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/ October 13, 2015

How to Transition Blonde To Strawberry Blonde Hair

I get this email a lot asking if it’s possible to go from blonde to strawberry blonde at home.  I wanted to do a post, instead of answering the emails individually, in case you were wondering the same thing.  Going from blonde to strawberry blonde can be done, just prepare yourself for a slow transition, here is what has worked for me for a color formula.


Blonde to Strawberry Blonde

To transition from all over or highlighted blonde to a strawberry blonde shade, I’d tweak my current formula to use less of the red shade initially.

I’d start by adding just: .5 ounces (1/4 a tube) MAX of Reddish Blonde color to a full tube (2 ounces) of Golden Blonde, then add slightly more of the red shade each 4-6 weeks you color, until you are at the Strawberry Blonde shade you want.

Initial Formula | .5 ounces 8RG + 2 ounces 8G + 5 ounces Level 20 developer 

Then the next time you color, increase to half of a tube (1 oz) of 8RG Titian Blonde.  If you want even more red, the next time you color, add 3/4 of a tube to the mix.  This way you gradually ease the red into your color.

Too much red over blonde color ends up pink.  Which is a cute color, but unless you were going for pink hair, most people do not want pink hair.

So easing in the amount of reddish color into your blonde color formula each time, is a good way to gradually make your way to strawberry blonde at home, while minimizing the risk of getting pink in your hair.

If your hair starts to go too peach or too pink, you can also add 1/2 oz or 1 oz of Wella 7G Sunlit Blonde Brown into the mix of 2 oz golden Blonde and 1/2 oz of Titian Red Blonde.

This should give it a bit more depth.  I’ve been adding a little of 7G (1/2 oz) to my formula lately and really liking the results.

Shop | Wella Color Charm

Too Red?

The reverse of this, is that if you hair came out too red and you’d like it to be more blonde, just subtract a bit of the Titian Red Blonde from your formula each time you color, until you get to the exact right shade of strawberry blonde for you.

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I am not a stylist and even if I was, it’s too hard to recommend an exact formula for each person without seeing their hair in person.  So this is a good starting point, but if you have a colorist you like, it might be worth checking in with them for at least one of these transition sessions.

If you don’t have a go-to stylist, use this as a general guide and adjust the colors to best suit your complexion and hair.

Here are a few more strawberry blonde inspo pics!  I feel like I haven’t posted hair pics in a while, so here we go with a few recent fav styles.



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Thank you for reading and being a part of the blog!  – Molly



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  1. Hi I was interested if you’ve had any comments on using a neutral protein filler on highlighted blonde hair as a treatment prior to coloring if your normal formula would work well? Thank you for your blog 🙂

  2. I used 3 drops of 7G Sunlight Blonde Brown, 1/2 oz 8RG Titian Red and 2 oz (full tube) of 8G Golden Blonde and processed for 30 min. Other than a tad peachy pinkish hue my hair is not very different. Going to wait a day or two to see how it turns out. Maybe my medium blonde hair was just too close to the Golden Blonde to see much of a difference. I think I’ll try again in 4 weeks with more 7G and more 8RG. Can’t wait to see what happens. I’ll keep tweaking it. 🙂

  3. Instead of going from blonde to strawberry blonde, I’d be transitioning from auburn to strawberry blonde – the opposite to you! Could you recommend a transition gradient for doing so?

  4. I tried L’Oréal reddish blonde and red Penney and loved it but my roots turned out strawberry pink. After two washings it looked better!
    I also bought your amazing extensions in Reddish blonde and they match!
    Thank you for helping me!
    I’m looking forward to looking at your site even more and learning how to do my eye brows properly like yours!
    Next time I’ll try your color charm colors on my hair!
    Thank you!

  5. Your hair is gorgeous! I want to try this but I’m scared to use “permanent” color. Could you recommend what shades to combine in the Well ColorCharm Demi Permanent line? Thank you!!

  6. My hair is currently bleached pearl blonde and roots are dark ashy blonde. I want a single step color that will work to lighten my natural hair color a bit as it grows out so that the ultimate color is a couple shades lighter than my natural. Will this happen if I just use a toner?

  7. So… what do we do if we are now the proud owners of pink hair? I had ombre hair and now my roots look wonderful and my tips look sorta peachy-pink. Will it get better when I dye again next time, or will it get worse? I sure wish I had seen this post first!

  8. Hi Molly! I’m new here and reading all your blogs. I’m going to try your combination on how to transition to strawberry blonde this weekend!! I usually get in a rush when I go from blonde to red and it just doesn’t last very long and turns out too red. And red fades so quickly!! Can’t wait to try your formula. So glad I found this blog! My husband will be glad I switch to a strawberry blonde too instead of straight red as he claims that I get an attitude when I have red hair 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • LOL, we all need a little redhead attitude, don’t you think 😉 Haha, so glad you found the blog! Looking forward to hearing how it goes for you!

      xo Molly

  9. Hey molly! I love all your posts and I used your formula minus the 7G on my light blonde hair and it turned out well, aside from my mid shaft to ends turning slightly pinkish. I used 1/2 oz of red blonde(too much for the first time I think). For the next time I color, would 1/2 oz of the red blonde and a 1/4 oz of 7G added to a full tube of 8G help with the pinkish color? Thanks for your help!!

    • Yes, I just found with the liquid versions my grey didn’t get as much coverage so the end results were much lighter for me. If you don’t have any grey/white hair this shouldn’t be a problem for you. But if you do, I’d try the gel formula next time 🙂

  10. So glad I read the comments – I needed help with resistant grays. I just tried your Wella combination this week (although I wimped out on the Titian and only added a quarter tube since my hair pulls red so easily – didn’t realize that I was using your “transitional” formula, ha!). I’m only 5-10% gray, but the color didn’t take on those pesky grays! It sucks getting old… I’ll try the developer trick the next go around!

    • It makes a big difference! I forgot to do it this time touching up my roots and noticed that the greys around my face didn’t take as well to the color…

  11. First off: love love love your hair! My natural is a deeper reddish brown and gets very light. Since I am now housing more white hairs that don’t dye, I have been trying to get lighter. But I don’t want to go too light all at once as I have fair skin as well. Your color technique is awesome and I was wondering if you could recommend a mix? I have been using the Wella (thank you for that too!) 7W caramel with a blonde. Not really a difference. I love how yours is reddish and would love to do that. Do you think that would be possible? I know you aren’t a hair dresser but you have given me more advice that works than any hair dresser I have ever talked with. So any input would be great! Thanks!

    • Hi Kalena!

      So glad this all is helpful to you! I have found the Wella titian and golden blonde combo is my most consistent color that I love and get good grey coverage with. I have been adding a 1/4 oz of the sunlight brown blonde to the mix lately and like it so much that I think I will do a whole separate post on it. Also, if you dip a cotton swab in your developer and apply to the super resistant greys, it’ll help them get more coverage. I apply this just for a few minutes while I’m mixing up my color, then add the color formula over it. I hope this helps!

    • Hey girl! Yes, check out the “Strawberry Blonde Part 2” post, I think the Wella combos might be what you are looking for. And thank you about my hair and the advice, I really appreciate both comments!!

  12. Thanks Molly, sometimes I do enter than my hairdresser and going to try this myself! Sounds exactly what I need and am looking for, your expertise in strawberry is much appreciated. You are a beautiful person too.