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/ April 24, 2014

It Cosmetics CC Cream “Your Skin But Better” Spf 50+ | Review & Swatches

I received a sample of It Cosmetics CC cream with my order of some their brushes.  The sample came in Medium and I used it three times.  I was so impressed with it that I wanted to review it even before ordering the full size.  I have since ordered a full size and a limited edition jumbo size.  It’s that good.

The full size is 1.08 oz and retails for $38.

It comes in five shades: fair, light, medium, tan, and rich.  It’s nice to see a CC cream with such a broad range of tones, as most come in just one or two shades.

This CC cream claims to be a full coverage foundation, moisturizer and skin care cream all in one.

I think It Cosmetics should change their claim to “a full coverage CC cream” or “a medium coverage foundation.”  It covers more thoroughly than any other CC or BB cream I’ve tried.  The incredible coverage is one of my favorite things about this cream.

I feel like It Cosmetics is setting up the wrong expectations for customers by calling it full coverage foundation.  It is definitely a full coverage CC cream.  Meaning it gives my skin a glow that CC creams give, amazing coverage, and a moisturized look and feel.

I have some light acne scars on my left cheek.  I needed about two-three layers to achieve full covering of the light redness there.  On the rest of my face, one application was enough to even out my skin tone and eliminate minor redness and skin color variation.

This CC cream gave my skin a nice even glow.  It has no sparkle or sheen that can come with CC and BB creams.  This is a huge plus for me!

It did not settle in the fine lines on my forehead or around my eyes.


I found that the CC cream looked the best for the first 3 to 4 hours, then the coverage did start to wear down as I went about my day.  It stayed smooth (no weird looking patchy gaps, or scaly looking flaking).  Just overall some of the redness around my nose and on my forehead started to show more as the day went on.

Texture & Wear:

With this cream, I had no irritation or break outs.  It felt smooth and comfortable on my skin the entire wear.  I did wear it over my Jergen’s Daily Glow moisturizer, because I have dry skin and it was extra dry as I was on the East Coast on vacation in COLD December.  Using a moisturizer underneath my CC or BB cream is standard for me, however.  Unless it’s extremely humid and hot.

I did not use it long enough to notice the anti-aging benefits.

Standout Feature:

SPF 50+.  Amen.  Finally.  This is an amazing sun protection level to get from a makeup.  IT Cosmetics, you have my heart.  My pale-pale-always-burns-never-tans heart.

Best for:

I think this CC cream would be amazing for someone who doesn’t want to wear foundation every day, but does want a bit more coverage than the average tinted moisturizer or CC or BB cream.  Also, if you are starting to notice your foundation settling into forehead and crow’s feet fine lines, this would be a great switch.  It is more moisturizing than a traditional foundation, so it will be softer looking on those fine lines.

Overall Impression:
This cream makes your skin flawless.  It has such incredible coverage, but feels lightweight and makes your skin glow, without a hint of shimmer.  It made my skin feel moisturized, not tight or heavy, and had just the right amount of illumination.  This is hands down the best C.C. cream I have ever used.  This is the perfect face product for someone who wants full ski coverage, but doesn’t want to wear foundation every day.  This is great for skin with wrinkles or lines, as it doesn’t settle into fine lines.  This cream is amazing!

You can find It Cosmetics online at Ulta.

It-Cosmetics-Your-Skin-But-Better-CC-Cream-SPF-50-review-swatches-Medium.jpeg It-Cosmetics-Your-Skin-But-Better-CC-Cream-SPF-50-review-swatches-Medium.jpeg

Perfect amount of illumination, with no shimmer.
Perfect amount of illumination, with no shimmer.

It-Cosmetics-Your-Skin-But-Better-CC-Cream-SPF-50-review-swatches-light.jpeg It-Cosmetics-Your-Skin-But-Better-CC-Cream-SPF-50-review-swatches-light.jpeg It-Cosmetics-Your-Skin-But-Better-CC-Cream-SPF-50-review-swatches-light.jpegIt-Cosmetics-Your-Skin-But-Better-CC-Cream-SPF-50-review-swatches-light.jpeg

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  1. Love how detailed this review is. I think we have a similar skin type! What is your favorite medium to full coverage foundation that lasts all day?

  2. How is it with flash photography? considering the 50spf is amazing would you suggest something else for a wedding? Does it cause a white cast to face?

    • I haven’t tried the IT CC cream for photos, because I do like a slightly heavier coverage when I know I am taking photos 🙂 But I love how moisturizing it is for daily use!! I really like how the Charlotte Tilbury foundation photographs and it has no SPF and nice, light coverage that can be built to medium coverage. I hope this helps!

    • I do! I use either my Physician’s Formula Nude Wear Powder or my Chanel Pressed Powder. I press it into my T-zone, then just dust the rest of my face lightly if it’s hot out.

  3. I loved this product too! I had never given a thought to BB or CC creams until I came across your blog.

    I live in Houston and it get SUPER humid and icky here (plus my skin is on the oily side) so I was erring on the side of avoiding full-coverage makeup to prevent crazy breakouts. Typically if I apply concealer or highlighter to my skin it breaks out by the end of the day or the next morning if I forget to take off my makeup. After reading your posts on what BB and CC is and how they look on your skin, i thought I would give a BB cream a try. I told the makeup attendant at ULTA I was looking for a BB with a smooth appearance and moisturizing sun protection. He recommended the IT cosmetic CC cream. I was reluctant because I didn’t think I wanted that much tint and its a little more expensive than the makeup I usually buy but I bought it anyway because you had given it a thumbs up. It is AMAZING. Unless I find another CC cream that is pure magic, I will be using this cream for a very long time. I’m glad you posted on this product.

    You rock 🙂

    • Thank you!! I’m so glad the post helped! The It Cosmetics CC cream is so good. Glad you like it too. It’s supposed to have skin care benefits but I have to wear foundation so often that I haven’t gotten to wear this solid for a month yet. But glad you are loving it!!