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Review | SIMPLE Cleansing Micellar Water

Micellar water is a skincare product that has always held a very mysterious allure for me.  It was really hard to find in the US until recent years, and now it’s everywhere!

So I didn’t try it until about a year ago, when I found a super fancy ($40!) bottle of Darphin Azahar Cleansing Micellar Water on sale for half off at a beauty supply shop in LA.

The smell alone of the Darphin Micellar Water sent me over the moon.  The only way I can describe it, is that it smells like being rich.  I would put it on my face and just breathe in.  It is absolute heaven.  Using it made me feel decadent.  I felt like I was hanging out with the upstairs crowd at Downton Abbey.  I felt RICH.  It smells amazing.

But what I loved even more was the results I was seeing.  You are supposed to use Micellar Water to take your makeup off and then you can wash your face after.  I started using it as a toner after using my DHC oil cleanser and I found that it took off every little bit of makeup that was left behind by my hairline or a spot I’d miss under my chin.

My skin was softer and had less clogged pores around my hair line.  Magic in a bottle.

As much I loved and still love the Darphin Micellar Water, I just couldn’t get over the feeling that I needed to start looking for a version that was a bit more budget friendly for myself.  Bioderma has long been an overseas favorite and is now easy to get via Beautylish, but I still wanted to find that walk-into-the-drugstore-and-grab version.

Enter Simple Micellar Water.  I saw this on the shelves at my local drugstore and my heart lept.  COULD THIS BE THE ONE?

In a word?  Yes.

The Simple version is so hydrating.  I forgot to use it one day after washing my face and couldn’t figure out why my skin felt so dry.  When I realized I’d skipped using the Simple water, I was impressed with what a difference it makes.

I find that the Simple works just as well as the others I’ve tried at taking off makeup.  Seriously, the skin around my hairline has so many fewer small breakouts from makeup I missed while washing my face.

Again, I use this after regular cleanser, as a toner, by pouring the water into a cotton pad and dabbing around my face.  I love it as a toner.  I don’t like any rinse less makeup remover, micellar water or cleansing wipes, on their own.  I never feel like my face is really clean.  But using this as a toner, I feel like my face is extra clean and hydrated.  Just my personal preference.  I do sometimes like it in the morning on it’s own, before I workout when I don’t want to wash my face (because I’m just going to sweat  again) but want to look awake.

Another thing I like: it also doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals.  I use it around my eyes to get off any last bits of mascara from my delicate under eye area and there is no burning or irritation whatsoever.  This product is great for sensitive skin and for around the eyes.


Here’s a good and bad thing: Simple doesn’t have any artificial perfumes, so it’s practically scentless.  I rarely use or love scents on my face, which I why I was so surprised by my obsession with the Darphin scent.  But I can deal with the Simple not having that scent, because it works SO well and retails on average for around $8.99 a bottle in store, $6.99 online.

How crazy am I about it?  Halfway through my first bottle I went and got two more backups so I wouldn’t be without it.  We have a hit on our hands here, kids, a mega hit.


Overall, I’m so impressed with this product.  It’s a real win and my new favorite toner.

Thank you for reading!  Have you seen the Simple Micellar water in stores or tried it yet?  Can you pronounce “Micellar?”  Ha, the struggle is real for me.

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