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/ February 4, 2017

Monthly Favorites | January 2017


Monthly favorites are quickly becoming my favorite type of post and video!  I love being able to share so many products in one post.  And I love that they are all products that I’ve been actually using and loving all month long.


This video is a bit, ahem, detailed.  So I’ll keep the post short and sweet and add any fun facts that I forgot to mention (somehow) in the video.


January Monthly Favorites

1 | Ahava Mineral Body Lotion, $26-$49.

This lotion sinks in immediately, leaves no residue, and makes your skin so silky.  Try and scoop up a double size container for only $10 more than the regular size when they have it in stock!

2 | Rita Hazan Weekly Remedy Treatment, $42.

I missed the shine I was getting from in-salon gloss treatments.  This product gives your hair an noticeable boost in shine!  I used a sample first from Sephora and was so impressed with the visible results.  It’s a bit pricy, but not as costly as in salon treatments.  Rita Hazan is a well-known color specialist and salon owner, so her products are developed with a lot of real-person research and results.

3 | Tarte Cosmetics Hybrid Gel Foundation, $39.

I think the key to this foundation is doing one light layer.  It’s when I start to try and add a second layer that I start having issues with it separating.  But with one layer, my skin looks soft and fresh and it’s covered.  There really isn’t a need for a second layer.  I’ve been wearing this foundation daily this month!  It’s great for drier skin and cold temps.

4 | Tarte Cosmetics Foundation Brush, $30.

Holy Macaroni.  I love this brush so much.  This might be my all-time favorite foundation brush.  It’s really, really, really good.  I love how quickly it applies and blends foundation and how soft the bristles are. It’s an incredible brush!  Very well made and designed.

5 | Tarte Cosmetics Shape Tape Concealer, $24.

A trick with this concealer is to use the tiniest dot, blend that out, then add another dot over the original area and blend that out.  You will get flawless coverage.  If you have really dry skin, especially uner your eyes, I’d recommend Tarte’s other concealer.  But this is great for spring/summer/fall, or those who live year round in warmer temps.

6 | Beautyblender, $20.

Not all heroes wear capes.  Hot Tip: try the black beauty blender, it’s even softer than the original!  {post}

7 | Fiona Stiles Sheer Sculpting Palette, $28.

I’m so in love with this palette.  It’s nearly impossible to get a harsh line with it.  It’s just such a perfect contouring palette.  Each pan is significantly sized also, making this a steal for under $30!  I use the shades as eye shadow also.

I hope you are loving the Monthly Favorites as much as me!  Which are you favorite types of products to see?  Hair, makeup, or tools?  Or a combination?

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  1. What color of the foundations and concealers are you using? We are very similar in skin coloring. Thanks!