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/ October 21, 2020

P.M. Skincare Routine Age 39 | Affordable Japanese Products + No Crease Pillow

I’m so happy to share my full p.m. skincare routine and my favorite: cleansers, eye cream, serums, night creams, and even a beauty pillow. I have some 2020 updated products that I love, as well as some skincare staples that I’ve been using for 16+ years.

I love this routine because it makes me wake up with really glowing skin.

Full disclosure: I LOVE skincare and products. I am by no means a skincare minimalist.

But even if you are only looking for a suggestion on a product or two, check out below, I really think I’ve found the best formulas at reasonable prices.

In this post are all of my favorite products in each category, in the order I use them, with each product linked for easy shopping!


The video starts with a *very chatty* walk through of each product in my p.m. skincare routine. Perfect if you want to come hang out with me and talk skincare!

I use the Japanese and Korean method of layering hydrating products with lightweight textures, instead of using one thicker product.

Then, the 2nd half of the video goes through the routine in real-time, in case you want a quicker breakdown of the products and order in which I apply them.

Time stamps are in the description box on YouTube.


SLEEP + GLOW OMNIA PILLOW | This pillow from Sleep + Glow is formed to have areas on both sides scooped out. This reduces the pressure on the skin around your eyes and prevents wrinkles.

As a side-sleeper, I noticed a difference the next morning. The skin didn’t have my usual bags or half-moon lines underneath.

I have been using it for 6 months at this point and can never go back to a traditional pillow.

The memory foam is more firm than a traditional pillow and took about a week for me to get used to. If you already sleep on memory foam, you’ll be fine.

Side note: I was having some neck pain that also went away when I started sleeping on this pillow.

If you are a side sleeper, I highly recommend this pillow. It is an investment, but truly does what no topical cream can do in terms of preventing wrinkles around the eyes.

Check out the video at the mark, you can really see the cool side details of this pillow!

shop SLEEP + GLOW PILLOW | amazon



DHC Cleansing Oil | I start my double cleanse with this oil, which I have been using since 2004!

It gently dissolves all makeup at the base, clears out any clogged pores, and leaves my skin so balanced.  [full post]

There are three things with this oil that are important to get the best results.  

1 | It’s applied dry.  Make sure your hands and face are totally dry and rub it in gentle circles over your skin and with a light tapping motion over your eyes. 

2 | One pump is all you need.  Any more will waste the product. I use one pump every morning and night and my bottles last me almost a year. 

3 | Give the oil time to work.  Let it have at least 30 seconds to dissolve your makeup completely and to get the most out of the product. 

This is a concentrated oil formula and I use one pump for my full face.

6.7 oz | $28

shop DHC Cleansing Oil | | ulta beauty . dermstore . amazon (official DHC storefront) . skinstore (international shipping)


These are some of my favorite face washes. I will rotate which I use based on what my skin needs.

Tatcha Rice Cleanser | My new favorite face wash!  This leaves my skin feeling so clean, but never stripped. 

I very rarely have any feelings about face washes, most are “fine” but the Tatcha is truly spectacular. I actually thought “woah” the first time I used it.

This is a concentrated formula and I use a pea size amount for my full face.

4 oz | $35

shop Tatcha Rice Cleanser | tatcha . sephora . qvc

DHC Powder Face Wash | A classic favorite, I’ve been using this face wash for years.  

You put a nickel to quarter size amount of the powder in your hand and then add a few drops of water, rubbing it together to make a rich, creamy foam wash. 

It feels like a luxury product at an amazing price point.

It also travels especially well, as it’s not a liquid, so you don’t have to worry about it spilling or TSA restrictions.

It can be a bit drying in the winter, I tend to stick with it during the warmer months.

This is a powder formula and I use a nickel size amount for my full face, combined with water to activate the powder.

1.7 oz (powder) | $12.50

shop DHC Powder Face Wash | ulta beauty . dermstore . lookfantastic (global shipping) . amazon (official DHC storefront)

Murad Clarifying Cleaner | This is a great wash if you are getting breakouts! It really clears up my skin within 1-2 days.

I don’t get breakouts very often, so I just purchased the travel size and use as needed. It always amazes me how quickly and gently it clears up skin spots.

This cleanser contains 1.5% salicylic acid, so it can be a bit drying, which is why I only use it during breakouts. I have been using this once a week while I’m wearing a mask and I think it’s been so helpful in preventing maskne.

This is a concentrated formula and I use a pea size amount for my full face.

2 oz | $12 – 6.75 oz | $32

shop Murad Clarifying Cleaner | ulta beauty . murad . dermstore . amazon . sephora . lookfantastic (international shipping) . nordstrom (free shipping)


Jack Black Shea Butter + Vitamin E Lip Balm | This is the best lip balm! It’s the only lip balm that leaves my lips feeling more hydrated after it wears off. [full post]

Make sure to specifically get the Shea Butter + Vitamin E version.

.25 oz | $8

shop Jack Black Shea Butter + Vitamin E Lip Balm | ulta beauty . sephora . nordstrom . amazon


DHC coQ10 Lotion | Japanese “lotions” have a watery texture that feel similar to a traditional American toner. The difference is that this lotion preps skin with a light layer of moisture, so it adds hydration to your skin, but feels very lightweight.

When I use this toner, my skin looks brighter and more dense.

I apply this with my hands, no cotton rounds. You can tip the bottle back and put a few drops directly on you face and neck and gently pat it in.

This coQ10 lotion is the product I got the most DM’s about after the a.m. skincare video!

I was so happy to hear how it’s been working really well for people.

This toner has a slightly-thicker-than-water texture and absorbs immediately into the skin.

5.4 oz | $38

shop DHC coQ10 Lotion | dermstore (free shipping) . lookfantastic . amazon (official DHC storefront) . skinstore (global shipping)


CosRX Snail 96 Mucin Essence | This is a great essence for soothing skin. Essences are supposed to be applied before serums in a traditional Korean skincare routine.

When I’m getting a lot of surface redness in my skin, this really calms that down. It’s also nice on areas you’ve gotten too much sun.

My fiance likes to “borrow” this serum (aka, I get back a half empty bottle, ha!) from time-to-time. I think it’s great for men for after shaving.

This essence has a tackier texture initially and does absorb after 10-15 minutes.

3.4 oz | $23

CosRX Snail 96 Mucin | ulta beauty . lookfantastic (global shipping) . amazon . dermstore . revolve (free shipping)

DHC Extra Concentrate | This serum plumps up skin overnight. It combines hyaluronic acid for an almost immediate plumping effect and collagen to help plum skin more long-term.

I have been using this serum on-and-off since I was 23 years old! In that time, I always have made sure to have a bottle in my stash.

Lately, I’ve been really concentrating this serum around my lips and the small, vertical lines forming there.

This serum has a slightly-thicker-than-water texture and absorbs immediately into the skin.

1 oz | $50

shop DHC Extra Concentrate | dermstore (free shipping) . skinstore (global shipping) . amazon (official DHC storefront)

SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic Acid | This is a serum that I’ve been wanting to try for years. I have to say, this serum really lives up to the hype. If you are the type of person who just wants the best products and price comes second, this is a great product.

It’s pricy, but works.

It’s recommended to apply it in the morning, as it helps give added sun protection, but I’ve also been really liking this at night.

I haven’t used this serum as long as the other two, but it was insane how my skin really did look bright after just a week of using it.

1 oz | $166

shop SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic Acid | dermstore . skinstore


DHC coQ10 Eye Cream | This is my favorite eye cream: it works, my skin looks more dense and brighter, and it’s a great value.

I’ve repurchased this eye cream six times now. [full post]

.88 oz | $39

shop DHC coQ10 Eye Cream | dermstore (free shipping) . skinstore . amazon (official DHC storefront)


DHC Astaxanthin Collagen All-In-One Gel | This is the only night cream that I have repurchased. This is my third giant tub of this cream.

Fun fact: most night creams are only 1.7 oz, so this is more than double the size of the average cream.

I feel like it my skin looks really clear and tight when I use this collagen gel.

I started using it not only my neck and chest area, but also on my shoulders and hands. I was starting to see some sun damage on those areas and the cream has really helped bring fresher skin back.

This is a lightweight gel, with some tackiness during the initial application, that does settle down after about 20 minutes.

shop DHC Astaxanthin Collagen All-In-One Gel | dermstore (free shipping) . ulta beauty . skinstore . amazon (official DHC storefront)

Tatcha The Dewy Skin Cream | I used the .34 oz travel size of this night cream for two weeks while we were moving and was completely blown away by the results.

Btw, these travel size versions are a great way to test skincare before buying a full size.

A mentioned, I used this while we were packing and moving our entire apt and office and my gosh, what a stressful (and dusty!) time. But every night I used this new Tatcha Dewy cream and every morning I work up with luminous, glowing skin.

I was SO impressed with how my skin looked and will try the full size next.

.34 oz | $20 – 1.7 oz | $68

shop Tatcha The Dewy Skin Cream | tatcha . sephora


DHC Oil Virgin Face Oil | This is another skincare product that I’ve used since I was 23. This oil gives you the most dewy and gorgeous complexion.

I was going through this oil pretty quickly, so I’ve started using the collagen gel above all over. Then, I use this one pump of this oil and go over my cheekbones, under my eyes, and anywhere else that needs a hydration boost.

It’s a year-round dewy skin go-to for me and a winter skincare essential. I’ve tried a lot of face oils over the last 16 years and the DHC is still my go-to.

1 oz | $42

shop DHC Oil Virgin Face Oil | ulta beauty . dermstore (free shipping) . lookfantastic . amazon (official DHC storefront)


DHC Super Collagen Mist | I had never really noticed major skincare benefits from a face spray before the DHC collagen mist. This really helps with hydration.

If you get very dry skin or have tight feeling skin, especially in the winter, leave a bottle out on your desk and mist throughout the day. I notice a big difference when I use this regularly.

I keep one by the bed and give myself a light mist before I go to sleep. It’s a great way to get a little extra hydration into my skin, without adding weight or heaviness to my skin.

1.6 oz | $20

shop DHC Super Collagen Mist | ulta beauty . dermstore . amazon (official DHC storefront)

Tatcha The Dewy Spray | I’ve only seen this Dewy Spray used as a makeup setting spray, I didn’t realize that it was a skincare mist!

This is my new favorite mist, when I use it before bed, I was up with the most glowing skin.

It’s truly incredible, I actually notice a difference when I use this. I also love how it feels like nothing on your face.

1.35 oz | $48

shop Tatcha The Dewy Spray | tatcha . sephora


Bioderma Shower Oil | This shower oil dissolves every last bit of sunscreen, sweat, and dirt. It’s a total game changer.

It leaves my skin soft and rinses totally clean. Also, once you shave with this, you will wonder how you ever shaved with anything else.

33.8 oz | $19.90

shop Bioderma Shower Oil | dermstore . amazon . lookfantastic (global shipping) . revolve

Ahava Deadsea Mineral Body Lotion | This is the only body lotion that I’ve used for the last five years. It’s incredible: sinks right in, hydrates like NO OTHER lotion I have ever tried, and leaves my skin feeling super soft.

It’s the most perfect body lotion.

I buy the jumbo size, but they do offer a few different sizes. I also like that it has a light, natural fresh scent, no heavy fragrance.

8 oz | $31 – 24 oz | $63

shop Ahava Deadsea Mineral Body Lotion | ulta . macy’s . amazon

Japanese Soap Foamer Pouf | Once you try this thin foaming net, you will never reach for a thick loofah again, trust me!

shop Japanese Soap Foamer Pouf | amazon . YesStyle



These are my affiliate links.  I really appreciate when you use them!  It doesn’t cost you any more to use them (it would be like if the restaurant tipped your waiter for you) and I make a small commission.  This helps support the blog so that I can create more posts like this one!



Thank you for reading and being a part of the blog!  – Molly

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  1. Hi Molly!

    I love your blog and YouTube channel.
    I am curious about the foaming net. Do you use it in the shower to clean your body or face? The reviews I saw mentioned it was for the face, but I could see using it to clean all over, too.