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Strawberry Blonde Hair | My Epic Journey Part 2

Let’s jump right in!

My first post about Strawberry Blonde Hair and every  color formula I’ve ever tried is in {this} post.  I decided to try a few more formulas for strawberry blonde and documented them here.

Wella Color Charm is a great dye for their red shades and excellent for the color staying vibrant and not fading.  For strawberry blondes and reds that is a HUGE deal!

I tried the cream version and the liquid.  I felt like the cream did the best job of covering my 90% grey hair.  With the liquid I’m still seeing a few greys come through.

The liquid was faster and easier to work with, but the cream did a more professional looking job in the end. It took 3 tubes of the cream to saturate my hair and 2 bottles of the liquid.

It does cost slightly more for me to do the cream, but I prefer it and think it’s the closest look I’ve ever had to salon color at home.  Even my friends thought I’d had it done in the salon.

I mixed the color up with either a hair shaker bottle (for the liquid) or with a bowl and brush (for the cream).

The ratio of dye to developer is 1:2 meaning for every 1 ounce of dye, you will add twice the amount of developer, 2 ounces.


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I tried three different combinations so far.  I am not a professional hair stylist, just a gal who is somewhat fearless when it comes to at-home color.  These are the combinations I’ve tried over the last four months.


Before. I had professional color on my hair here, grown out about 6 weeks. ROOTS like no body’s business!


1 |  8RG, Titian Red Blonde mixed with 7R, Red-Red.  I mixed one tube of each.  This is the same combination that I use with the boxed color from L’Oreal.  Only I forgot that boxed dye is so much less potent than salon dye you mix yourself.

My hair came out BRIGHT RED.

And I mean bright.  I don’t even have a picture.  I drove right back to Sally’s the next morning and got Silver Shampoo to tone down the brassiness and Clarifying Shampoo to try and strip the red.

But even still, washing it every day with this combo, my hair was red.  It took about 3 weeks for it to fade into a dark strawberry blonde.  The picture below is from 3 to 4 weeks after I colored it.  *I will never, ever do this combo again.* Way too red for my personal preference.

wella-color-charm-strawberry-blonde-hair-titian-blonde-at-home-hair-color-red.jpeg wella-color-charm-strawberry-blonde-hair-titian-blonde-at-home--red-hair-color.jpeg


2 |  8RG Titian Red Blonde.  I did the shade on it’s own, just to get a base idea of what this shade looks like without any mixing.

My sides came out pretty red still, but the roots at the top looked really good.  The body of the hair still had so much red in it from my color whoops above, because I didn’t strip my hair in between these colorings.

So Titian Blonde might come out less red on someone who doesn’t have the amount of red I had in my hair.  Overall, super impressed with this color.  Really pretty.

wella-color-charm-strawberry-blonde-hair-titian-blonde-at-home-hair-color.jpeg wella-color-charm-strawberry-blonde-hair-titian-blonde-at-home-hair-color.jpegwella-color-charm-strawberry-blonde-hair-titian-blonde-at-home-hair-color.jpeg

3 |  8RG, Titian Red Blonde mixed with 8G, Light Golden Blonde.  My favorite combo so far!  This was the combo that I tried with the liquid color and so I’m slightly disappointed that the liquid didn’t cover my greys as well.

But the color combo itself is really pretty.

It’s a gorgeous, bright (in the right way) strawberry blonde.  The roots came out a teeny bit too light for my personal coloring, so next time I am going to try combining it with one shade darker, 7G, Sunlight Blonde Brown, which is almost my natural hair color before going grey.

But here’s why I like this 8GR and 8G combo: the 8G gave enough gold to compliment the 8RG, but was enough of a “natural” color that it toned down the red for me.  The result was a very natural, light and bright, strawberry blonde.

To me, especially in person, this is the color that looks the most like it really just grew out of my head.  People have started asking me again if this is my natural color again, which I always take as a good sign.

*Update:  I now do a full tube of 8G and 1/2 a tube of 8RG for a slightly less red version of strawberry blonde.

wella-color-charm-strawberry-blonde-hair-titian-blonde-at-home-hair-color.jpeg  strawberry-blonde-hair-diy-at-home-results-best-top-guide-tutorial-beauty-blog-blogger-los-angeles.jpeg


With Flash.

4 | 8RG + 7G. I tried the 8RG and 7G combo right before traveling to see friends and then go to another friend’s wedding, so I don’t have tons of pics of that color, but here are a few I found.

It started off really dark, almost a brown, with deep shades of red, then over the course of the week (swimming in the ocean, washing my hair) faded to a nice strawberry shade.  But that first week I was not a fan of the shade, to be honest.


Indoor lighting, a day or two after coloring, meeting my friend’s new kitten! You can see how the side piece turned slightly greenish, which did fade.


1.  Brush out your hair so it’s tangle free and put coconut oil on the bottom inch of your hair to protect it from grabbing too much color.  Your ends will feel amazing after you color.

2.  Put your plastic gloves on.  I don’t wash my hands after putting the coconut oil on my hands, they just go right in the gloves and they feel so soft after I color as well.

3.  Measure out your developer.  If you are mixing two tubes, remember you’ll need twice the developer.

4.  Add in your dye to the developer and mix or shake.  Add both tubes at once if you are doing my 8RG and 8G combo.

5.  Check your start time and start working the color into your roots.  I like to go around my face, down my center part, down the sides, then do the back.

6.  Let your roots develop for 20 minutes, then pull the color through the ends for 10 more minutes.  For grey hair like mine, let the color sit on the roots for 25 minutes, then pull it through the ends for the last 15 minutes.  I start the clock from the second I start applying color.

7.  After 30 minutes for no greys, or 40 minutes for grey hair, Get In The Shower.  Time to rinse.  Massage your hair from the scalp down to the ends to get all the dye out.  Eventually the water will run clear.

8.  Wash your hair with a color safe shampoo. I’ve been using Kerastase, which is pricey, but maintains the color so well.

9.  Deep condition or use a regular conditioner, whatever your hair needs.  Often, the coconut oil from Step 1 is enough of a deep condition for me, so I’ll just use regular conditioner.

10.  Brace yourself for all the compliments you’re gonna get, you strawberry blonde headed babe!




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Thank you for reading!

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Samantha Rutherford

Thursday 14th of November 2019

I am curious how you handle coloring with hair extensions. I am not fully gray yet, but have enough that I have to color every 3 weeks

Molly Gardner

Friday 15th of November 2019

Hi Samantha! I wear my clip-in extensions at this point, which is one of the advantages of clip-ins, that can be removed before coloring your hair. But when I had semi-permanent extensions, I just colored my roots only, then rinsed out the dye after 30 minutes and let it run over the length of my natural hair and extensions in the shower, so that everything would get blended together. I also use root touch up spray to stretch the amount of time in between coloring my hair. I hope this helps! - Molly


Monday 21st of January 2019

I have a colour oops! First time I dyed my hair I used the Wella Titan Red Blonde, loved it! I tried Age Beautiful yesterday the equal parts Dark Strawberry and Strawberry Blonde and it’s terrible! My question is how have you stripped before, what did you use and for how long? I’m not grey, but do have extensions and I would like to go back to the Wella Titan Red Blonde.


Monday 6th of August 2018

Hi i love your site and all the information you give.i have been using your formula for over a year andi love the results. I am trying to get similar results using the color line wella illumina but the numbering system looks different from your it possible to try to translate the wella color charm formula that you use inthe the wella illumina line?


Sunday 6th of May 2018

Hi Molly

Love your website as a couple of years ago stumbled upon this with my own issues of redfish blonde hair. Being from NJ and moving to CA with regards to sunnier climate my beautiful red hair so lost its color. I was born lightest strawberry blonde in terms went to lightest auburn I used to put dark auburn Loreal on hair as loses pigment early common to all in my family most platinum easier as color fades blondes out fades to rosy golden blonde. I had considered your Wella Titian which is stunning on you. My hair is not as red and sadly Sally beauty discontinued Loreal line which is number one in Britain. I may consider the Zotos age beautiful 9rc mixed with 9g as hear they run darker and not sure a 10/20 developer going from light golden blonde. Never used boxed dye not sure developer level and heard Sally's more professional color. Age beautiful is supposed to be nourishing love Wella using 9g but can be drying using twice developer. Any advice and have you considered this product. I think light auburn would be too dark have very pale skin pink undertones although love that shade too.

Thank you and best wishes your hair and makeup are very beautiful.



Monday 23rd of October 2017

Hii Molly ! Luvvv ur hair ! Ur videos etc. I have fair cool skin like you. And i did try ur wella combo Full tube golden blonde. Little less than Half of titan red. 6 ounces of 20 dev. It came out to pinky. Purplish ? Gold. I have alot of greys and very lite blonde highlights. Lite brown root. And very fine hair, green eyes, Tried with the added brown with combo and tried with out. Same results. The Added brown , even more purplish / pinky =•( Also my greys muted pink : / What am i doin wrong. ? Tried twice. Ready to try again. Been 6 months. Also can i go a deeper wella golden color with the titan ? Like med. or a dark gold. You think it would help? Thxs in advance. For any advice. Luv ur videos, and you are such a sweetheart. Xo Lisa