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Strawberry Blonde Hair | My Epic Journey Part 2

My first post about Strawberry Blonde Hair and every hair color formula I’ve ever tried is in {this} post.  I decided to try a few more formulas for strawberry blonde and documented them here. The photos of the results are labeled below.


Wella Color Charm makes natural red shades and the formula is excellent at keeping color vibrant.  For strawberry blondes and reds that is a HUGE deal, as reds always fade the most quickly!

I tried the cream version and the liquid.  I felt like the cream did the best job of covering my 90% grey hair.  With the liquid I’m still seeing a few greys come through.

The liquid was faster and easier to work with, but the cream did a more professional looking job in the end. It took 3 tubes of the cream to saturate my hair and 2 bottles of the liquid.

It does cost slightly more for me to do the cream, but I prefer it and think it’s the closest look I’ve ever had to salon color at home.  Even my friends thought I’d had it done in the salon.


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I tried three different combinations so far.  I am not a professional hair stylist, just a gal who is (somewhat) fearless when it comes to at-home color.  These are the combinations I’ve tried over the last four months.

Before. I had professional color on my hair here, grown out about 6 weeks. ROOTS like no body’s business!


FORMULA #1 |  8RG, Titian Red Blonde mixed with 7R, Red-Red

I mixed one tube of each.  This is the same combination that I use with the boxed color from L’Oreal.  Only I forgot that boxed dye is so much less potent than salon dye you mix yourself.

My hair came out BRIGHT RED.

And I mean bright.  I don’t even have a picture.  I drove right back to Sally’s the next morning and got a clarifying shampoo to try and strip the red.

But even still, washing it every day with this combo, my hair was red.  It took about 3 weeks for it to fade into a dark strawberry blonde.  The picture below is from 3 to 4 weeks after I colored it.  *I will never, ever do this combo again.* Way too red for my personal preference and skintone.

Formula #1 results (2 photos):


FORMULA #2 |  8RG Titian Red Blonde 

I did the shade on it’s own, just to get a base idea of what this shade looks like without any mixing.

My sides came out pretty red still, but the roots at the top looked really good.  The body of the hair still had so much red in it from my color whoops above, because I didn’t strip my hair in between these colorings.

8RG Titian Blonde might come out less red on someone who doesn’t have the amount of red I had in my hair.  Overall, super impressed with this color.  Really pretty.

Formula #2 Results (3 photos):


FORMULA #3 |  8RG Titian Red Blonde mixed with 8G Light Golden Blonde

My favorite combo so far!  This was the combo that I tried with the liquid color and so I’m slightly disappointed that the liquid didn’t cover my greys as well.

But the color combo itself is really pretty.

It’s a gorgeous, bright (in the right way) strawberry blonde.  The roots came out a teeny bit too light for my personal coloring, so next time I am going to try combining it with one shade darker, 7G, Sunlight Blonde Brown, which is almost my natural hair color before going grey.

But here’s why I like this 8GR and 8G combo: the 8G gave enough gold to compliment the 8RG, but was enough of a “natural” color that it toned down the red for me.  The result was a very natural, light and bright, strawberry blonde.

To me, especially in person, this is the color that looks the most like it really just grew out of my head.  People have started asking me again if this is my natural color again, which I always take as a good sign.

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Formula #3 Results (4 photos):

With Flash.

FORMULA #4 | 8RG + 7G

I tried the 8RG and 7G combo right before traveling to see friends and then go to another friend’s wedding, so I don’t have tons of pics of that color, but here are a few I found.

It started off really dark, almost a brown, with deep shades of red, then over the course of the week (swimming in the ocean, washing my hair) faded to a nice strawberry shade.  But that first week I was not a fan of the shade, to be honest.

Formula #4 Results (1 photo):

Indoor lighting, a day or two after coloring, meeting my friend’s new kitten! You can see how the side piece turned slightly greenish, which did fade.





Thank you for reading and being a part of the blog!  – Molly

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Saturday 5th of March 2022

What if I mix 8RG with 10GV honey blonde I want less Red

Molly Gardner

Saturday 5th of March 2022

Hi! I have never tried that combo, but if you want less red in your results, I'd personally just add less of the 8RG color and more of the 8G.


Thursday 30th of December 2021

Do you happen to know why/how to correct a red that keeps developing too dark? I'm going for a copper red/blonde and i used 8rg (titian red blonde) with a dash of 7r (red) and 10 vol yesterday on my virgin level 7 ash blonde hair - which was WAY too deep red. So i stripped it and did 8rg with a dash of 7g (hazel blonde) and 20 vol, and, although its not as deep red as the first attempt, it is still more of a brown/purple red than the bright copper blonde red I'm looking for. I am so irritated! Help!


Sunday 19th of September 2021

Molly, I have used Henna for a few years now and it is so much work with all my grey. Love it, but lots of time. I love red hair on me. Everyone says it looks natural, as well. I was very red before last year when I decided to go natural (grey/blonde). I decided to use your formula, as I have used Wella toners for the last two years. I love it! I will probably do a little more red, less blond, next time but it is a good base. Thank you for your trial and errors!


Tuesday 16th of March 2021

I just tried the formula you share on your latest strawberry blonde DIY video... it didn't come out even close :( my hair is naturally brown. What formula/ ratio do you suggest i use?

Samantha Rutherford

Thursday 14th of November 2019

I am curious how you handle coloring with hair extensions. I am not fully gray yet, but have enough that I have to color every 3 weeks

Molly Gardner

Friday 15th of November 2019

Hi Samantha! I wear my clip-in extensions at this point, which is one of the advantages of clip-ins, that can be removed before coloring your hair. But when I had semi-permanent extensions, I just colored my roots only, then rinsed out the dye after 30 minutes and let it run over the length of my natural hair and extensions in the shower, so that everything would get blended together. I also use root touch up spray to stretch the amount of time in between coloring my hair. I hope this helps! - Molly

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.