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/ April 27, 2014

Strawberry Blonde Hair | My Epic Journey Part 2

My first post about Strawberry Blonde Hair and every hair color formula I’ve ever tried is in {this} post.  I decided to try a few more formulas for strawberry blonde and documented them here. The photos of the results are labeled below.


Wella Color Charm makes natural red shades and the formula is excellent at keeping color vibrant.  For strawberry blondes and reds that is a HUGE deal, as reds always fade the most quickly!

I tried the cream version and the liquid.  I felt like the cream did the best job of covering my 90% grey hair.  With the liquid I’m still seeing a few greys come through.

The liquid was faster and easier to work with, but the cream did a more professional looking job in the end. It took 3 tubes of the cream to saturate my hair and 2 bottles of the liquid.

It does cost slightly more for me to do the cream, but I prefer it and think it’s the closest look I’ve ever had to salon color at home.  Even my friends thought I’d had it done in the salon.


You can shop everything you’ll need for this hair color below, by clicking on the links or photos, or by shopping here on my amazon influencer storefront.

These are all affiliate links, I really appreciate when you choose to use them, as it helps support the blog and to create more posts like this. Please note, it does not cost you anything to use my affiliate links, your cost stays the same!

I tried three different combinations so far.  I am not a professional hair stylist, just a gal who is (somewhat) fearless when it comes to at-home color.  These are the combinations I’ve tried over the last four months.

Before. I had professional color on my hair here, grown out about 6 weeks. ROOTS like no body’s business!


FORMULA #1 |  8RG, Titian Red Blonde mixed with 7R, Red-Red

I mixed one tube of each.  This is the same combination that I use with the boxed color from L’Oreal.  Only I forgot that boxed dye is so much less potent than salon dye you mix yourself.

My hair came out BRIGHT RED.

And I mean bright.  I don’t even have a picture.  I drove right back to Sally’s the next morning and got a clarifying shampoo to try and strip the red.

But even still, washing it every day with this combo, my hair was red.  It took about 3 weeks for it to fade into a dark strawberry blonde.  The picture below is from 3 to 4 weeks after I colored it.  *I will never, ever do this combo again.* Way too red for my personal preference and skintone.

Formula #1 results (2 photos):


FORMULA #2 |  8RG Titian Red Blonde 

I did the shade on it’s own, just to get a base idea of what this shade looks like without any mixing.

My sides came out pretty red still, but the roots at the top looked really good.  The body of the hair still had so much red in it from my color whoops above, because I didn’t strip my hair in between these colorings.

8RG Titian Blonde might come out less red on someone who doesn’t have the amount of red I had in my hair.  Overall, super impressed with this color.  Really pretty.

Formula #2 Results (3 photos):


FORMULA #3 |  8RG Titian Red Blonde mixed with 8G Light Golden Blonde

My favorite combo so far!  This was the combo that I tried with the liquid color and so I’m slightly disappointed that the liquid didn’t cover my greys as well.

But the color combo itself is really pretty.

It’s a gorgeous, bright (in the right way) strawberry blonde.  The roots came out a teeny bit too light for my personal coloring, so next time I am going to try combining it with one shade darker, 7G, Sunlight Blonde Brown, which is almost my natural hair color before going grey.

But here’s why I like this 8GR and 8G combo: the 8G gave enough gold to compliment the 8RG, but was enough of a “natural” color that it toned down the red for me.  The result was a very natural, light and bright, strawberry blonde.

To me, especially in person, this is the color that looks the most like it really just grew out of my head.  People have started asking me again if this is my natural color again, which I always take as a good sign.

Related Post | My Current 2021 Strawberry Blonde Hair Color Formula

Formula #3 Results (4 photos):

With Flash.

FORMULA #4 | 8RG + 7G

I tried the 8RG and 7G combo right before traveling to see friends and then go to another friend’s wedding, so I don’t have tons of pics of that color, but here are a few I found.

It started off really dark, almost a brown, with deep shades of red, then over the course of the week (swimming in the ocean, washing my hair) faded to a nice strawberry shade.  But that first week I was not a fan of the shade, to be honest.

Formula #4 Results (1 photo):

Indoor lighting, a day or two after coloring, meeting my friend’s new kitten! You can see how the side piece turned slightly greenish, which did fade.





Thank you for reading and being a part of the blog!  – Molly



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  1. Sue Quigley says:
    Hi! Your hair is beautiful! I have been dying my hair forever at home… usually a medium golden blond but I have been wanting to go strawberry blonde. I watched your wonderful videos and recently used your formula using .5 ounces 8RG + 2 ounces 8G + 5 ounces Level 20 developer. I liked the results and I know it is a process. Next time I’ll add more of the 8RG. I have probably the same amount of gray as you and it comes back quickly! I wondered if you have used Wellas Age beautiful line? It seems they are recommended for those with more gray. Could you recommend a formula for this line or do you think the strawberry blonde in this line will give good results? Thank you for your thoughts and all of your videos! Happy Easter!

  2. I accidentally bought 8rc which is strawberry blonde. Can I just mix that with the 8g medium golden blonde with 30 developer or would that not come out at all??

  3. Could you tell me how much of each color you mixed and peroxide to create the 8RG+8G formula?
    My hair is shoulder length.

  4. Do you happen to know why/how to correct a red that keeps developing too dark? I’m going for a copper red/blonde and i used 8rg (titian red blonde) with a dash of 7r (red) and 10 vol yesterday on my virgin level 7 ash blonde hair – which was WAY too deep red. So i stripped it and did 8rg with a dash of 7g (hazel blonde) and 20 vol, and, although its not as deep red as the first attempt, it is still more of a brown/purple red than the bright copper blonde red I’m looking for. I am so irritated! Help!

  5. Molly, I have used Henna for a few years now and it is so much work with all my grey. Love it, but lots of time. I love red hair on me. Everyone says it looks natural, as well. I was very red before last year when I decided to go natural (grey/blonde).
    I decided to use your formula, as I have used Wella toners for the last two years. I love it! I will probably do a little more red, less blond, next time but it is a good base. Thank you for your trial and errors!

  6. I just tried the formula you share on your latest strawberry blonde DIY video… it didn’t come out even close 🙁 my hair is naturally brown. What formula/ ratio do you suggest i use?

  7. I am curious how you handle coloring with hair extensions. I am not fully gray yet, but have enough that I have to color every 3 weeks

    • Hi Samantha! I wear my clip-in extensions at this point, which is one of the advantages of clip-ins, that can be removed before coloring your hair. But when I had semi-permanent extensions, I just colored my roots only, then rinsed out the dye after 30 minutes and let it run over the length of my natural hair and extensions in the shower, so that everything would get blended together. I also use root touch up spray to stretch the amount of time in between coloring my hair. I hope this helps! – Molly

  8. I have a colour oops! First time I dyed my hair I used the Wella Titan Red Blonde, loved it! I tried Age Beautiful yesterday the equal parts Dark Strawberry and Strawberry Blonde and it’s terrible!
    My question is how have you stripped before, what did you use and for how long? I’m not grey, but do have extensions and I would like to go back to the Wella Titan Red Blonde.

  9. Hi i love your site and all the information you give.i have been using your formula for over a year andi love the results. I am trying to get similar results using the color line wella illumina but the numbering system looks different from your it possible to try to translate the wella color charm formula that you use inthe the wella illumina line?

  10. Hi Molly

    Love your website as a couple of years ago stumbled upon this with my own issues of redfish blonde hair. Being from NJ and moving to CA with regards to sunnier climate my beautiful red hair so lost its color. I was born lightest strawberry blonde in terms went to lightest auburn I used to put dark auburn Loreal on hair as loses pigment early common to all in my family most platinum easier as color fades blondes out fades to rosy golden blonde. I had considered your Wella Titian which is stunning on you. My hair is not as red and sadly Sally beauty discontinued Loreal line which is number one in Britain. I may consider the Zotos age beautiful 9rc mixed with 9g as hear they run darker and not sure a 10/20 developer going from light golden blonde. Never used boxed dye not sure developer level and heard Sally’s more professional color. Age beautiful is supposed to be nourishing love Wella using 9g but can be drying using twice developer. Any advice and have you considered this product. I think light auburn would be too dark have very pale skin pink undertones although love that shade too.

    Thank you and best wishes your hair and makeup are very beautiful.


  11. Hii Molly ! Luvvv ur hair ! Ur videos etc. I have fair cool skin like you. And i did try ur wella combo
    Full tube golden blonde. Little less than Half of titan red. 6 ounces of 20 dev. It came out to pinky. Purplish ? Gold. I have alot of greys and very lite blonde highlights. Lite brown root. And very fine hair, green eyes, Tried with the added brown with combo and tried with out. Same results. The Added brown , even more purplish / pinky =•( Also my greys muted pink : / What am i doin wrong. ? Tried twice. Ready to try again. Been 6 months. Also can i go a deeper wella golden color with the titan ? Like med. or a dark gold. You think it would help? Thxs in advance. For any advice. Luv ur videos, and you are such a sweetheart. Xo Lisa

  12. First of all, you are stunningly beautiful and you seem so down to earth!
    I dyed my hair for the first time mixing 8rg and 7rg in equal amounts (One n Only Argan Oil color). It turned out very BRIGHT orange/red. I wish I had gone with your Wella formula!! I’m now in the process of fading it. Sigh…
    Reading how you had once tried a 8RG, Titian Red Blonde mixed with 7R, Red-Red and ended up too bright gives me hope. After you faded the 8rg, 7r, were you just able to color a less bright shade over it? I’ve always heard that color won’t lift color but does this rule apply to faded level 7 red? I really, really want the strawberry blonde shade you have. I’m wondering if I can just fade my hair for a month and recolor using your winning Wella combo or should I strip the color using a remover like Color Oops first?
    Thanks for sharing your hair adventures and wisdom with everyone. So appreciated!! ❤️

  13. I am just in love with your strawberry blonde posts – so informative! My hair was deeper red (Schwarzkopf Vintage Red) for a while but its too dark now and i am looking for something more natural looking without being brown. I could not find an at-home dye that would do the trick – had no idea you could mix them . I resorted to a peroxide/baking soda combo to lighten and brighten up the deep red which worked surprisingly well to give me a strawb blonde but now i know i can try your Wella combo for my regrowth to achieve exactly what im looking for. Hopefully they sell them at the Beauty Supply stores here in Canada THANK YOU!!!

  14. I know I’m super late in the game but this post is a GODSEND! Thank you for writing an honest and helpful post for us strawberries! 🙂

    • Girl, you are welcome to come to the party anytime! Glad you found the post helpful and happy to have you here as part of the blog. A new post on my makeup shades/products for Strawberry Blondes is coming soon! xo – Molly

    • I color about every 4-6 weeks depending on how fast my hair is growing: 30 minutes on my roots, then an extra 10 with the color pulled all throughout to refresh the red!

  15. Hi Molly! Love your blog!

    After years of trying to explain to hairdressers that I wanted to be strawberry blonde and always getting the “but anything red is such a hard color to keep in hair”, I stumbled on your blog. I’m so happy I did. It gave me the push to try it myself! 🙂 I started with L’Oreal after the Christmas holidays and last night, I did your mix of Wella. I don’t have a lot of greys, but I did notice that Wella covers it up better than L’Oreal. I love the result in my hair! My base color is an ashy dark blonde. I can’t wait to see how the color holds up in the next few weeks.

    Thank you for trying all different color mixes, so I didn’t have to! 🙂

    • Hi Gen,

      That is so awesome to hear!! I’m so glad you finally took the plunge. I’m so glad I did years ago, no turning back for me. I also find that the Wella covers greys better and that the red stays truer also. Let me know how it holds up for you! Tag me in an Instagram pic too if you use that app: @girlgetglamorous. I’d love to see your color! 🙂 Molly

  16. Hi! Love your blog! I’m so in love with the color strawberry blonde and wanting to get the 8G and 8RG but not sure if it would suit me! Do you think 8G and 8RG would work with a warm-toned medium skin? Thank you!

    • Hi Vivian,

      It’s hard to me to know without seeing your hair, but as these do go warmer, I think it could be really pretty on you. Neutral and warm tones work well with red hair. I would do a 3/4 a tube of 8RG to a full tube of 8G to start out with a little less and build the red up each time you color to make sure you are happy with the results. Thank you for reading and I hope this helps! Please keep me updated on how it comes out… xo – Molly

  17. hi, have a question on mixing colors….I been breaking my head on changing my color but I’m afraid my color will come out to orange or dark burgundy. First off I’m a platinum blonde/champagne hair color But my roots are dark like brunette.I bought ZOTOS anti-aging which I heard the colors run dark! Reason why i wanna try the brand out because it repairs the hair, I bought 9RC *light strawberryblonde and 7G light Golden Blonde. I need a word of advise how you think the color would come out? i wanted it to come out simlar to yours which i love your results. Hope to hear from you soon:)

  18. Hello Molly, I just happen to stumble on your post for strawberry blonde hair. I was just wondering if the combo of titan red blonde (8RG) and red-red (7R) was more of a ginger red colour?

    • Hi Krystal,

      Honestly, it was just more of a flaming red color. Almost that Rihanna red shade. It def looked more dyed and fake red than gingery. I did notice that Wella has a light copper Level 6 shade, which I think could mix well with a Level 7 dark blonde shade for more copper/ginger tones. I hope this helps!!


      • Yikes, I saw the 3 weeks after colour for that colour combo and it is pretty close to what I’m looking for so I was thinking of trying out their loreal products in 8.43 medium copper golden blonde and 8.3 medium golden blonde. I’ve seen the other reds in wella but its a bit off from the colour I’m looking for. You’ve been really helpful 🙂 thanks!

        • I also saw those shades and they look beautiful! Please keep my updated on how they turned out, maybe I’ll try them sometime!

  19. trying the wella 8RG, Titian Red Blonde and 8G, Light Golden Blonde combination today after much contemplation! very nervous lol… I’ll let you know how it goes

  20. Where do you find your extensions in that color my color is very similar and I can never find the right color!!! Love your blog!!!

    • Thank you, Nicole!! And the hair extensions are my own brand that I am working on!!! AGH!!! I’m so so SO excited to share them, but I’ve been crazy tweaking the colors and making sure they are perfect. I really want the colors to be amazing. I will do an announcement here on the blog when they are ready. xo- Molly

  21. Molly, I have been using your wella combo and just love it. I have very thick hair and found if I use the liquid wella developer that I can use the cream tubes of color without it getting clogged in the neck of the bottle. I am so glad to have found your combo. I could not get my natural color back until I used your Wella 8 Titian and 8 G… ever!

  22. Hello! My hair is naturally a light strawberry blonde, but not ‘strawberry’ enough for my liking… I tried the L’Oreal 8RB color a few weeks ago and it was gorgeous! Exactly what I wanted! Unfortunately, though, even using expensive color-preserving products and not washing my hair every day it faded back to my original color. I just tried your Wella 8RG/8G combo today with equal parts 8RG and 8G, and it came out gorgeous- but slightly to red/pink-y to look natural with my complexion. The L’Oreal color was more copper toned and suited me better… Does the Wella combo fade at all within the first few washes, or do you have any suggestions to tone down the red a little bit? (especially around my roots/face!) Also, when it comes time to dye my hair again do you have any suggestions that would yield a more coppery strawberry blonde, without the crazy fading from the L’Oreal color? Thank you so much! 🙂

    • I found that the Wella fades slightly over the first few washes, then seems pretty “set” until I color again. The Loreal is so pretty at first, but fades like crazy and nothing I did changed that. Wella does make a copper shade, but it’s slightly darker (6) level than the Titian Red Blonde (8). I would experiment with that a bit if you want it more coppery, but just be careful going so much in between levels. I wish Wella would do a copper shade in a level 7 or 8! Or possibly try the Titian Red Blonde on it’s own on with your hair. I wish I had better advice, but I am not a hair stylist, so its all just guesses based on what Ive tried!

      • Thank you for your advice!! I washed my hair each day for two days after the dye and it’s faded to a color that I like a lot! I think it was just the pink-y hot roots that freaked me out but I like the end result! I might try the 9G and a little less of the 8RG next time. Thank you! ❤️

        • That sounds so pretty! Yes I always feel like fresh color is kind of ‘a lot’ because it just looks dyed for a wash or two before it fades to the right shade (hopefully!!) Glad yours worked out!

  23. Your hair looks amazing in every shade of strawberry blonde! I’d been hopelessly looking for the right shade of red for years! I’d tried professionals and box dye but it was never right. You introduced me to the wella color charm brand and I’m in LOVE with the 8RG/8G combo! I get so many complements! I’m going to try the straight 8RG just for a punch of color for summer. Thanks so much for sharing your secrets!!

    • I’m so happy to hear that the Wella combo is working for you!! The Titian is really pretty on it’s own too, let me know if you do it for summer. Thank you for your sweet comment!

  24. Do you have any photos of the 8RG/7G darker brown combo? I love this hue, but have a less rosy skin tone and need a slightly less red more medium brown hair tone. I follow you, and have looked through all your posts as you stated you would update with pics of all color combos, but I don’t see it. Am I missing it? Is there a link to it on Instagram? My roots have grown out after 2 months, my glitter strands are showing, and I am looking for a diy professional color pronto!!! Lol. Please advise. Thankyou!!!

    • Hi Meg! I traveled right after I colored my hair this combo, but I dug up a few photos that show the results. Sorry they aren’t professional photos, but you do get to see a very cute kitten!! Ha! I hope this helps show the slightly darker initial results I got from that combo…

      • Hi I love the 8RG/7G combo best based on your pics. Could you please tell me how much of each you used in this formula? For example did you do half and half or some other ratio? Thanks.

        • Hi Debra,

          Thank you! Yes for this formula I did one full tube of each shade. Lately, I’ve been doing only 1/2 a tube of Titian Red Blonde in my formula, as my hair has gone from grey to white, to prevent my hair from turning too pink. So I would say maybe start with 1 tube of 7G and then add 3/4 a tube of Titian Red Blonde to start. Then next time you can add more or less of the red shade to get your perfect formula. I hope this helps! 🙂


  25. I just found your post and I am so trying the wella color. My hair has no previous color on it and I am a dirty blond. Would you recommend pulling through after 20 minutes or doing it all at once??

    • Hey girl! For first time color, it’s best to apply everything at once. Then for touch-ups do the roots first and the ends after 20 minutes to let the fresh roots have more time with the color. Also, because you are blond, I’d only use half a tube of the Titian Red Blonde and a full tube of the blonde shade. Then you can adjust the formula the next time you color, but I think it’s always best to start with a little less red and work up to the results you want. I hope this helps and please check back in here or on Instagram (@girlgetglamorous) and tag me so I can see how it came out! Molly

  26. I tried out your Wella color combo last month, and it was perfect! I decided to go red in December, but I hadn’t been able to get the right color. Everything came out to dark or too cool of a red. But then I tried this, and it was perfect! So perfect, even, that when it started growing out, my roots weren’t so highly visible like they normally are. This combo truly looks natural on me. And this stuff just didn’t fade, either. It’s great!

  27. Hello! I have been wanting to dye my hair strawberry blonde for a while now, and after I found your tutorial, I feel confident enough to do it myself at home. The only thing, how could I get it just a tad bit more red? Could I just add a few more drops of red coloring and add a little less of the light gilden blonde? Also, I have between a light and medium brown hair, so do you think that it will work and end up turning out reddish blonde?

  28. Do you know of any temporary (lasts until the next shampoo) product that will cover roots until you have time to color next? Just curious if you have tried any of the root cover ups out there? Thanks and love your blog!

  29. Hi! I know this post is a bit old BUT I had been researching for weeks for a nice strawberry blonde and I saw some of your YouTube videos and then realized you had a blog and I was like OMG I’m so there lol. Have you realized your one of the very, very, very few people who has YouTube videos on strawberry blonde hair? Anywhoo, I decided to use the 7R Red Penny, and not mix it with a blonder color because I was super duper blonde and thought it would come out too blonde or that the color might fade quicker. I darkened my hair to a dark blonde then colored my hair with the 7R the next day. And I LOVE IT. It is a bit redder than I even expected but I do love it. And I get tons of compliments haha. Thanks for your posts and videos!

    • I’m so glad this worked for you!! There aren’t too many strawberry blonde videos or tutorials out there, so I’m glad mine helped. And that you got a color you love!!

  30. I have been on the strawberry blonde journey since I was 18 years old. I have been to stylist after stylist, used box after box, and even tried my own mixing. I cam across this blog on Friday, went home and tried your formula Friday night and WHAM!! PERFECT NATURAL LOOKING STRAWBERRY BLONDE HAIR!!! I am in love with my hair….and even though we’ve never met, I’m pretty sure you are my new BFF. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!

  31. I’ve been using Wella creme permanent color for years. As I get older, I keep saying I’m going to go Red. My husband laughs at this, because he thinks I’m already a redhead. I use 6W Praline, but my hair pulls really red anyway. I use 20 volume too. I’m thinking more strawberry blonde. I only need one tube of color to do my whole head but understand I’d need two to change the color. Thoughts on how to go lighter and slightly more red over the next 12 months? Nice and slow so it’s not obvious. 😉

  32. I’ve been following your blog for a while now as I too am on the quest to achieve the perfect shade of strawberry blonde. And I think you nailed with it that 8RG, Titian Red Blonde mixed with 8G, Light Golden Blonde from Wella Charm. It is a beautiful, soft (almost “sherbert”-y) shade and looks fantastic on you.
    I will be trying the shade tomorrow after an interview and look forward to the results.
    A tip from a friend of mine who is a cosmetologist to avoid “hot” roots: when you mix your color in the bottle, squirt a little bit of it out before putting in on your hair. The developer usually gets lodged up at the top and can make your roots come out hot. I use to get hot roots all the time (oh, the horror) and I don’t anymore.
    I look forward to reading more about the outcome of your journey and will gladly follow along with you.

    • Tried the 8RG and 8G Wella Charm combo and it come out very good. I definitely need to tweak the mixing to get the best shade for me. I’m impressed with the Wella Charm – it really does last and does not fade like so many other red shades.

      I have also tried the Loreal RED PENNY and I’m pleased with it. My 3-year-old daughter has that “gaw-jus” strawberry blonde hair and gets complimented all the time. I’m trying to get as close to her hair color as well.

      But, thank you so much for sharing your journey with us. Your blog has been very helpful with selections of color and tips. Will continue to follow!

      • I’m so glad the posts helped! Yes, the Wella has impressed me so much and I loved how adaptable the formula is. Your daughter’s hair sounds gorgeous, I hope you can get your hair the shade you want!

  33. Thank you so much! I used to color my own hair years ago when I was a medium auburn. Last year, I went strawberry blonde (with my stylist.) I’ve been skerred to color it myself with this color but I found your blog and finally took the plunge. I did the Titian Red Blonde + Light Golden Blonde and it is perfect! So very pretty and natural.

  34. Just found your blog. My hair is naturally a medium ash brown. I absolutely love the shade you achieved mixing the Titian Red Blonde + Light Golden Blonde. I have never died my hair before (much less mixed it myself!) so I am a bit new at this. What combination of each would you suggest? Should I try a lighter blonde than the 8G since my hair is naturally darker? Also, other than mixing the two tubes/liquids, does anything else need to be added to the mixture? Thanks!

  35. I’m really impressed by your video coloring tutorial & thank you for all the fantastic information.

    Please, please, please don’t take this the wrong way but you’re mispronouncing Titian. It’s named after an Italian painter who loved to paint women with beautiful red hair (like yours!). It sounds like “tea shan”.

    Right, I’m off to dye!

    • Not taken wrong at all, I love learning new things. Glad the video helped and hope your hair comes out great! Will definitely be checking out paintings by this artist this afternoon.

      Thank you!

  36. Hi there! So I really want to be a strawberry blonde because my natural shade ( a dirty blonde) just doesn’t fit my skin… I want to try the well liquid combo you did in number 3… my hair is a bob and I was wondering the amounts i should do to get that gorgeous strawberry blonde you have!!! I just love it!!! plse help!!!!!

    • Hi Meredith,

      Thank you! I appreciate that. Because your hair is already blonde, I would only mix a half a tube of Titian Red Blonde with a full tube of Light Golden Blonde, so that it doesn’t come out too red. I hope this helps!


      • Would the liquid Wella or “Tube” Wella be better? I really want that exact shade you have under number 3

        • The liquid is a bit easier to apply if you are using a mixing bottle, but the cream tubes have better grey coverage in my opinion. Maybe try the liquid first and then the cream the next month to see which one works better for you. I hope this helps!!

  37. I absolutely love the 8rg+8g combo and would love to try it. I live in Scotland and we don’t have any of these :((. Would you recommend any online shops where I could buy them? I’ve been trying wella koleston 7/4+8/3 but didn’t get the result.

  38. Hi there! I’ve been following your amazing blog for a couple of months now (SO GRATEFUL TO YOU)
    I was a natural strawberry blonde with true deep red strands, gold strands and white strands. My hair was beautiful. After my hysterectomy and oopherectomy my hair lost its shine, health and has been growing in brown:( I cut 16 inches off bc to no avail could get it to moisten up. I had it professionally colored a few times and but never really liked the results and I believe I can do it anyways if I just educate myself. And then I found you! A few months ago I sid wella and the Titan red really liked it for fall. I just tried to lighten it up a bit, did the 8rg and 8g combo yesterday and my hair is so brassy brown dark dark towards the ends. I’m not sure what happened but it looks dark brown with red tones. Could you possibly help me? Any suggestions?
    Thank you so much! Much love!!

    • Hmmm, okay I’m trying to think what happened here. I’m not a professional stylist, just have tried every combo under the sun, so I don’t want to tell you the wrong thing. I’m wondering if the ends got too dry and picked up the dye too quickly? Did you use coconut oil on the ends before coloring? If it is too dark and brassy, I recommend alternating a clarifying shampoo and a violet toned shampoo. The violet tones will counter act the brassiness and the clarifying will strip some color. Maybe next time you color do a full tube of the 8G and only half a tube of Titian, to get more of the blonde tones than the red. Also, I def recommend coconut oil on the ends, it helps them pick up less color and stay hydrated. Please let me know if this helps! Sorry to hear of your medical things going on, but glad you are healthy again. And 16″ that is a lot of hair. Had to do the same recently, not that much, but a big chop for me. At any rate, please let me know if this helps!!

  39. Hi Molly, Thanks for your instructions! i tried your 8rg+8g combo and the first time, perfect… the second time, it came out very light… i’m wondering, have you tried mixing 8rg with 8ng or 8nw? Personally, i’m leaning toward 8nw because i think that’s my natural colour, but i’m curious of your opinion! Thanks.

    • Hi Trista!

      I haven’t tried those shades, but if it’s coming out too light, maybe try going up a level, to a 7G instead of an 8. This should darken it up a bit. Please let me know if this helps or needs clarifying!


  40. Oh. My. Goodness. That third combo (8RG+8G) is the most beautiful hair color I have ever flipping seen! I have been looking for the perfect strawberry blonde for years, and have had my hair every color in between during that time. When I scrolled down and saw that third color though it was like BOOM. This has been such a big help because my silly self would have never though to mix a blonde and red of the same level thinking it would turn orange.

  41. Hello, Molly! Just wanted to say that after stumbling upon this post via pinterest, I (quite successfully) colored my hair for the first time at home. I’m naturally a light, ashy blonde so I went with 1 part light golden blonde to 1/2 part titian blonde red and it turned out great. Thank you so much for the insight. I might never sit in a salon chair again!

  42. Hey Molly! LOVE your blog/Instagram! Anyways, I’m going through a little hair journey myself right now! I’m naturally a dishwater, ashy blonde and I used to dye my hair light golden blonde. So about 4 weeks ago I dyed my hair with the L’Oreal Excellence Creme 7R and my hair has always been difficult with taking dye and holding it, it turned out pinkish/redish where the blonde was! So I picked up something darker to cover it better even though it wasn’t exactly the color I was going for and chose the L’Oreal 6R. I think it was way too dark for me but it has lightened up a lot and it’s not exactly what I want. My favorite color you have done is the 8RG alone and the 8RG and 7G combined! Any tips?

    • I haven’t heard of it, but I will check them out. Thank you for the suggestion! Have you used them before?

      • I haven’t but am going to. Hoping for great results. I have been grey for a while now, wanting to try strawberry blond.

  43. Ok, Molly, I HAVE to finally post. I’ve been lurking for over a year and LOVE your advice, hair and comedy sketches. We could prolly be friends we knew each other in real life. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you how awesome I find your posts and I’m sure I’ll l have a specific question soon. In fact, I might message you on FB with pics to ask your advice. I’m a natural Strawbs but I ruined it messing around last Halloween and I’m a year in trying to fix it. Ugh! So…your posts are about to officially save me…but I intend to ask you as a “just in case.” 🙂 Love GirlGetGlam!


  44. p.s. apparently when I’m excited by my hair I can’t for words for my comments.. Sheesh. P.S. I live in Miracle Mile…sugar I would get drinks with you! #GingerGirlTalk

  45. ohhhhh my goddesss!!! Revlon discontinued my strawberry blonde. And you just saved my ginger reputation. I used just the Titan Red and it looks FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanted a lil’ more depth for fall and I think in the summer I’ll add the blonde. Wow. Thank you so so so dang much for this. It’s so frustrating when you go into those storers. Last time I went the woman gave me a colored and I looked like Lucille Ball’s gay BFF…not pretty sugar.

    • Hi there, I’m not a professional colorist (I’m just a gal who has tried a lot of dyes and combos), so I might check with yours first and ask. 🙂 I have never used bleach, I just use color. You might just need a stronger developer or to leave it on your roots a few extra minutes before pulling it through your ends. I hope this helps!

  46. I just stumbled upon your blog and decided to mix the two colors together. I LOVE the results!! I struggle with brassiness just about every single time I dye my hair and I have none this time. I think next month I might just use the red penny color to brighten it up a little bit and make it more red.

    • That’s awesome! I’m so glad I could help. You could even just use half of the reddish blonde dye & developer with all of dye & developer of the Red Penny next time, so you get more of the red, but none of the brassiness 🙂

  47. Hi Molly! I’ve recently (2weeks ago) tried your fav strawberry blonde combo. It turned out pretty good and most everybody says it looks so natural, however my hair is around a level 6 reddish brown so it didn’t quite get light enough like yours. Any recommendations on what I should try? I’m trying to get it as close to your color as possible!

  48. Hi! I love your hair color! I want to try 8RG with 9G. My question is, my hair right now is like a medium/lightest blonde. Should I still start coloring my hair roots and leave it on for 20 minutes before I add the color to my lengths and ends? I appreciate any advice you have to offer!

    • Hi and thank you! Yes, I would do 20 minutes on my roots and ten on my ends, because anywhere that has color already will pull color faster than roots that haven’t been dyed. I hope it comes out beautiful!!

  49. I absolutely love this combo! It’s exactly what I’m looking for!!! I’m naturally a dirty blonde with looks or red hues, but I’ve always tended to dye on the darker side. Currently I’m a deep burgundy red. Would I have to bleach my hair to get strawberry blonde? Thanks!

    • Glad this post helped! Which one did you want to do for your hair? The top one you might be able to do, but the lighter ones you might want to have a stylist help you with, then touch up the roots yourself.

  50. So I tried 8rg and 7r combo today because I wanted it a bit more red than what your 3 week after pic was. I even did half the bottle of 7r hoping it wouldn’t be as drastic. Well not so much. Haha. So I will be buying the silver and clarifying shampoo later. Oopsie. I don’t might the brighter red but that wasn’t my goal either so, like yourself, I won’t be doing that combo again either.

    Your blog is super helpful though. Thanks so much!!!! ❤️❤️

    • Glad the blog is helpful! Yes, the 7r is so vibrant. Perfect if you want a true red, not so much if you want strawberry blonde, ha! I hope it’s faded somewhat for you. Have the shampoos helped at all?

  51. this is the kind of colour i want, a lot of the reds that have been popular recently have been way too deep for me, and titian is a colour you rarely hear of outside a salon environment, i LOVE the 8RG/ 8G combo, looks stunning on you!

    • Thank you so much! That’s so nice of you. I was so excited when I found the Titian strawberry blonde color, you’re right it’s so hard to find outside of a salon. And the golden blonde makes it look so natural. I can’t go to deep with my reds either or it looks like I’m wearing a wig, haha!

  52. I found your blog doing some research on going strawberry blonde and I have become obsessed! I am actually going to dye my hair Thursday (7/3/2014) and I can’t decide which combo to try.. Either your Loreal box combo or the combo you did with the wella!? Overall which color did you like the best? I follow you instagram and I will have to tag you with the results! I cant wait!!!

  53. I was just debating about going to my stylist and wasting another $100 on a dye job that would likely be too red or not red at all, when I stumbled upon your website. I am desperate need of a hair confidence booster, so I am going to go try this tonight! Thank you for your help!

    • Awesome!! I’m so glad you found the blog and I have been in that same too-red, too-blonde spot before. Even more frustrating when you are paying big bucks for it. I hope one of the formulas works for you, please let me know how it comes out!

      • Just finished and I am in LOVE! My husband says that this is the best my hair has ever looked. The only thing I think I would change is that I would love it if it was just a shade or two lighter – would that just mean I need to use a 30 or 40 developer or a lighter blonde color? Besides that, I mean, seriously owe you. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

        • My roots was brown level 6 (natural hair color) and the rest was light blonde. My hair styler used a 40 developer only on the roots and a 10 on the rest of my hair (blonde) and it looks amazing 🙂

          • Agh, this sounds amazing!! Thank you, this is really helpful to the gals who have questions on the developer levels. Really appreciate you sharing!

          • I used 3/4ths of the 8RG, Titian Red Blonde mixed with a whole tube of the 8G Light Golden Blonde. My natural hair color is a ashy yucky brown, but I had some highlights already in my hair that actually blended in really nicely!

  54. Just washed my hair with the 8g/8rg combo…. it is lovely! but my roots still came out hot! ugh. maybe they’ll calm down and I’ll do a clarifying shampoo later. I do like it but now I think I’d like more of a level 9, so as this color fades and when I’m ready to color again, I may try l’oreal excellence’s 9rb, which is that orangey-gold strawberry blonde – I usually stick to professional colors from sally’s but I couldn’t find a level 9 strawberry blonde. anywho, I also put the 8g/8rg on my platinum extensions and they came out PINK! lol. I hope I can correct them with some gold color. I’m about to go on holiday and I am so excited to sport the strawbs on the beach! I’ve also picked up a few of the makeup colors you suggested – and you’re so right, they look fabolous with the hair color!
    Thanks for this blog Molly! You may have saved my hair and my summer!

    • Glad the makeup colors worked out for you! When my roots come out hot, I have been washing with a purple toned shampoo for one or maybe two washes then switching back to my normal shampoo. These seems to help tone it down and match the rest of my hair the best. And I do hope your extensions work out for you!! Maybe you could try mixing the Wella Titian Blonde with the 9N Very Light Blonde shade? Or a level 9 shade that has gold undertones. I couldn’t see the full range online, but the store probably has more.

  55. Hand on my heart, this might be the most perfect and comprehensive post on the internet. I have one last session with my stylist to break down the dark color in my hair before I take on starting to color my hair myself (again.) So this post is going to be super helpful.
    Also, you’re totally a strawberry blonde goddess with a hilarious (writing) voice!

  56. You are fabulous! LOOOVE your color, it looks great on you!

    I went red once and my fiance wasn’t impressed. Apparently not a fan so I didn’t keep it. I’ve always seen red as a more feminine color so I was sad to let it go.

    How do you keep your hair healthy with all of coloring you do? Thanks to you and some personal trial and error I have put together a solid ritual of hair care but the one thing I cant figure out is a good conditioning regiment or other method of preserving hair and treating what is already damaged (did a few color changes myself). Forgive me if I missed your post on this. I’m reading through your blog as fast as possible 🙂

    • You are fabulous, thank you for all the sweet compliments on the blog! Ok, so I’ve been meaning to put together a healthy hair post and this is good confirmation for me that I should. One of the biggest things that I’ve noticed makes a difference in my hair is putting a pea size amount of coconut oil on the bottom 1″ of my hair every day or every other day if your hair is fine. When I do this, my hair looks healthy, when I don’t it looks fried. Full post to come!

  57. Thanks for the reply. I’ve already got the 8g and 8rg ready to go. Like you I’m naturally a red\golden light brown but have been bleached blonde for years and it’s taken a toll on my tresses. My hair was in the middle of my back but I cut off 4 to 5 inches because I was so frustrated with the damage. Recently I tried going light brown, it took too dark and lighter colours are more flattering for an hourglass figure like yours and mine. Well I did a color oops and now I’m a medium brassy auburn. I’ll do another stripping to lighten it enough so the level 8 will take, I hope. As for the repairing my hair – I feel like I’ve tried everything on the shelf. Which kerastase did you use? a shampoo or conditioner, combo, masque? I looked them up and there’s tons! I’m willing to spend the money to save my hair because I considered shaving my head and wearing a wig until it grew back LOL! Thanks again. Cheers!

    • So I am a natural Strawberry Blonde. Over the past few months I have noticed a few grays at the temples. I have always been too chicken to color my hair for fear of it turning orange, but last night I took the plunge. I used the Loreal 9GR, and I have to say….it looks pretty close to perfect. My natural hair had more golden high lights, but so far I an liking this. Today and tomorrow will be the test though, when I go to work we will see if anyone notices a difference. The big one will be on Thursday when my husband cones home from an out of town trip. I’ll let you know. Thank you for this site as I read this before taking the plunge. PS-Your hair looks BEAUTIFUL!! 🙂

  58. great color… the last photo with the tighter curls… a believe soft strawberry blonde, like the lady on American Horror Story, first season. That’s the color I want. What was your base color? Right now my hair is probly a 7RG but draby a bit. It was previously bleached blonde for years then I put Argan 6RG and 6C mix which was came out auburn, pretty but too red. So I use color oops to strip the darkness and red out, which is where I am now. I’ve got orange-gold hair, primed, for coloring, and I’ve got coconut oil in it for overnight to condition. I love Wella colors, I stick to them almost exclusively.- I want to try your 8RG/8G combo. Any tips? Conditioning, treating?

    • Thank you! I like the last combo the best as well. And people think it’s my natural color, which is a good sign! My hair was a light brown with reddish tones growing up, but I started going grey at 20, and am now about 90% grey. The coconut oil is such a good move! I put in on the bottom 4 inches of my hair before I color too, so my ends don’t get fried. Also, if the combo comes out too red or brassy, a good toning shampoo like Clairol Shimmer Lights in Violet has toned down my hair for me. And if you feel like really going for it, Kerastase and Oribe have changed my hair for the better every time I’ve made the splurge. Let me know how the color comes out!!

  59. Nice color, but this is not the same brand as wella color in the salon. Totally different manufacturer.

  60. You are a fountain of information for us red hair wannabes! Quick question… does it matter what color you have as a base when using Wella products? Also, will it pick up existing highlights that were done professionally? I’m so tempted to take the red plunge but don’t want to waste my highlight investment!

    • So glad this helped! My hair is 90% grey, so my color does comes out brighter/lighter than if you were coming from a brown or dark blonde base. I do try to be careful with highlights, I have had them turn green before when putting the red over them! Maybe have a pro do the strawberry blonde first, then touch up the roots yourself? That way the highlights will still come through with the strawberry blonde and they won’t turn green on you. Then keep everything up at home 🙂

      • Hello this an awesome post! I know it’s been up for a while but found it while looking for strawberry blonde colors…Do you think the combination 8g and 8rg would come out similar to yours on bleached hair? Thanks for any reply

  61. I have a question, what care products do you use for strawberry blonde hair? should we use purple shampoo to ease the brassiness? Or will that make it more blonde? which in that case, thats not what we want to achieve a strawberry blonde.

    • Sometimes I do use purple shampoo when I’m getting brassy, it just tones the brassiness for me, it doesn’t seem to make it more blonde. Occasionally I use a red depositing shampoo and conditioner. But I’ve found with using Wella that my reds don’t fade much, so I’m mostly using Kerastase or Living Proof. Sometimes Suave Naturals Moisturizing formula too. I was thinking of doing a whole post on how to keep the color vibrant, this was good confirmation for me that I should!

  62. Molly – this is JUST what I’ve been looking for! I used to use a 7G box dye that has since been discontinued. I have been looking for the perfect replacement ever since. I love your hair color, and it is just like what I used to have, only better! 🙂 If my hair is a little darker and very warm (turns red EASILY) what do you suggest? Thanks, and keep up the awesome posts and videos!!

    • Thank you, so glad this post helped you!! I think the last combo of Titian Blonde and Golden Blonde might be good for you, or if you want to go a bit darker, you could do Titian Blonde with 7G Sunlight Blonde Brown. This gave me one shade darker hair, def more of a brown than a blonde. Let me know what you pick! 🙂

  63. Fantastic info, hope to try it myself as soon as the color I got done at the salon (which is too dark) fades! Thank you thank you thank you 😀

        • Hi there, yes the first wash or two I do notice the color bleeding a tiny bit then after that the color is “set” with the Wella formulas. 🙂

          • Thank you. By the way do you happen to know, if I am a 7N, like a light ashy brown/blonde. Would the Wella mix work with a 20 developer.

          • That’s what I use it with, but I’m not a hairdresser so I can’t say for sure. I’d try that and then adjust each time until you get the right formula for your hair! 🙂