Super Simple Mascara Secret to Save $$

by Molly Gardner
how to save money on makeup

This is one of my all-time favorite ways to save dollar dollar bills on high end mascara.

Mascara is one beauty product that I do try and regularly replace every 3-4 months.  It’s so important for the health of your eyes to be using fresh mascara.  Which can get expensive if you are in love with high-end mascaras.

However, a lot of companies make travel size mascaras for about half the price of a full tube.  The travel size tubes generally contain enough product to last at least 4-5 months.

Fresh mascara performs better.  With a new tube you’ll get better results – no clumps, flakes, or dark mascara circles onto the undereye.

My current favorite mascara is the Tarte Cosmetics Tartiest mascara.  The travel size version is $12  for .15 fl oz, the full size version is .23 for $23.  The travel size is a steal considering it contains more than half of a full size tube!

I love getting a high-end formula for about the same price as a drugstore mascara.

Super simple way to save money and keep your makeup bag fresh.  Replace your mascara every 3-4 months!

I hope you love this trick and post.  Let me know if you’d try this in the comments below.

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