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/ June 17, 2020

How I Grew My Eyebrows Back + Vitamins I Take for Hair, Skin, Nails, Digestion + Calm

I’m calling this the post + video that no one asked for, because, literally no one asked me for this, ha!  But here we are: my full vitamin routine.  What I used and am still using to grow my eyebrows back, what I take to grow my hair, nails, lashes, and help with bones + joints.  

I also share the less fun, but still helpful vitamins that I take for digestion, energy, and mental calm.  

Before we get started, I do recommend running any new supplements past your doctor.  I always do and it gives me peace-of-mind!


H I T    P L A Y 



V I T A M I N S  +  S U P P L E M E N T S 

1 | Grandebrow + Grandelash (lash + brow growth)

Grandebrow actually works! 

In about five months, I noticed that the tail edges of my brows (where I have been concentrating the application) have gone from sparse to growing in!  I am also noticing new grow at the front edges of my brows, another area where I have been applying the brow serum. 

I couldn’t be happier.  I feel like my brows are finally starting to look full again.  It’s also making it easier for me to fill my eyebrows in, so my makeup routine is getting faster.

My lashes are longer and from the photos, I thought they looked more dense at the base.  

I use the brow serum every night, and the lash serum 2-3 times per week.  I alternate it with either the DHC lash tonic or Castor Oil. 

I have very sensitive eyes and can’t handle a growth product every day, but the conditioning products helps my lashes by keeping them strong.

The brow serum brush is a bit wider than the lash serum brush.  This allows me to swipe the brow serum on quickly. 

I start at the arch of my brow and draw the brush towards the end of my brow, concentrating on the bald areas.  I will then dip the brush back in and apply more serum to the front areas of my brows that are sparse.  

For my lashes, I start at the front of my lashes and pull towards the ends.  Then the next time/day that I apply serum, I’ll switch and start at the outer edge of my lashes and pull forward.  I do this to try to get even growth of the lashes.

shop Grandebrow + Grandelash | value set (my favorite!) . trial size small set (use code FREESHIP) . sephora . ulta . amazon


2 | DHC Lash Tonic (lash + brow conditioning)

I’ve used this DHC lash tonic on-and-off for the past 10 years or so!  It doesn’t contain peptides for growth, but it does condition my lashes and brows and helps they stay healthy, if that makes sense. 

I notice a difference in how my lashes look when I use this.  It’s great to alternate with the Grandelash, as the DHC is super gentle.  

Also, I love that it’s really affordable, as I replace mine every 4 months.  It’s also nice that the tube is clear, so you can see why you need to replace eye products regularly, ha!

shop DHC Lash Tonic | dermstore . lookfantastic (international shipping) . amazon (official DHC store)


3 | Castor Oil (lash + brow conditioning)

I wanted to check out Castor Oil after seeing it recommended for lash and brows.  Castor Oil is a pure oil, so it does not contain any growth peptides, but again like the DHC, helps keeps lashes and brows in top condition. 

I like Castor Oil, but it is very heavy.  I bought a set from amazon that has an empty mascara style tube, which I filled with the Castor Oil and brush on to my lashes and sometimes my brows. 

I definitely feel as thought it helps condition my brow and lash hairs.  

You don’t need to have the DHC lash tonic and the Castor Oil, by the way.  I would recommend the lash tonic for those who prefer lighter weight textures and Castor Oil for those who prefer a more rich (and thus heavier) finish.

shop Castor Oil | amazon


4 | Biosil (hair + nail growth, skin plumping, helps joints + bones)

Biosil is the product that has put my hair and nails into super growth mode.  I have taken and loved Biotin in the past, but Biosil works even better, in my opinion. 

I’ve taken Biosil in liquid and capsule form and I think the liquid works faster, but both end up with great results.  

My hair and nails grow insanely fast when I take this supplement.  I notice that my hair is growing in faster because I am getting roots more quickly than before.  I don’t mind, because I just use root touch up spray. 

I’ve been trying to get my hair super long again, so this growth makes me happy!

Prior to taking Biosil, I had problems with my nails splitting (as I have to wash hands and use a ton of alcohol to sanitize products as a makeup artist).  I feel like my nails are so much stronger and are peeling far less than normal.  I have to trim them every seven days now to keep them the shorter length that I prefer. 

I give this supplement a 10/10 score because it works and is also affordable.  My 1 ounce bottle was $28 and looks like it will last me around 6 months.  I love Biosil!

shop Biosil | swanson . amazon 


5 | Swanson 16 Strain Probiotic (aids digestion)

I have tried a lot of different brands of probiotics and I feel like this one from Swanson is really effective!  

Probiotics helps your body with digestion, which ends up helping you look and feel less bloated.  

shop Swanson Probiotics | swanson . amazon


6 | Nature Made B12 (helps convert food into energy)

B-12 is a must if you are a vegetarian or vegan!  This vitamin helps your body convert food into energy.  

shop Nature Made B12 | swanson . amazon


P I N   T H I S   P I C

does grandebrow work



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I hope this post is helpful!  As always, thank you for reading and being a part of the blog.


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