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/ April 20, 2022

Strawberry Blonde Hair Color At-Home Part 4 | New Formulas + Results

Over the past two years, I have had so much fun experimenting with new DIY Strawberry Blonde hair color formulas. While I still love my at-home Wella combo, I have been trying new brands and shades, just to see what’s out there.

I thought these four different formulas and results would be interesting to see, let me know what you think and if you try any of them!

For my friends outside of the US, I will be traveling this summer (for our delayed honeymoon!) and am going to try to find some European brands while we are there.

If you are brand new to coloring you hair at-home, welcome! This post goes into extensive detail on everything I have learned from coloring my own hair for the past 21 years.

It never ceases to amaze me how much a new hair color can change your whole look!

Each of the formulas is labeled by number below and all of the results photos are labeled with the formula number as well. Hopefully this will make things very easy to navigate.

Formula #1 | Extra Light Reddish Blonde with Clairol Liuquicolor

Formula Breakdown

All Over Color | 8GN Light Gold Neutral Blonde (4 oz) + 8RN Light Red Neutral Blonde (2 oz) + Level 20 developer (6 oz) = 12 oz total

You’ll need:

Clairol Liquicolor Results

My Thoughts

This Clairol combo resulted in the lightest color got out of all the formulas I tried. It was more blonde than red.

It surprised me, because I have used level 8’s from Wella for years (if you need more explanation on hair color levels, read this post) but the Clairol came out much, much lighter! This was the lightest and most blonde I had been in years.

Overall, this Clairol product was nice quality, however the shade was just too light and didn’t have enough Strawberry tones for me to use it again. Any reddish tones did seem to be completely faded out by the 1 month mark, see the bottom photo to see how blonde was hair was at that point.

My hair felt great after, not too much dryness or any damage that I could feel.

Overall, this Clairol product was nice quality, however the shade was just too light and didn’t have enough Strawberry tones for me to use it again. If you are looking for a very light Strawberry Blonde formula and don’t have any grey hair yet, this could be a good combo to try.

The liquid did not provide as much grey coverage as I would like. My grey hair did show through the color at the roots.

Shop the Clairol Extra Light Strawberry Blonde Formula

Formula #2 | Strawberry Blonde with Wella Color Charm

Formula Breakdown

Roots | 7G (6-8 peas size drops) + 8RG (1 oz) + 8G (2 oz) + Level 20 developer (6 oz) = 9 oz total

Length of Hair | 7G (2-4 peas size drops) + 8RG (1 oz) + 8G (2 oz) + Level 10 (6 oz) developer = 9 oz total

You’ll need:

Wella Colorcharm Results

My Thoughts

This has been my go-to formula for years now. It’s lightly different than the video I did here, as I now use two formulas: one with level 20 developer on my roots only and then I mix another with level 10 developer to refresh the color on the length of my hair.

This is my go-to formula for Strawberry Blonde hair. It’s truly a perfect light reddish blonde shade. Wella has nailed their shades. I also get decent grey coverage from the gel version of Color Charm.

My only wish is that the gel color was not quite as drying. I can really feel a difference between the Wella and other brands after coloring.

I am using this K-Beauty hair mask once a week, which does help keep it silky, but I do wish Wella would tweak the formula. Overall, it’s my most favorite color results and looks the most natural on me, in my opinion.

Shop the Wella Strawberry Blonde Formula

Formula #3 | Strawberry Blonde with Clairol True Color

Formula Breakdown

Roots | 8GP Sun Honey (2 oz) + 7RG Red Clay (1 oz) + Level 20 developer (3 oz) = 6 oz total

Length of Hair | 8GP (2 oz) + 7RG (1 oz) + Level 10 developer (3 oz) = 6 oz total

You’ll need:

Clairol True Color Results

My Thoughts

I loved how rich this color was. The shades are very vivid.

The formula is a bit thicker and really covered my grey hair. It was so thick, I should have used a brush + bowl over a bottle applicator.

If I tried this formula again, I’d use less of the gold and stick with level 7’s (most likely 7N, or possibly 8N).

I felt like my results were pretty, the Red Clay shade has a very well-done reddish tone, but the overall results were just too gold to work with my skin undertones, so it doesn’t look as natural as the Wella formula.

The overall condition of my hair felt nice after coloring though, so I would be open to trying this color line again to get more strawberry results.

Shop the Clairol Strawberry Blonde Formula

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Formula #4 | Light Copper with Vivitone

Formula Breakdown

All Over Color | 7CG (3 oz) + 7RC (3 oz) + Level 20 developer (12 oz) = 18 oz total

You’ll need:

Vivitone Results

My Thoughts

Vivitone makes very high quality hair color! The results are rich and the dye leaves my hair feeling healthy and looking shiny. There is almost no dryness, which blows me away.

The copper shade was really pretty, just not what I was personally looking for. I still wanted to share the formula, though, because if you are looking for a light copper hair formula, this is a great one.

Vivitone tubes are 3 ounces each, which is 33% bigger than most other brands (2 oz). It’s professional level color at a great value.

I got total grey coverage with Vivitone. It’s a really nice quality product.

Shop the Vivitone Light Copper Formula

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Thank you so much for reading and making it all the way to the end of this long post! I am trying new formulas as we speak, so make sure to bookmark the blog so that you can always find it as I share more.

I truly love experimenting and testing new brands and new shades. I hope the info and photos are helpful.



Thank you for reading and being a part of the blog!  – Molly

FTC disclosure: This post is not sponsored and all products were purchased myself. I do use affiliate links, which do not cost you any more to use, and I truly appreciate when you use them, as they help support the blog.



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  1. I think you’re wrong about the color. The second one looks like a wig to me. The third looks very natural, and I’m surrounded by natural redheads in this family