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Honeylove Shapewear LiftWear Tank Review | Before + After Photos

Spoiler alert: I love all things Honeylove.  I discovered this brand about 6 months ago and it’s a total game changer in the shape wear world.   This review goes into detail, with before and after photos, of the new LiftWear tank.

My previous review was about the SuperPower shorts, which are the first shape wear I have tried (out of many) that actually flattened my stomach and then also somehow stayed comfortable enough to wear all day long.   You can see that video at the bottom of this page.

For sizing reference, I generally wear a women’s size: Large or XL, 10-12 Petite Tops, regular 12-14 Bottoms, size 31 jeans.

Additionally, all Honeylove pieces are free of silicone strips.  I have such terrible allergic reactions to those stripes that generally come on strapless bras and shape wear, so I was very happy to find that out Honeylove products don’t have any silicone. 

This tank is also wire free, which is also my preference!  I feel like it was custom made for me.


R E V I E W 


Honeylove Liftwear Tank

  • $79
  • 3 colors: Runway (black with beige criss-cross), Sand, and Vamp (solid black)
  • 8 sizes, XS-3X
  • shop online at | Honeylove (free shipping)

What I Love:  This is the ultimate shapewear tank.  It’s meant to replace your bra and be more of a daily wear item, with slightly less compression vs the Honeylove SuperPower shorts. 

I love how this tank makes my shirts and work blouses look so much more polished and sleek around the midsection.  

I was apprehensive about it replacing my bra, but I have worn these tanks (I got a few different sizes to try) almost every single day since I got them.

Design Details | The tank has the same criss cross, stomach smoothing panels (from the SuperPower shorts) at the front, with a built-in bra, and thin, removable modesty pads. 

There is also boning at the sides that starts about a half inch underneath the armpit opening. and ends at the top of the waist.  All the seams are bonded and lay flat.  The side panels have a layer of stitching as reinforcement.

Bra Section Details | I like the modesty pads for, well, modesty, ha!  These are nice if you plan on wearing this tank to the office, house of worship, etc. where there can be industrial strength air conditioning. 

The pads are very thin and can be taken out if you don’t like the feeling of light padding or replaced with a thicker push up pad if you like more of a lift.

The top portion keeps your chest in place and helps maintain a natural shape.  I love that there is boning at the sides to keep the bra from moving and there is zero adjusting needed throughout the day. 

I also love that there is no underwire!  The lift and placement comes from well-structured cups.  The wireless design makes the top extra comfortable.

Compression Details | The compression feels slightly less than the shorts, which I like for every day wear.   

I found this tank extremely comfortable in both that office setting where I was doing makeup for a clothing company (bending, reaching, etc) and have also loved having the extra support while I work from home, sitting most of the day (in sweatpants, yay!)

I wore this for a 9.5 hour work day with another hour of commuting.  I LOVE that the double layer of nylon provides a cushion against the waistband of denim jeans. 

It’s made all my denim infinitely more comfortable to wear all day, whereas before I’d come home with red marks along my stomach from wearing jeans or work pants all day long.

I didn’t expect to be wearing these so much, to be honest, but it’s what I reach for every morning now.  

shop Honeylove | Liftwear Tank . SuperPower Shorts

Sizing Advice:  I have both the L and XL. 

For lounge wear, I prefer the XL.   If you are between sizes, I recommend sizing up for comfort.

It’s a very comfortable compression level to wear the XL for me for 12+ hours.  The band at the back also cuts in less in the XL.  I do feel like it’s slightly too large at the arm openings in the XL, but the bra portion still fits correctly.

The size Large is the better fitting for me out of the two sizes.  The bonding can give me a line at my back a little bit in the size L, however.  But the L does give me more of a defined waist, fits more securely at the bust, and flattens my stomach more

I find that I don’t have to adjust the straps or bust at all during the day when I wear the size L.  I don have to pull the straps up a bit more with the size XL.

In summary, I’ve been wearing the size L for dressing up and work and the size XL for at-home lounging and work-from-home sweatpants outfits.  

honeylove tank try on before and after

Any Changes:  I’d love to see Petite sizes offered, because sometimes the straps do feel a smidge too long when I wear the XLs and they are not adjustable.  

I also love to see the back of the tank be constructed as all one piece.  The bonding at the bra line does dig in on both sizes, so I don’t get the same total back smoothing as with the SuperPower shorts.

Additionally, I’d love to see an option for the tank with thinner straps so that I can wear it with tank tops in the summer months  The wider straps on the current version are great under blouses and t-shirts.  I might be the only weirdo who would wear a tank under a tank top, but I think it could be a nice option!

Overall: another winner from Honeylove! 

  • The compression feels like a nice, comfortable light hug.  They nailed the compression level for an everyday tank. 
  • The side boning is comfortable and helps me keep proper posture all day long. 
  • The tank prevents chafing at my waist from denim and work pants. 
  • The bra is so comfortable and stays in place.

I reach for these tanks daily!

shop the Liftwear Tank | Honeylove website

honeylove before and after tummy

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Sunday 28th of March 2021

Thank you for posting this review! I was on the Honeylove site and their size suggestion appeared to be way off. I'm a six 4-6 and 5'1' and they recommended an XL. I appreciate your sharing your sizing so I can make an educated guess for my sizing.

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