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I Tried A $300 Face Cream…

…and it is heavenly.

A little background info on my shopping style:

I consider myself a budget conscious shopper who wants products that work. Which means that generally speaking the majority of my products are $50 or under. (Btw, I would love to be an all-luxe, all-the time shopper, ha!)

But blogging has really made me realize that there are SO many types of beauty shoppers.  I get asked about the best products at every price point.  I tend to focus on drugstore and mid level products, so I wanted to start sharing some really amazing high-end products that work also.

This Innarah cream was sent to me as a PR sample.  I am very grateful to have received it, but it will be an unbiased review, as all my reviews are.

The first night I got this PR package, I unboxed it on Snapchat and my little beauty hands tingled when they grabbed the sleek white Innarah box.  Something in my body JUST KNEW.  I slathered my face, neck and chest with a generous amount of product.

The next morning I woke up looking like a damn brand new baby doll and was pumped.  My skin looked good.  I checked the price of this magic cream and when I realized it was $300, I gulped and decided to apply a bit more sparingly from that point out.  This is why I can’t have nice things.  Because I slap them on, like a pig wearing a first prize ribbon, rolling around in mud at the State Fair.  You just ruined your ribbon, Dude.

One of my most favorite things to do (truly out of all the things to do on planet earth) is to read the information that comes along with skincare.  Innarah did not disappoint.  They sent me a brochure.  A brochure.  Pages upon pages of imformation. How the brand was started, what the products promise to do, the details of the whole line.  I just kept reading and reading and flipping it over and rereading and I was in all my glory!  SO MUCH INFORMATION.  Right at my fingertips.  My heart is beating faster just thinking about that damn brochure.   Then I found their website.  It has has 26 pages of information on the fermentation process the creme goes through while being created.  I found my people.

I keep all the info brands send me.  Just this past year I made myself start recycling the boxes products come in.  I have issues.

Back to this product.

The Details:

Innarah has a full line of products.  I’m reviewing their VenoDefense Treatment Creme.  It retails for $300 for 1.7 oz.

Background Info:

The entire line was founded and formulated by a skincare chemist who had been making products for other companies for 40 years.  He wanted to start making products with natural ingredients that are just as effective as chemicals.  There are no synthetic ingredients in any Innarah products.

Why Innarah is Different:

Guys, not gonna lie, I can’t explain this better than the website, so here is a classy copy-and-paste for you.  But read this, it’s poetry.

“The skin is the largest organ of the human body and it maintains its own extensive immune system. Langerhans Cells, which are the defense matrix of the epidermis, are essential to skin health.

Langerhans Cells are white blood cells generated in the bone marrow that differentiate when they arrive in the epidermis, where they develop small legs, or dendrites. These are the skin’s guardians, programmed to induce an immune response when something they don’t recognize comes in contact with the skin. Ingredients that have been treated with our proprietary fermentation technique are accepted by the Langerhans Cells and readily assimilated into the epidermis, thereby preventing any cellular imbalance, which has been shown to generate free radicals and accelerate aging. By working in cooperation with the Langerhans Cells, INNARAH acts as a biocatalyst, reducing skin damage at a cellular level. This process of fermentation and its complex ingredients are unique to INNARAH. Each ingredient is fermented in a special atmosphere and oxygen condition in order to ensure maximum efficacy. It is the first and only formulation to use this technology.”

Daaaaamn.  Just…wow.  This cream works with your cells.  It literally turns back time and keeps your skin from aging.  Using natural ingredients.

My Results:

Ok, so day 1 I definitely woke up to glowing skin.  But to truly see results from a product, I like to use to for about a month.  I was traveling a bit last month so missed some days here and there.

But I will say, a month later, my skin is absolutely glowing from within.  The texture looks bouncy, like baby skin.  The wrinkles on my forehead are smoothed out.  Previously, I’d only found one other product that could actually do that.  I’d been debating trying some botox and I truly feel like this smoothed out those areas so much that my obsession with Googling “good botox – before and after” faded as significantly as my forehead lines.

In short, it works.  Really, really works.

I was at Trader Joes the other morning after the gym, completely sweaty and makeup free, and the checkout gal asked me what skin cream I use.  My first thought was “yep, this story is going in the review.”

It’s incredibly effective and I really do feel like it’s doing all the cellular things it promises.

How to Use:

Don’t throw out the box.  The cream comes in a black glass jar, so the product won’t spoil, as it has no chemical preservatives.  It also comes with a spatula, so that you don’t get your fingers in it and ruin that beautifully crafted cream, ya filthy animal.  (Home Alone was just on HBO, love that movie! Forgot how funny it was.)

I put my jar back in the container and the spatula on top, then cap that baby and say a thank you prayer that I own something so beautiful.

Because there are no preservatives, I do find that I have to use the spatula to mix up the product each time before I scoop a bit out to apply.  I feel like that’s how you know it really is natural and chemical free.

The product is thick, but absorbs easily and feels light.  I use one side of the spatula filled for my face, then another dip for my neck and chest.  Ladies in your teens and twenties, listen to me, put your skin cream on your neck.  In 10-20 years write me a thank you email:

innarah veno defense treatment creme all natural skincare best

innarah veno defense treatment creme all natural skincare best

Scoop a bit out on the spatula to keep it sanitary.

innarah veno defense treatment creme all natural skincare best

Super thick, but blends easily and absorbs right away!

innarah veno defense treatment creme all natural skincare best

How I store my jar and spatula.

The Wrap Up:

It takes a lot to impress me when it comes to skincare and this product floored me.  My results were incredible.  If you are looking for an all natural skincare product that actually works, and cost is not an issue, here’s your brand.

Innarah, your products work, you rock!

You can find Innarah on their just launched {amazon} store and

Thank you for reading!  What’s the fanciest beauty product you own?  Let me know below.

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