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/ April 23, 2014

Sunday Riley Start Over Active Eye Cream Review

Sunday Riley is a new brand to me.  NEW.  BRAND.  Can you feel my excitement?  I was looking for a hair product at Sephora when I came across this brand.  I literally walked past it, saw the name, then walked backwards with my eyes locked on it to really take it all in.  My version of a moonwalk.  Ha!

This “Start Over Active Eye Cream” promises to improve the appearance of puffy eyes, dark circles, and skin damage.  I am mostly concerned with fine lines that are starting around my eyes, but all these promises were too much to pass up!


This eye cream retails for $85 for 1 oz.  I know.  At first that sounds like a lot.  But this cream is twice the size of the average eye cream.  So that’s actually kind of an amazing deal, especially for a high-end brand and also considering how well it works.

The saleswoman at Sephora made me a 30-day sample, because that’s how long it takes for skin cells to turn over.  Meaning it takes a month to see change and see if a product works for you.  I highly recommend asking for a sample if you want to test this product before purchasing.


There are a lot of very, very good things about this eye cream and one bad thing.  So let’s just get that bad thing out of the way.  This cream stung my eyes.  For the first thirty seconds after applying, it stung and made my eyes water.  After about 30 seconds to a minute, everything was back to normal.  Why recommend an eye cream that stings?

This stuff works.  And works.  And works.

Dark circles were visibly lighter, the skin did seem lighter and brighter around my eyes, and most of all the skin under my eyes was taut.  Not a bag in sight.  I had my family in town for a week, ate out every night (Salt!), barely slept, and had way more alcohol than I normally would.  Plus I laughed all day long with them.

Every morning, I’d wake up to the smoothest skin under my eyes.  It almost became a game to me, let’s see how gross I can be the night before and how amazing my skin will look from this cream in the morning.  Chips!  Guacamole!  Sure, another glass of wine?  Why not!

Every morning, I’d wake up to the tightest, smoothest skin underneath my eyes.  Not a bag or a spot of puffiness anywhere.

If you have any sort of issue with under eye puffiness, this is the cream for you.  I wish I had gotten better photos of my eyes from the front, but I didn’t anticipate such a huge change with the puffiness.  I thought the change would mostly be at the outer corners of my eyes.  When I purchase the cream, I’ll add more photos from the front.

sunday-riley-start-over-eye-cream-active-review-results-demo-photos.jpeg sunday-riley-start-over-eye-cream-active-review-results-demo-photos.jpegOverall, I highly recommend this cream.  The eye watering for the first minute is something that I hope the company will work on because this eye cream is one of the most effective I have ever used.  Everyone needs to try it!  I will definitely be purchasing a full size.

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  1. You are that bomb, lol, seriously, my kids are getting mad at me because since I found your blog I haven’t put my phone down for the past three and a half hours, I love your reviews and this eye cream is definitely something I am going to get a sample of, it’s not a need its a must have I can’t stand getting wrinkles :)and believe you me at 41 I’m getting them, Uugghh should have started earlier sun protection, I woke up about five years ago, anyways just wanted you to know how much I like to read your reviews. I’ll be eagerly awaiting them. thanks 🙂 Gina

  2. Hi, does it leave like a powdery residue? Almost like egg whites after being applied to the skin? These results are amazing!
    Have you tried YSL Douche Eclat? And if so, your thoughts?
    Thankyou for this information, making choices so much easier x

    • This eye cream absorbed quickly for me, with no residue left behind. The results are pretty crazy!! I think I will be getting the full size in the next Sephora VIP sale. I haven’t tried the YSL touche eclat yet, but I did get sent a sample with my last order so Ill try it soon and do a post on it! 🙂 So glad the blog is helpful to you!!