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Strawberry Blonde Hair At Home | International Edition

Hola!  Bonjour!  To all my international redhead friends, this post is for you.

I get tons of emails and questions on how to get Strawberry Blonde hair at home, in countries that don’t sell Wella Color Charm.  First of all, it’s so exciting to have so many Strawberry Blondes from all around the world here as part of this blog community!

Second, it is actually fairly easy to find a similar color match overseas.  The key is knowing what to ask for, so I wanted to put together a (hopefully) clear explanation.

My Wella Color Charm Formula

My current combination of Wella Color Charm is 2 ounces of 8G “Light Golden Blonde” / 1.5 ounces of 8RG “Titian Red Blonde” / and .5 ounces of 7 G “Sunlit Blonde” with a Level 20 developer.

Color Charm is a 1:2 formula, meaning for every 1 ounce of dye you use, you use 2 ounces of developer.  So if your dye was 4 ounces, you would add 8 ounces of developer to the mix, for a total of 12 ounces of formula.

I started adding the 7 G to the formula because my hair is all grey now and the 8G + 8RG on it’s own was starting to get a little peach colored.  You may or may not want to add a bit of 7 G to your formula, definitely try to experiment for your best look.

If you are living in a country where you can not buy Wella Color Charm, I would ask at your beauty supply store if they carry any Wella formulas, Koleston seems to be the most mentioned line people ask me about.

That’s my first choice, my 2nd choice is L’Oreal, but I do find the L’oreal fades faster.

International Strawberry Blonde Formula

From any brand, ask the sales person to help you find:

  • a Level 8 “Golden Blonde” shade, with a gold base.
  • a Level 8 “Red Blonde” shade, with a red – gold, or red base.

If you are very grey or very blonde, you might want to add a bit of:

  • a Level 7 “Blonde” shade, with a gold base.

*Screenshot this ^ and bring it with you to shop!

The First Time You Color

Once you have a golden blonde and red blonde shade, you can mix them with whatever level developer is recommended for you, it will most likely be a level 20.

I recommend starting out with 1 full tube of golden blonde and half a tube of reddish blonde.

The next time you color you can add more or less of the reddish blonde into the mix to suit your personal color preference.  It’s easier in my opinion to add more red the second time you color vs. trying to get the red out if the color comes out too red.


wella color charm koleston strawberry blonde formula best diy at home beauty blog blogger

strawberry blonde hair at home diy best formula well color charm koleston international red head hair beauty blog blogger

My results.


Definitely check with a sales person who knows the color line before purchasing, but those are the substitutions I would make.

Also, Amazon has Wella Color Charm, not sure what their shipping policies are, but it’s worth checking out!

Shameless plug: I started a hair extension line that has a beautiful shade for Strawberry Blondes, matched directly off my color.  I’m wearing them in the pic above.  The entire line ships internationally and the website is End of shameless plug, haha!


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I really hope this helps!!  If you find a great store in your city or country or online, please leave it in the comments below, I’m sure it could really help someone else out who is searching.  And if you try this combo from the Koleston line from Wella, definitely please leave a comment and tell us about your result.  I’m sure that would be very helpful and reassuring to other gals!

Also, where is everyone from?  I’d love to know!

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