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/ April 8, 2021

My Top 5 Tips to Shop the Sephora VIB Sale

Sephora’s VIB Savings Event is one of the best time to stock up on beauty favorites or try something new, all at a discount.  Sometimes these site wide sales can feel a bit overwhelming, so I wanted to share my strategy for how I shop the sale and what I buy, so that I get everything I need, without overbuying.

The sale is for VIB members of the Sephora Loyalty program.  You must be signed into your Sephora account to use the sale code.  If you need to sign up for the loyalty program, it’s free, and you get 10% off right away.

Sale Strategy

1 | Stock up on value sets

As stated above, this time of year there are always tons of amazing value sets for makeup and skincare.  These are makeup and hair products bundles together at a huge discount.

Taking an additional 15-20% off that can make the makeup an even better deal than drugstore makeup.

Shop | value sets

2 | Buy Sephora Exclusives

Sephora Collection,  Fenty Beauty, Pat McGrath, and Bite Beauty are a few brands that are exclusive to Sephora.  This is the time to stock up as they generally won’t go on sale any other time of year.

Sephora Collection is Sephora’s in-house brand of makeup.  It used to be -meh- but they have relaunched and now the quality rivals or beats many of the top brands. It’s amazing.

They make a few products I can not live without and that takes a lot for me to say!

The Pat McGrath eye liner in color “Shade” is my must-have liner.  It’s the perfect taupe, which is so hard to find and in a gel formula, so it doesn’t tug on delicate eye lids!

Shop | Sephora Exclusives . Sephora Collection 

3 | Luxury Items

If you’ve been saving up for a Bio Ionic curling iron or wanted to try a Koh Gen Do or Armani foundation, now is the time!  You are definitely not going to find Tom Ford eyeshadow on sale anywhere else, so get your luxe items now.

I always stock up and buy two of ghd’s heat protect sprays.  It’s the best spray I’ve found to protect my hair while using a flat iron or curling wand.

I will also usually stock up on my Luminous Silk or Aqua foundations and occasionally will splurge on a Tom Ford lipstick.  This is by far the most fun part of shopping the sale for me, because it’s nice to buy something I wouldn’t buy everyday!

Shop | ghd . Armani . Tom Ford . Koh Gen Do

4 | Restock Essentials

Go through your makeup and assess where you are at with your staples, write out a list if needed to keep track.

If you feel like you might be out of your must-have Laura Mercier concealer in 2 months, get it now.

I tend to go through concealer, foundation, and face powder the most quickly.  I also like to refresh my beauty blender at least once a year. 

BEAUTY TIP | I buy travel size mascaras vs a full size, because mascara needs to be replaced every three to four months anyhow, so this saves me money! Just set yourself an iCal reminder on the 3-4 month date to replace.

Writing out a list helps you see where you really need items so you won’t be stuck paying full price in a few months.

Shop | foundation . concealer . powder . beautyblender

5 | Reassess Your Cart

I prefer to shop online, because I can put things in my cart and then take a deep breath and think rationally.  It’s so easy to get swept up in the moment, so online shopping really helps me think about what I’m buying.

Some people might do better in the store, so just know yourself and your shopping habits.

Once you are all set, enter your VIB code at checkout to get the discount and remember to add a few 100 point rewards to your cart!

Thank you for reading and I hope my sale strategy is successful for you too!



Thank you for reading and being a part of the blog!  – Molly



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  1. I ended up buying it and the contour shades are actually perfect! Need a light hand, but they’re the exact color of my shadows. Thanks for the great recommendation, I’m in love with the whole palette!

    • So glad you got it and love it! I picked up one also, and am debating getting a second for my work kit. I was pleasantly surprised with how light, yet pigmented each layer is, it blends nicely for fair skin!!

    • So I went back to Sephora and swatched this palette. I think the contour shades could work for fair skin, but honestly are slightly better suited for light and medium skin tones. The highlighters and eyeshadow shades could definitely work for fair skin. So if you were buying it mostly for the contour, the Maskcara lightest contour cream shade and Lorac light contour powder would be better. But overall, it’s still an amazing deal just for the 2 highlighters ($44 each normally) and 4 eyeshadows. Excited to get mine in the mail and play with it more! I hope my two cents here is helpful and not confusing! xo – Molly

    • From what I remember, they are great for fair and light skin tones. I’m heading to Sephora early tomorrow and will swatch and let you know for sure by tomorrow afternoon! Xo Molly