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/ February 3, 2014

Jergen’s BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream | Review & Demo

Well.  It finally happened.  There is now a BB cream for … your body.

And … I like it.  A lot actually.

BB cream stands for “Beauty Balm” and is a step up from a tinted moisturizer in that it usually includes ingredients that help your skin in the long run (antioxidents, etc).  Generally that have slightly more coverage that a tinted moisturizer.  BB creams have only been made for the face before.

When I saw that Jergen’s was coming out with a BB cream for your body I thought it would be similar to an instant tan-for-a-day bronzing cream.  Like  Victoria’s Secret bronzing cream.  I love a bronze lotion, but sometimes the bronze tint does rub off on my lighter clothing.

I purchased the Jergen’s BB cream for body in Light.  There is also a Deep shade available.  I purchased the travel size, 2 oz. for $2.99.  The full size is 7.5 oz. which retails for $11.99.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the cream doesn’t have a tint or a shimmer.  It claims to “hydrate and illuminate.”  This cream and I have the same life goals.

It blends into skin easily and has no greasy aftermath.  My skin did feel hydrated and soft.  The illumination was so subtle, with just the right amount of sheen.  No obvious shimmer or tint.  The scent was fresh and light.  My skin did look perfectly “lit” from the illumination.

I have only used it twice so I didn’t notice the long term “skin evening” benefits the lotion promises.

My only downside, and this goes for most products, not just Jergen’s, is that I wish the ingredients were a bit more natural.  I think it’s sort of backwards that we see all natural products as a little “out there/hippy/crunchy” and products with lab created chemicals as “mainstream.”  Ok, off my soapbox now, but pretty please Beauty Companies more natural ingredients!

Overall:  I love this cream.  I will definitely repurchase it and would also like to try the Deep shade to see the difference in color.  It sinks in easily, smells great, and perfects the look of your skin.



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