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Honeylove Silhouette Slim Strap Bra + Liftwear Cami Review | Before and After

Honeylove has released new skinny strap versions of it’s best-selling bra and cami tank and today we are going review them both in detail. I personally love an in-depth review before I make any purchase, so I love putting these videos and posts together.

When I found out that Honeylove was releasing a skinny strap bra, I was genuinely excited, as their V-Neck bra is one of my favorite bras of all time. I am happy you say that the Silhouette Bra and the new Liftwear cami have exceeded all my expectations and become staples in my closet.

I am at that point in my life where I feel like for something to have a place in my closet and my home, it has to serve a purpose. I had been searching for a great thin strap bra, after buying way too many that didn’t give me the look I was wanting. The new Silhouette Bra and Liftwear Cami have both become the thin strap solution I needed.

The video goes into a ton of close-up detail on each product. I’m also sharing my new favorite shapewear hack, so make sure to watch until the end!



  • $64
  • 8 sizes | XS – 3X
  • 7 colors
  • adjustable + convertible straps
  • shop the Silhouette Bra (save 10% with this link)



  • $84
  • 7 sizes | S – 3X
  • 6 colors
  • adjustable + convertible straps
  • shop the Liftwear Cami (save 10% with this link)

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The slimmer straps on the new bra and tank are great for wearing under tanks and slimmer strapped dresses. But I also think they are amazing for petite and tall sizes, the ability to adjust the straps is really nice.

You can also criss cross the straps at the back, which is a nice option to have for “X” back tanks and dresses.

Watch the video for my favorite hack that do when I wear this bra with my SuperPower shorts. It keeps the back of the shorts perfectly in place.

I still love the original wide strap bra and tank and wear both for WFH and lounging. The wide straps lay completely flat on my shoulders and don’t dig in at all.

I wear the skinny strap Silhouette bra or Liftwear cami for under tanks and thin strap dresses and for my “leave-the-house” outfits, because I do think I get more lift with the adjustable straps.

I want to share this for anyone else who might want to have both the wide strap and the new skinny strap to switch between for those same reasons.

The Honeylove camis are heaven sent for wearing with jeans, as they prevent any chafing at the waistband and also create a streamlined look at the waist. This is especially nice if you are tucking a shirt in for work.


Additionally, I love and was surprised to see the back smoothing that I got with the Silhouette Bra in the photos above. The before-and-after photos that I take for these Honeylove reviews always catch me off guard!

The bra in the before photo is a “best-selling” $68 bra that just didn’t give me the lift I wanted and is a bit uncomfortable, even though I am wearing my correct size. I wore it under tanks all last summer anyhow because I was still searching for a thin strap solution.

Seeing the after photo in the Honeylove bra actually surprised me to see such a difference at both the back bra line area, but also at the front bust, with the amount of lift I had from the Honeylove.

I’ve noticed I get similar back smoothing at the bra line area with the Liftwear Cami. The cami also has the Honeylove criss-cross double compression front panels, which gives really clean lines at the waistband area all the way around.

As I mentioned above, I really need things to serve a purpose in my closet or else it feels way too crowded too quickly. I have made space in an entire drawer of my dresser that is just for Honeylove bras, camis, and their shorts. That is how much I wear them and love having them as part of my closet.



The Silhouette bra and Liftwear Cami run true-to-size.

MY SIZE PREFERENCE | If you are trying to figure out the best size for yourself, I recommend to order the same size as your best fitting shirt size.

I am a petite size L (shorter shoulder to waist ratio) on top and the adjustable straps on the Silhouette Bra and Liftwear Cami do give me a more lifted look at the bust.

For the Honeylove tanks, their size Large fits me best. The size Medium gave a nice lift in the bust, but the stomach area had a bit too much compression for all day wear for my personal taste.

For the Honeylove bras, I do prefer to “size down” to the size Medium to get a bit more of a lift. The bras do feel a bit snug at first, for the first week or so. Then they stretch out a half-an-inch and fit me perfectly.

For lounging, I prefer a looser fit and like to size up to the XL in the tanks.

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Shop both the new Silhouette Bra and Liftwear Cami online at and use my link to save 10% off your entire order.



Thank you for reading and being a part of the blog!  – Molly

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.