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/ July 7, 2016

Ahava Dead Sea Firming Body Cream Review

Summa, summa, summa time.  Time to sit back and unwind.

I don’t know about you, but I am feeling this summer.  It’s been a great one so far!

I’ve been outside a ton, gone swimming a few times and already have one amazing vacation under my belt. (Vegas, baby, Vegas!)

I started using this Ahava body cream about a month ago.  I was thinking how crazy it is that I spend so much time and money on creams and serums for my face, but my body always gets the short end of the stick when it comes to moisturizers.  I shouldn’t say it totally get the short end, as I use a really high quality sunblock to help prevent sun damage.

However, I wanted to see what would happen if I used a body lotion that offered skin care results similar to a high end face cream, instead of my drug store favs.  Which are great, but I really wanted to see if there was a difference in how my skin looked.  I’m like…basically a scientist, you guys, ha!

Enter: Ahava Dead Sea Plants firming cream.

  • 6.8oz bottle retails for $39.
  • available at Ulta and online at Amazon.

I did receive this as a PR sample, but it will and has received the same level of scrutiny as my normal purchases.

The packaging is pretty straight forward.  The flip top is great and the design is simple.  It is a plastic tube, which I love, because I’m a tube cutter!  I always cut my plastic tubes in half to get to the bottom, which is very classy, I know.

The real magic in this lotion is the performance.  The lotion sinks in right away, isn’t greasy, deeply moisturizes, but doesn’t make my skin slippery, just smooth.  The scent is light and fresh.

On the Amazon page, the lotion claims to firm your skin and ‘define lost contours.’  I’m not sure if this is trying to claim that it reduces cellulite, or just tone and tighten your skin.  The actual package says ‘refines body skin tone.’

ahava beauty blog review firming body lotion


My results were awesome: an overall noticeable tone on my skin, which was starting to look crepe-y.  The top layer would kind of move around if that makes any sense.  But now my skin has a healthy look to it and definitely feels tighter.  This didn’t ‘define any contours’ (cellulite/abs) in terms of losing inches, but again, I’m not totally clear on what that claim means.  I just know that my skin looked firmer all over.  Everything feels a little tighter after I use this and the skin looks more toned.  My skin looks like one layer again, instead of a bottom layer with skin that moves around on top, if that makes any sense!

Also, I spent an entire day of my Vegas vacation in pools and the MGM lazy river, which I highly recommend.  The skin on my legs was NOT pleased with me, probably from the chlorine.  I did get some small rashes/dry patches on my legs from spending the whole day in chlorine, as my skin is really sensitive.  I didn’t bring this cream with me to Vegas (I flew and carried on).  Last night at home, I put it all over my legs and woke up this morning to baby soft legs with no dry or itchy spots.  Praise.

Overall, I’m impressed.  This skin cream has made a noticeable difference in my skin.  I struggle with “splurging” for a body cream, but I would repurchase the Ahava.  That’s huge for me.  It really gives nice results and I do want to start treating the skin on my body as nicely as I treat the skin on my face and eyes.

Thank you for reading!  As always, I hope these product reviews are helpful.

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