finished look (and by “a few,” I mean 17.  Sorry for the overload, just so excited about this look!!)

pop-of-purple-makeup-tutorial-redheads-beauty-blog-blogger-los-angeles-bright-colourpop-leopard-review-strawberry-blonde-hair.jpeg pop-of-purple-makeup-tutorial-redheads-beauty-blog-blogger-los-angeles-bright-colourpop-leopard-review-strawberry-blonde-hair.jpeg pop-of-purple-makeup-tutorial-redheads-beauty-blog-blogger-los-angeles-bright-colourpop-leopard-review-strawberry-blonde-hair.jpeg pop-of-purple-makeup-tutorial-redheads-beauty-blog-blogger-los-angeles-bright-colourpop-leopard-review-strawberry-blonde-hair.jpeg pop-of-purple-makeup-tutorial-redheads-beauty-blog-blogger-los-angeles-bright-colourpop-leopard-review-strawberry-blonde-hair.jpeg

Products Used | Purple Dupes

– Lorac Eye Primer

– Laura Mercier Translucent Powder
Sephora Collection Eye Liner in Black
Colourpop Super Shock Shadow “Leopard”: discontinued (agh – what?!) Dupes below
Kjaer Weis crease shade “Grace”
Makeup Geek eye shadow “Blacklight”
Tarte mascara
– Faux Mink Lashes

Tools (substituted the ones that were hard to find online):


Purple Cream Formula Dupes for Colourpop “Leopard”:

*These are my affiliate links which have no additional cost to you to use, but do help support the blog!  🙂

Thank you SO MUCH!  I hope you all love this tutorial as much as I do and I mean it when I say if you try it, please tag me on Instagram @girlgetglamorous.  Nothing makes me happier than seeing everyone’s looks!

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  1. This is such a great tutorial! Although the focus is on the beautiful purple eye shadow, I must say I have learned a bit about eye shadow application, in general (I’ve just learned to love it – 29 years old/young!). Thank you for taking the time to do this and for having, keeping and updating a killer blog on beauty! Grande appréciation!!

    • Thank you, I’m so glad to hear that! I really wanted this tutorial to be easy to follow along with and replicate. I appreciate your comment!! xo – Molly