Makeup for Strawberry Blondes | My Favorite Products and Shades

by Molly Gardner

I’m so excited to update my list of makeup products I use everyday as a Strawberry Blonde.  I got a lot of feedback that the past posts were really helpful in finding perfect shades.  And since that’s the whole point of this shin-dig, that made me really happy.  I love that someone can go out and buy the perfect shade on try #1.

Previously, I’d split this post up into drugstore and high-end options.  However for this post I decided to put them all together, as I use them daily mixed high-and-low like this.

If you have any questions on a specific dupe for a high-end product or a discontinued item that you want to see, feel free to ask below in the comments.  I think it’s really helpful to ask there, because someone else might be wondering the same thing.

Ok, BROWS.  I’m not a natural redhead and don’t color my brows.  I know some people like to be more of an exact match with brows and hair, but I like the slight variance in color between my brows and hair.

However, I grew up in the Pamela Anderson Age of The Skinny Eyebrow.  I over plucked mine forever into these super thin arches and now I have really skimpy ends and bald patches.  So for me to create a natural looking brow, I need to first create the shape of an eyebrow, which I do with a darker, ashier shade.  I’ve tried it with lighter, caramel toned shades and it just looked super fake.

So now I create the structure of my brows with my natural brown brow color and add a few brow strokes throughout and especially on the bald areas.  Then fill in the rest with a caramel color to help my brows match my strawberry blonde hair a bit more.  If you have naturally red brows, then just skip the brown and use the caramel shades.  I hope that all makes sense.

But that is why you will see darker brown shades and some caramel shades listed under brows.

Now that all the housekeeping notes are taken care of, LET’S DIVE IN, SHALL WE?

Agh, wait.

Please note, each section is in no particular order, as they are all shades that I love.  The numbers are there just to keep everything straight, as I have so many suggestions.  You can click right on the underlined part for a shopping link.

Ok, for real.  Here we go.




1 | Josie Maran Argan Highlighter Wand .36oz, $28.  The creamiest highlighter, tons of pigment, amazing/perfect champagne shade.  This wand contains a ton of natural and organic ingredients.  It’s an absolute gem of a highlighter.  It looks so natural on and melts into the skin for a dewy glow.

2 | Becca Cosmetics $19-$41 – Moonstone, Opal, Rose Gold (as blush topper), Champagne Pop liquid version.  Hot tip: Sephora sells a travel size version of the liquid highlight for $19.  It is a generous .68 oz.  This will last the average gal a very long time.  These Becca highlighters are great in the powder form, as they don’t get that heavy powder look on the skin.  The liquid and cream versions are also incredible.  The cream is slightly more pigmented once blended and the liquid gives a *flawless* glow-from-within, skin-of-a-teenager look.

I like Moonstone when I’ve super pale, Opal when I’m faux tanned or have gotten a bit of sun, Rose Gold looks pretty dusted over the apples of the cheeks, and Champagne Pop looks pretty year-round.  I’ve realized I prefer the liquid version of Champagne Pop – it melts into the skin and the shade is perfect for Strawberry Blondes.

3 | Benefit High Beam .33oz $26.  Travel size .13oz $12.  Hot tip #2:  You are probably catching my drift here, buy travel size when possible.  Highlighters are a product you need so little of, so a “travel size” will last you years.

This is one of my OG highlighters that I’ve been using for 10+ years.  Before anyone ever even knew what “highlighting” or “strobing” was, I would dab, dab, dab three little dots of this on top of my cheekbones and blend it all in.  When my friends would see our group photos they would always ask “How do you make your skin look like that!?”  Highlighting, my friends, highlighting. Haha!

I always get overwhelmed by trying to switch up my products and use everything I own.  But whenever I come back to High Beam, I remember how good it is.  So, so good.  It gives this crazy dewy, other-worldy glow and yep – looks awesome in photos.

4 | Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit 1.04 total oz.,  $40 – Sun Dipped.  This kit contains four, count ’em, FOUR full size highlighters.  They are super pigmented and blend into the skin like a dream.  I love the versatility of being to mix shades.  The bronze shade looks amazing on the collarbones and shoulders for warmer summer months.  I’m so impressed by this kit and can’t believe the price.  These break down to $10 a piece and come in a magnetic palette.  Amazing deal and quality.  I love mixing Summer and Moonstone for a cheek and nose highlight.  These also work well with other products, so sometimes I’ll apply a liquid highlighter but if I want super bling-y highlight, I’ll pop a little of these over top.

5 | Benefit Watt’s Up cream stick .33z, $30.  I’m not kidding, I’ve had the same travel size version of this highlighter for years.  It’s SO pigmented, the tiniest swipe on each cheekbone is all you need.  It’s a gorgeous champagne shade and looks really natural on the skin.  I always pack this travel size version in my travel makeup bag and use everyday, even with a bare face.  Dab a little on bare skin before you head to breakfast and people will think you went to bed before 11pm.  Seriously.

  • Limited Edition buy: Benefit Highlighter Hotshots Set, 3 travel size products for $18!  This set contains both Highbeam .13oz , and Watts Up .08 oz, as well as Sun Beam .13oz which makes a nice body highlighter with a faux tan.  Insane deal – grab while you can!!

6 | e.l.f. Beautifully Bare Highlighting Stick .08oz, $4.  – Fresh Morning Dew.  If you want more of a natural, dewy skin glow vs a bolder highlight, this is a great option.  It reminds me of the clear glossy side of the Limited Edition Pat McGrath highlighters or the super amazing Tom Ford highlight.

7 | Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate .49oz, $82 – Shade 01.  Now, I’m not going to pretend that Tom Ford is ever a bargain – it is a luxury brand.  However, I will say their products are GENEROUSLY proportioned.  This duo pan contains .49oz of product.  It’s a lot of product and that makes each section – highlight and contour – $41 each.  Which is on par with the rest of the products mentioned.  What I love about this highlighter as that it has the dewiest finish.  Whenever I want a hyper glossy glow, but not traditional highlight, I grab this.  It’s so fresh and pretty and has a gorgeous sheen on the skin.



A close up of the e.l.f. and Tom Ford highlighters because they were harder to see properly in the group shot.


1 | Fiona Stiles Sheer Sculpting Palette $28 – Light/Medium and Medium/Deep with faux tan.  A wonderful, natural looking powder contour. I got to meet Fiona Stiles when she did an Ulta Beauty appearance and she did my makeup. Let me tell you, it was one of the best looking days of my life.

Her products are nice and sheer but still have lots of pigment.  I don’t know how to describe them, but that’s the closest I can get.  She said she modeled thee contours after a Japanese powder and I wish I had asked her the name!!!

2 | Fenty Beauty Match Stix $25 – Amber.  This is my new favorite cream contour!!  This is the most perfect cream contour shade that I have been able to find.

These Match Stix contours (they come in 3 shades total) swipe on and blends so quickly and beautifully!  I get my whole contour done in less than 30 seconds now.

Also, my contour stick looks new and I’ve been using it for a year.  It’s also super easy to travel with!

3 | Becca Lowlight Sculpting Cream Contour .28 oz, $38.  Another great cream contour option.  It’s slightly thicker and darker than the Maskcara Walnut cream contour shade.  As with all cream contour shades, if you mix it up a bit, you’ll get better results.  Take a clean and sanitized foundation spatula (put alcohol on a cotton ball and rub over ends) and mix up a small section of the product.  This will help it blend more easily into your skin.  This Becca lowlight is a gorgeous contour shade that is a true shadow color.  No warmth, which is what you want for contour.  I find that the Becca cream really stays in place and gives a nice contour.

4 | L’Oreal Infallible Pro Contour Palette .24oz, $13 – Light.  I only use the contour portion of this powder duo, but it’s a pretty great light contour shade!  I keep this in my car makeup bag for quick touch ups or “parking lot” 5-minute makeup.  I highly recommend applying with a fan brush.  The brush that came with it is not good (they never are!)  But the contour shade itself is really beautiful and ashy.  I recommend dusting it on lightly and building.  It’s slightly harder to blend than other powders, but with a light hand during application, it looks very natural.

5 | Kevyn Aucoin The Sculpting Powder .11oz, $44 – Light.  This powder also works well applied with a light hand.  Dust it on for very natural looking contour.  If applied with a dense brush or a too heavy hand, it came be difficult to blend.  But applied properly, dusting on with a fan brush, and you are good to go.  If you are more light or light to medium skin tone, this value set with the medium shade powder included is an amazing deal.

6 | Jordana Sculpt N Go Contour Stick .26oz, $5 Walgreens, $8 Amazon w/free shipping, $8 Beauty Bay (international shipping) – Light.  This is a surprisingly great find at this under $10 price point!  This contour stick is pigmented, creamy, and easy to blend.  It looks very natural on, so it’s not for those who want a bold highlight.  But I think it’s price, pigment, ease of blending, and natural tone make this a great contour for beauty beginners.



1 | Becca Cosmetics Mineral Blush .2oz, $32 – Flowerchild.  This is the blush shade that goes with everything.  Smokey eye, red lip, whatever makeup I’m wearing, Flowerchild goes with it.  It’s such a stunning peachy pink shade.  Becca has mastered the powder formula.  Seriously, their powders melt into skin and look so natural.

2 | Becca Beach Tint  .24oz, $25 – Guava + Grapefruit.  This was one of those products that came in a value set and I put it in a drawer and didn’t touch it for a year.  Then for whatever reason I pulled it out while moving and now I use it all the time, I actually can’t stop using these.  I love how these tints blend seamlessly with your skin.  They look like a natural flush.  But they add just enough color and do last hours.  There are tons of colors, but Guava adds just the right amount of oomph for me.  Grapefruit is great for a more peachy-pink look.  I love to apply one of these tints and then dust just a bit of the Flowerchild powder blush over top.  It’s a great long-lasting combo that looks so natural but adds the perfect amount of color.

3 | E.L.F. Aqua Blush + Bronzer .29oz, $6 – Bronzed Pink Beige + Bronzed Peach.  The texture of this blush and bronzer are so cool.  They are a bit more bouncy than a cream formula and are a little cool/wet feeling when you first apply them.  I love the flushed look them give you.  The bronzer is also a really nice shade.  e.l.f. prices are insane for how great the quality is.

4| Kjaer Weis Cream Blush .123oz – Sun Touched. 1: refill (for magnetic case) $32 2: blush + metal case $56.  Kjaer Weis is a luxury organic makeup company.  I’ve done a post before on their products {here}.  Sun Touched has become one of those stand out shades for me.  It looks incredible on just about everyone, but especially Strawberry Blondes.  There is no shimmer and the cream formula melts into the skin and looks like water color.  I tell everyone (who will listen) about this blush.  It’s absolutely stunning.  It is a luxury line, but their refills are reasonably priced for the quality level and all products are packaged in biodegradable cardboard.  I pop them into a magnetic palette.  You can also get the metal case if you plan on getting ready at home and like your makeup to look pretty on your vanity.  But I go for the refills.

5 | Milani Baked Blush .12oz, $7.50 – Luminoso.  This blush shade is universally flattering.  I’ve never seen one color look so good on so many skin tones.  I love just a little bit popped right on to the center of the cheeks.

6 | Tom Ford Cheek Color .28oz, $60 – Flush.  My gosh this is a pretty shade.  Every time I open this blush, I just stare for a minute.  It’s a great shade for days you need a color boost.  It adds so much to your cheeks and face, it really lights it up, but doesn’t look clown-ish at all.  I love this formula, it becomes one with the skin, rare for powders.  I also think it has great longevity.  This is a great pick-me-up blush shade.  And it’s another huge pan from Tom Ford.  It is pricey, but they do not skimp on the amount they give you!  This blush will last you a long time.




1 | Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz .003oz, $21 – Caramel + Medium Brown.   I feel like this is the brow pencil that started the brow “fever.”  Brow Wiz is I believe Anastasia Beverly Hills most popular selling product.  I will say this, it (like all thin tipped, wind up, no sharpened pencils) contains a very small amount of product.  I feel like use these sparingly, so they tend to last me quite a while still.  I like to draw the outline of brows with this pencil and go over any bald spots.  The tip is so thin that it’s easy to make small lines that look like hairs.  It has a spoolie brush on the other end, so you can brush your brows up to start and at the end to blend the product if needed.

2 | Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow .14oz, $18 – Caramel.  Once I’ve got my brows framed, I will put the tiniest amount of this pomade on the back of my hand or edge of the container, so I can control how much I’m using. A little of brow pomades goes A LONG way and it’s so easy to go overboard.  But I do love how it keeps my brows in place, so I use a small amount.  I’ll work a small bit in hair like strokes throughout my brows to keep them in place and add a bit of warmth and strawberry blonde tones to blend my brows with my hair color more.

3 | Benefit Ka-Brow with Brush .1oz, $24 – shade 3.  The Benefit shade 3 is SO similar to the Caramel shade from ABH.  I also like this formula, it applies smoothly and stays put.  This one comes with a cap in the brush, that is actually incredible.  So if you need a brush or appreciate the convenience factor, this is a great product for you.

4| e.l.f. Beautifully Bare Eyebrow Tint .28oz, $5 – Medium + Clear.  I recently got to go to e.l.f. store in Glendale.  It’s a beauty lovers dream store, the way it’s set up is so beautiful.  I never would have tried this brow tint if I hadn’t stopped by!  It gives your brows the most natural, born-with-this tint ever.  It hold your brows in place and is just all-around a great brow product.  I still have to fill in the shape and ends of my brows (those dang bald spots), but this is a great setting gel.  The clear is also wonderful for setting brows and giving a natural hair like sheen.  It truly resembles what your brows look like right after a tint.  I honestly can’t believe how great this product is.  Also, the brush is super skinny, so application is easy.  If I get a little product onto my skin by accident, I just wipe it up before it sets.  An incredible new product from e.l.f.

5 | The Brow Gal Eyebrow Gel – Clear (water resistant) $20.  This is the best brow gel I have ever used.  It holds brows whichever way you want – sideways, straight up.  It’s not sticky or super crunchy, it just holds.  It is also water resistant, so great for summer.  I put this over both pencils and brow pomades and it works with all formulas beautifully.

6 | Benefit High Brow Pencil .1oz, $20.   This is one of those products that I was like “nah, I probably don’t need.”  And then you draw a super thin little line under your eyebrow and your whole face looks lifted and refreshed and your eyes look brighter and I’m like “holy macaroni, what witchcraft is in this pencil?”  It makes such a subtleg, but big difference every time I use it.

7 | Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo .03oz, $23 – Caramel.  If you are blessed with a strong brow shape and just want to fill them in a bit to make them look thicker, powder is a great choice for you.  I love this ABH one, because it has a darker shade that you can use on the ends and a lighter shade for the front of your brows and to blend with the deeper shade at the middle and ends.  Love that it has two coordinating brow shades in one container.

8 | DHC Eyebrow Perfect Pro Set (being discontinued) – Black Brown Pencil $3.25, Soft Brown Powder $3.75, Pencil holder (to connect both sides) $2.50.  OR Pencil + Brush $7 or Powder + Brush $7.  Shipping $4.95.  This brow set is totally customizable.  You can put both your pencil and powder together, or get them separately and put a brush on each end. I love how fast this pencil is.  For some reason it is the easiest to apply out of all my pencils.  I brush my brows up, then use the narrow end of the pencil to create a brow shape where my natural brows are sparse.  Once I have the shape defined and filled in as needed, I uncap the powder side.  It has a little powder reserve in the tip of the cap and comes out with the perfect amount already on the sponge.  I just dab the sponge onto my brows as needed (I always go center first, a little on the ends and then whatever is left on the sponge onto the front part of my brows).  It takes me under a minute to do each brow.  I love this stuff.  I’m sad to see it’s being discontinued.  But the clearance prices are amazing and you could get a fill brow set for under $20, including shipping.

9 | Anastasia Beverly Hills Tinted Brow Gel .32oz, $22 – Caramel.  This tinted brow gel gives your brow hair a natural sheen.  Perfect if they are looking a little flat after filling in with a pencil, like mine can get.  Use sparingly, or it can feel crunchy.  But it really adds such a beautiful caramel tint like no other gel I have tried.  Also, can you tell how much I adore Anastasia Beverly Hills for their Caramel tone?  It’s such a gorgeous red shade, with the perfect amount of brown blended into the formula so that it never looks fake or ruddy.  It’s just such a great shade, in all of their formulas.

10 | Benefit Precisely, My Brow Skinny Brow Pencil .002oz, $24 – shade 3 or 4.  This is another super skinny pencil, which I love for creating brow structure and filling in bald patches.  I love Benefit’s shades, I really feel like they and Anastasia do the best red tones while still keeping them natural looking and not muddy red.

  •  limited edition value kit featuring a full size Precisely, My Brow pencil, full size High Brow, and mini size brow conditioner (to grow fuller/healthier brows) for $34 (!)



1 | Tom Ford The Ultimate Bronzer .3oz, $68 – Gold Dust.  Holy macaroni.  This bronzer is the cream-de-la-cream of bronzers.  It’s light and gives a natural skin finish.  It never looks like I’m wearing bronzer, no matter how much I pile on.  It just looks like I’m back from a vacation.

2 | Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer .38oz, $15 – Light.  Physician’s Formula has the lock down on drugstore bronzers.  They have every finish you could want – matte, satin, shimmer.  I LOVE that they have “Light” versions, fair skin honeys, you will love these.  They have a truly sunkissed shade, never orange.  Hot Tip: you can use your Ulta coupons on this brand.  I’ve always been happy with these bronzers and have tried several formulas.  The new Butter one is their best selling product and smells like a vacation.

3 | Bare Minerals Bareskin Sheer Sun Serum Bronzer 1oz, $28.  This liquid bronzer can feel a little tricky the first time you use it.  I recommend putting a drop on the back of your hand, dipping a foundation or kabuki brush into the liquid evenly, then applying it in the traditional bronzer “3” shape (forehead, cheekbone, jaw line).   I always make sure to pack this for summer vacations because it guarantees my foundation will always look right, even if I get a little sun.  If I’ve gotten deeper, then I just add one drop directly to my foundation to make the foundation a shade deeper all over.  It looks completely natural on, the tone is just perfect, nice and bronzing, with no orange in sight.  It’s a great bronzer!!   Satin (natural skin) finish.

4 | Benefit Dew The Hoola Liquid Bronzer 1oz, $28.  This is a matte liquid highlighter.  It’s also so light that it’s perfect for fair skin.  It literally gives my skin a hint of natural brown warmth, with no orange tones.  It smells incredible.  I apply the same way as the Bare Minerals.  Liquid bronzers are SO easy to wear and blend in flawlessly once you get the hang of application.  They are a new favorite of mine.

5 | no 7 Match Made Bronzer .352oz, $13 – Golden Sands.  I just tried this brand for the first time this year and love this shade of their bronzer.  Also, the packaging/ powder design looks like a high end brand.  The bronzer is a nice matte formula.  On hotter days this summer when my skin had enough natural *glisten* I would reach for this matte shade and get a nice natural looking sun kissed-without-sparkle look.  It is pigmented, so I recommend to use sparingly.

6 | Becca Cosmetics Sunlit Bronzer .25oz, $38 – Bali Sands + Capri Coast.  I said it before about Becca highlighters and it’s worth repeating:  They have their powder formula on LOCK.  Their powders are so creamy and the formula is just incredible.  This bronzer melts into my skin and looks so natural.  There is just the perfect amount of glimmer for a satin skin finish.  This bronzer just looks so incredibly natural.  Bali Sands is greta for very fair skin and Capri Coast works for my fair-to-light skin.


Eyeshadow Individuals

I highly recommend picking up an empty magnetic palette.  You can pop in eyeshadows, blushes, bronzers, and pressed powder.  They are perfect for someone who wants to have a smaller, curated makeup collection of favorite shades and/or for traveling.  It saves you a ton of space over having everything in individual containers.  Then you can purchase the refill tins of makeup products and end up saving money as well!  Z-palette makes some with a clear top and Maskcara makes gorgeous magnetic palettes that have excellent mirrors in them.

1 | Kjaer Weis – Grace. 1: Refill – pop into a magnetic case $27 2: shadow and metal case $45.  If you are going to buy one eyeshadow shade, make it Kjaer Weis in Grace.  It’s the perfect crease shade for fair skin.  It literally melts into the skin and the finish is slightly satin, without being overtly shimmery.  I use it to create the structure of my eyeshadow shape, then dab a different shade onto the center of my eyelid.  It truly just looks like a shadow on the skin.  I’ve been obsessed with it from day 1 of trying it.  It’s the perfect shade, formula, and finish.  Yep, it is pricey, so if you have a magnetic palette, buy the refill pan and pop it in.  I’ve been using my same pan for over 2 years.  So overall for longevity it’s a great value.

2 | Kjaer Weis – Wisdom. 1: Refill $27 2: shadow + case $45.  Another pretty watercolor shade.  I love this shade for more dramatic looks.  It’s a pretty mauve/grey toned shade.  It looks awesome worked into the outer v of the eye for a smokey eye, or traced over eyeliner to gently smudge it out.

2 | Makeup Geek $6 – Barcelona Beach (refill – must be put in magnetic case).  This is a great budget-friendly matte crease shade.  It’s cool toned and creates a beautiful eyeshadow shape.  I have one in my personal kit and one in my makeup artist kit.  It’s a great tone and nice matte formula.  It always looks fresh, never chalky.

3 | Makeup Geek $6 – Cocoa Bear (refill – must be put in magnetic case).  This shade totally surprised me.  It seemed way too dark and warm toned for me at first just looking at in the pan.  But one day I went -wild- and ya know, actually tried it.  I used Barcelona Beach first, then with a slightly smaller crease brush, put Cocoa Bear into my crease also, just slightly not as spread out as the lighter shade.  It created such a gorgeous, but not over done smokey eye.

4 | Makeup Geek $6 – Unexpected (refill – must be put in magnetic case) I love light mauve shades for redheads.  It’s so flattering.  This shade looks like it might be super purple, but I mix a little with Barcelona Beach for my crease shade and it is a super pretty neutral tone.

5 | MAC Cosmetics $16 – Tempting.  Also a part of the 15 shade palette $65.  I got this eyeshadow in a gift bag years ago and used it on myself often.  When I started doing makeup professionally I added this shade to my kit and noticed that it looked good on almost everyone.  It’s a really pretty shade to smudge underneath the lower lash line, with a soft pencil brush.  It really makes eyes glimmer and it’s a great medium tone.

6 | Sephora Colorful Shadow + Liner $14 – Kaki.  Full disclosure, I haven’t actually used this crayon on my eyes.  I swatched it last week at Sephora when I was looking for dupes for discontinued shades.  I completely fell in love with this shade.  It’s the perfect green/bronzey combo.  A great way to get some green in the mix with it still being a fairly natural looking and easy to wear color.  It has 4.4 out of 5 stars and 2,363 good Sephora reviews, so I will be picking it up. I also love the Purple and Taupe shades.

7 | Charlotte Tilbury Color Chameleon Eyeshadow Pencil .06oz, $27 – Smokey Emerald, Golden Quartz, Dark Pearl.  Charlotte Tilbury shades are just out of this world.  You might think you have a shade like them, but hers always have a little unique spin that makes them extra gorgeous.  They are extremely pigmented and last forever.  These are the thicker pencils that can be drawn or dabbed across the eyelid.  To use them as liners, either keep them very sharp, or use a thin liner brush and run it across the pencil to pickup some pigment before applying as you would any cream eyeliner.

8 | Charlotte Tilbury Eyes To Mesmerize Cream Eyeshadow .24oz, $32 – Marie Antoinette, Veruschka.  These are my one-and-done shadows.  I love dabbing them across my lids for a little eye catching shimmer (that is somehow super adult and not glittery AT ALL).  I use a pointed synthetic brush (my favorite is only $5) to drawn a little under my eyes at my lower lash line.  They also look great with a smokey eye, dabbed on the center of the upper lid to add dimension.  Fun fact: Charlotte Tilbury used to create all the formulas and shades for Tom Ford.  So a lot of her formulas and shades are similar quality to TF at about half the price!  I do recommend using a setting spray with these, as they will fade without one.

9 | Stila Eyeshadow .09oz, $18 – Kitten.  I swear this pan will last you a lifetime.  I take the tiniest dab on a small fluffy brush and blend it into the inner corner of my eyes.  There is no other shade that compares for a shimmery inner eye shade.  It brightens the whole look of your eye.


Eyeshadow Palettes

1 | Urban Decay Smoky $27 (being discontinued).  Grab it while you can!  This palette has a great crease shade for fair skin and a ton or variety.

2 | Urban Decay Naked 3 $54.  These mauve and dusty purple-ish tones are ideal for a redhead.  They just look gorgeous on and the quality of Urban Decay eye shadows is always beautiful.  They seem pricey up front, but you do get 12 eyeshadows per palette.  I honestly wish they had subbed in a neutral light brown shade for the shade “Dust,” which is one I never use.  Then this would more of a 1-and-done palette for me.  But overall it’s just beautiful and the shades are so, so wearable and incredibly flattering.  Highly recommend.

3 | Viseart Neutral Mattes 01 $80.  This palette I know might seem a bit pricey at first, but hear me out.  This palette contains all neutral, staple, very wearable shades, and they are meant to be mixed.  If you want your shadow a bit more warm, mix in a tap of the orangey shade.  I find myself reaching for this palette quite a bit and yet it shows no signs of wear.  It breaks down to $6.67 per shadow, which is almost drugstore prices.  The quality is UNREAL.  The shadows blend out perfectly and just have such a high-end finish.  I always can tell a difference in how nicely my makeup turns out when I use this Viseart palette.  10/10 would buy again.

4 | Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance $42.  I bought this palette because I didn’t have anything else like it.  I wanted to have some burgundy shadows to play around with.  What has pleasantly surprised me out the palette is how many great neutral shades it has.  It’s totally possible to do a really colorful look or a completely basic day-to-day look.  Only 4 of the shades are a super vibrant burgundy/violet and the the other 10 are lovely neutrals.  The shadows are very pigmented and blend easily.  Gorgeous palette!

5 | Fiona Stiles Artist Palette (discontinued at Ulta, but possibly being picked up by another store).  Artist Quad $7 (down from $28) Meier – Smokey Taupe shades.  Oceanus – Blue Green (had a dupe for MAC blue brown pigment).  Man, I;m sad this line was discontinued at Ulta.  The shadows are beautiful – the way they blend and look on the eyes is next level.  The artist palette has a ton of great mauve and plum shades that I use daily.  I tried to find dupes everywhere and closest for the mauve shades is the Naked 3 palette.  I will update if I find an even closer match.

6 | Lorac Baked Trio – Bronze / PRO Star.  Discontinued, but occasionally pops up on Hautelook for around $10.  I don’t know why this was discontinued.  When applied wet, your eyes glimmer at an unreal level.  Perfect for nighttime.  Applied dry, you get a nice, natural glow for day.  These shadows are insane, snap them up when you see them on this site.  It’s a Nordstrom-owned site, so everything is authentic.

7 | Natasha Denona Eyeshadow Palette 5 .44oz, $48 – Version 10.  I received this palette in a limited edition Beautylish box.  My eye was drawn immediately to the bright Orchid shade.  The more and more I use this palette however, I realize the magic of this particular 5 shade palette is in the shade Satin Skin, Vintage, and Aubergine.  I still use the shades True Gold and Nina’s Orchid, but Aubergine in particular has become an almost daily staple for me.

These are huge pans by the way, at 2.5 grams each, and retail for $25-$29 on their own, for a total of $141 for five shades.  So the palette at $48 is a great deal.  Natasha’s shadows are made in Italy and the quality is legendary.  The pigment is incredible and they blend beautifully.  I would say that Natasha Denona and Viseart shadows are tied for the world’s best quality eyeshadows.

The Aubergine shade is a gorgeous plum shade that is the perfect liner shade.  It’s also beautiful in a smokey eye.  I love topping my upper lid liner with the shadow.   The Satin Skin shade is pretty dusted over the lid for a neutral eye with a bit of sparkle.  I love the Vintage shade smudged into my lid as well for a mauve smokey eye.  It’s surprisingly wearable, even though it looks like it’s going to be a full-glitz kind of look.



1 | Lorac Front of the Line Pro Liquid Liner $23 – Black + Dark Brown.  There are two reasons I love this pen.  One, the tip is the finest out of any I have tried.  It’s SO easy to create a winged liner look with this pen.  If you think you can’t do a winged liner, try the Lorac Front of The Line.  Seriously.  Two, I like the the color layers easily, with no flaking.  One coat will get a modestly pigmented brown or black line.  Then you can go back over the line again and *pow* you have a super vibrant shade.  This is a very user-friendly pen.  You can also do one line of brown and go over it with a line of black for a custom tone.

2 | Fiona Stiles Eye Defining Pencil – Orchard (Discontinued)

DUPES: Trish McAvoy Intense Gel Eyeliner Pencil $25 – Deep Aubergine  Estee Lauder Double Wear Infinite Waterproof Eyeliner $25 – Deep Plum.  Plum eyeliner can seem so scary, I know.  But placed under a brown or plum eye shadow, it’s a super soft and flattering look.  I have started reaching for plum more and more often, it really ends up looking the most natural.

3 | Ardency Inn Smooth Ride Pencil Liner $20 – Coffee.  This is my ride-or-die, can not live without eye pencil.  I bring it out in just about every single tutorial I do.  I wear it almost daily.  It’s the perfect shade of brown, deep enough that it doesn’t come off too warm or sheer, but not so dark that it looks harsh against fair skin.  It stays on the waterline better than any other liner I’ve ever tried.  I can not recommend this pencil highly enough.  If you own just one eyeliner, make it this Ardency Inn pencil.  I found this (sold out everywhere else) trio of pencils for $29!

4 | Stila Stay All Day Liquid Eyeliner $20 – Black + Dark Brown.  Not kidding, I swatched a mint shade of this liner three days ago and it’s still on my arm.  Through 3 workouts, 3 showers, and 3 days of living.  This stuff stays on.

5 | Julep Gel Eye Color Pencil $14 – Smokey Taupe Shimmer.  This was one of those under-the-radar finds for me.  I liked it when I first bought it, but often overlooked it for a brown liner.  In the last few months I’ve had quite a few very early call times for work.  I starting grabbing it more and more and love how natural it looks but definitely adds sheen and dimension around my eyes.  It’s never harsh, even at 6am.  It also lasts really well and glides on easily. No tugging.  Julep is also a lot easier to find now that you can add it to an Ulta order.  Big fan!

6 | Tom Ford Eye Defining Pencil $36 – Metallic Mink.  To be totally honest, this isn’t the longest lasting formula out of all my picks.  However, this is a stunning shade, unlike anything else I own.  Tom Ford makeup is a luxury brand, so there is really no getting around the fact that this brand is on the pricier side.  But this color is really stunning and gives eyes such a gorgeous sparkle.  Comes with a sharpener that is actually really great quality.

7 | Sephora Collection Contour Eye Pencil 12 hr Wear Waterproof .04oz, $10 – Flirting Game Taupe.  I was in Sephora looking for a dupe for a discontinued eyeliner when I found this shade.  It’s a stunning taupe with a bit of shimmer.  I love adding some shimmer eyeliner when I really want my eyes to sparkle.  Sephora Collection is Sephora’s own line of products.  The quality rivals all the high end brands they sell and the price point is fantastic.

8 | Charlotte Tilbury Rock N’Kohl liner .04oz, $27 – Barbarella Brown.  This was one of my first products from Charlotte Tilbury.  It has great staying power and the brown is a rich brown, not sheer or with red tones.  It’s a great brown shade.

9 | H+M Eyeliner .04oz, $7 – Raw Umber + Mighty Oak.  Did you know h+m has a makeup line?  And it’s actually really good.  Like, really, really good.  These liners glide on, so smoothly, and last all day.  I’m obsessed with these shades.  They look and feel a zillion times more luxurious than their $7 price tag.  I’m completely hooked on these pencils and tones!  These are a find and an amazing beauty steal.

10 | Tarte Cosmetics Lights, Camera, Lashes Inner Rim Brightener .009oz, $20.  This is a liner that you can use on your lower eye on the inner rim to make your eyes look brighter and more awake.




1 | L’oreal Telescopic Mascara, $10 – Brown.  My favorite mascara for long and super defined lashes.  I love, love, love this formula.  I swear it makes my stubby lashes look so much longer.  It’s incredible and the price makes it easy to replace your tube every 3 months.  I like this look when I do a more sheer eye look.  It really makes your lashes stand out.

2 | L’oreal Lash Paradise $10 – Brown.  L’oreal’s latest mascara is so good.  It gives a slightly thicker and less defined lash than the Telescopic.  It’s super pretty with a smokey eye look.  This mascara is racking up 5 star reviews all over the internet.

3 | Tarte Tartiest Mascara .24oz full size $23 | travel size .15oz $12– Black.  I wish so desperately that this mascara came in brown. Brown just tends to look the best and most natural on me.  But this formula is so good that I like wearing this black shade with more dramatic makeup looks.  It makes your lashes look so much longer, but never clumps or flakes  It’s such an amazing formula and brush.  I love that is comes in a travel size.  The travel size lasts me 3 months without getting close to running out and makes it so affordable to replace it regularly.  You really should update mascara every 3 months for healthy eyes.  The travel size price makes it easy.

4 | DHC Lash Tonic Lash Conditioner $14.  This conditioner is so wonderful for helping your lashes stay healthy and full.  If I use this regularly every night, within a month I always notice that my lashes are longer and fuller.  The price is amazing for a lash conditioning and lengthening product and there is zero risk of your eye color changing.

Red Lipsticks

1 | Ardency Inn Modster Long Play Supercharged Lip Color, .12oz, $27 – Lovecat.  If you want your eyes to sparkle and teeth to look whiter (I know, I know, it’s silly to even ask) then go for a blue-based lipstick.  This shade, Lovecat, has been my go-to red lipstick for a few years now.  Fun fact, I’m still using the same tube.  It lasts like no other lipstick I have tried.  I generally shy away from the long-wear matte formulas that have become crazy popular over the past few years.  Here is a full post on when I wore this lipstick (by accident) for 18 hours.  If you have to pick only one red lipstick, I’d pick Lovecat.

2 | Nars Lip Pencil, .086oz, $27 – Dragon Girl.  I’m sure I’d worn red lipstick before.  But honestly, before Dragon Girl, I don’t really remember wearing a red lip.  This is such a unique shade, I don’t even really know how to describe it.  It’s bright without looking garish and makes your skin and teeth and eyes look brighter. It’s just stunning on and the somewhat drier (but not patchy dry) matte pencil formula is very user-friendly (great for someone who is using a red lipstick for the first time.)

3 | Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip Color, $6 – Cozy.  If you are overseas and have Amazon Prime, Amazon will ship to you for a total of $14.  I know this brand can be difficult to get on some countries, so that’s a good option.

I saw this lip color on 2 or 3 women who had completely different skin tones and it looked stunning on all of them.  I knew I had to try it.  The Colorurpop Ultra Satin formula dries down to an almost matte finish and stays for about 5 hours on me before starting to feel dry and get slightly patchy.  I do feel like it’s difficult to reapply, so I save this shade for more of a night out look vs a 12-hour day.  But it’s just gorgeous.  I typically shy away from orange-reds, but this one hits the balance just perfectly.

4 | Nars Lip Pencil , .086oz, $27 – Cruella.  This is another matte pencil formula from Nars.  I find them to be very user friendly.  This is a slightly deeper + darker red than Dragon Girl.  I have one of these in my pro kit as well and often layer it with the Sephora shade below, for a 12 hour+ red lip.  It’s a really knock-out red lip combo.

5 | Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain Liquid Lipstick .169oz, $14 – 01 Always Red.  Whenever I’m going to wear a red lip, I almost always put this long-wear and transfer resistant formula first.  The key with liquid lipstick is to wipe almost all the product that comes out in the applicator back into the tube.  The applicator generally will have enough color in the sponge to fill in your lips, you don’t need what’s sitting on top of the sponge also.  Too much of a liquid lip will create a really heavy looking lip, that will flake and crack off.  I use the edge of the applicator as my lip liner and then fill in my lips.  This is a great layering shade, it helps make other red lipsticks last a zillion times longer.

6 | M.A.C. Lipstick Retro Matte Finish .12oz, $17 – Ruby Woo.  This lipstick has a “retro matte” finish, so it is slightly dry feeling.  It’s no my go-to shade to wear all day because of this finish/feeling on my lips, but the shade is SO crazy pretty that it’s beautiful for a night-out shade.  It lasts really well through dinner and drinks.  This is one of those red shades that looks amazing on every skin tone.

7 | L’oreal Colour Riche Collection Red .13oz, $9 – Blake’s Red. Not gonna lie, I loved the Jennifer’s Red more than the Blake shade.  But it was almost immediately discontinued and now sells for $30 on ebay and Amazon. The Blake shade is still really pretty, it’s an ever-so-slightly deeper red, with flattering blue undertones.  I love the L’oreal formula, I feel like it’s comfortable to wear for hours.


Nude Lipsticks + Glosses

1 | Too Faced La Creme Color Drenched Lip Cream, .11oz, $22 – Nude Beach, Naughty Nude mixed with Naked Dolly (or Naked Dolly for center of lips).  These are some of the most hydrating lipsticks I’ve ever worn.  They are pretty full-coverage, but can be blotted to a softer sheer lip.

2 | Loreal Color Riche.13oz, $9 – JLo’s Nude.  This is my old school nude lipstick pick.  At one point, I had so many of these that I’d find them in every purse, suitcase, my car and my vanity.  It’s semi-sheer and so pretty.  Natural and not overwhelmingon the lips at all.  L’oreal lipsticks still have a “vintage lipstick” smell and taste, but I find it to be not as noticeable with this shade.  It’s a great shade.

3 | Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick .15oz, $9 – Honey Bare.  This lipstick is hard to find.  I’ve only been able to track down one in an actual store.  But if you can get one from Amazon, it’s such a lovely sheer nude shade.  It’s nude without making you looked washed out.  I featured it in this tutorial. It feels light on the lips.  I do recommend to be gentle with the tube, because it applies to easily and smoothly, the lipstick can break off in the tube if you press too hard.  I wish Revlon would make this a permanent shade!

4 | Jouer Long Wear Lip Creme .21oz, $18 – Melon.  I tend to shy away from long wear formulas because they look too matte on.  But the Jouer formula is really nice, especially with a little gloss or metallic shade popped right in the center of the lips.  This duo set of melon + a metallic rose for $25 is a great deal!  This is more of a rose-nude shade, which I like because it makes my lips look bigger and doesn’t wash me out.

5 | Tom Ford Lip Color Shine .12oz, $54 – Abandon.  This was my first ever Tom Ford lipstick, given to me as a Christmas present from my friend Genevieve.  It’s the prettiest sheer nude peach shade.  It’s honestly so, so so gorgeous on, especially with red hair.  Here is a full post.

6 | Hourglass Extreme Sheen High Shine Gloss .17oz, $28 – Child.  I never thought I’d spend $28 on a lip gloss.  But I also never thought I’d find a lip gloss formula like this in my life.  This honestly feels like a rich, hydrating balm on.  Not sticky or heavy at all.  The shade, Child, is the most perfect nude gloss I’ve ever worn.  I will swipe it on over lipsticks, but more often than not I wear it on it’s own.  It’s just an unreal level of pretty.  The formula lasts a decent amount of time.  I’ve truly never found a gloss formula this good before, Hourglass nailed it.

7 | NYX Butter Gloss .27oz $6 – Creme Brulee.  This is another gorgeous nude shade.  To be totally honest, I feel like it sort of dries my lips out, so it’s not any everyday gloss for me.  But the shade is so beautiful that I do like wearing it with smokey eye looks.  It’s great on it’s own as it has a lot of pigment.  The texture on the lips is very plush and “buttery.”  It isn’t sticky.  It’s slightly thick, but feels very comfortable.  It’s only after I take it off that I notice my lips do feel drier.

8 | Colourpop Ultra Glossy Lip .009oz, $6 – Finder’s Keepers.  Amazon link for International readers $5.95 + $5 shipping. I debated including this with nude shades, as it’s more of a natural lip color.  I love the Colourpop Glossy lips formula, it’s sheer with just a hint of pigment.  They wear comfortably and are so hydrating.  Colourpop really nailed this formula and shade!

9 | Buxom Lipgloss Full On Lip Polish .15oz, $20 – Dolly.  This lip gloss is the most beautiful mauve berry shade.  It looks good on everyone.  I apply it super sheer for natural makeup days.  It is a great my-lips-but-better shade.  It plumps and hydrates and the name reminds me of my favorite and the best singer on earth, Dolly Parton.



Berry Lipsticks + Glosses

1 | Tom Ford Lip Color .1oz, $54 – Bruised Plum.  This shade is a great vampy berry.  If you are looking for a Fall, rich berry, Bruised Plum will deliver.

2 | Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick .4oz, $21 – Melted Berry.  If I had to pick one berry shade to tell you to go for, this would probably be it.  There are so many things I love about each shade listed, so it’s really hard for me to say that.  But this lipstick really has it all – it’s vegan friendly ingredients, a little goes a long way, it spreads easily during application, it wears beautifully, it feels really comfortable on the lips, and the shade it’s hands down one of the most gorgeous, most flattering shades I own.  Every time I wear it I get tons of compliments and get asked the shade.  It’s a beautiful lipstick.

3 | Maskcara Lip + Cheek Tint  $12 – Black Cherry.  This is one of those shades that looks terrifying in the package.  It looks like it’s going to be the vampiest, deep dark gothic shade.  Once you apply it though, it melts into your lips and is the most stunning, natural looking berry shade.  It also feels like a balm or chapstick on the lips and is hydrating.

4 | Dose of Colors .16oz, $18 – Berry Me.  This is by far the most purplish toned berry out of all my picks.  It is a long wear, transfer resistant formula.  They sometimes feel drying on my lips, so this wouldn’t be an everyday pick for me, but it’s a stunning lipstick.  This would be a great bold lip for a night out, as you wouldn’t have to worry about touch ups.

5 | Tom Ford “Boys + Girls” Mini Lipstick Collection .07oz, $36 – Drake.  This is one of those lipstick shades that just melts in and looks so natural on.  It’s a great everyday berry shade.  The Drake shade sold out immediately when released, but now seems to stay in stock more regularly at Sephora and Nordstrom.  Consider this fair warning, the Tom Ford Boys + Girls collection lipsticks will seem shocking small when you first see the box.  They are .07 oz as compared to the full sized tubes at .1 oz.  However it’s still over twice the size of the new Hourglass Confession lipsticks -which are gorgeous- but only contain .03oz of product for $34.  The Tom Ford just seems tiny, but actually make a perfect purse size lipstick.

6 | Sonia Kashuk Satin Luxe Lipcolor spf 15 .12oz, $10 – Fig.  This is the closest dupe I have found this far for the Tom Ford Drake.  It’s slightly darker and a bit more of a satin finish.  It’s a beautiful shade and contains spf.


Peach/Coral Lipsticks

1 | Tom Ford Lip Color .1oz, $54 – True Coral.  This shade looks pretty on it’s own as a bold lip, or mixed with “Flamingo” for a pinky-coral.  I will say this, Tom Ford lipsticks, while pricey, take only one swipe for full pigmentation on the lips.  Each of my tubes barely has a dent in it.  This is a great coral shade.  The right shade of coral can brighten up your whole face.

2 | Nars Lipstick .12oz, $28 – Niagara.  The perfect coral shade I’ve been searching for forever.  This formula is slightly sheer, which is great for fair skin.  The shade is the most perfect blend of coral and pink I’ve ever found.  This has become my everyday shade.  It brightens my face but doesn’t pull focus the way lip color sometimes can.  This is a knock-out shade and formula.



Pink Lipsticks + Glosses

1 | Circa Beauty .12oz, $10 – Ava.  Sadly, this line is being discontinued.  But this rose-pink lipstick is a pretty deeper toned pink shade.  Not going to lie, this lipstick doesn’t have the best taste/smell, but the formula is comfortable on the lips.

2 | Tom Ford Lip Color .12oz, $54 – Flamingo.  I love to mix this shade with Tom Ford’s True Coral shade.  It becomes the most perfect, pinky-coral lip shade.  I always get asked what’s on  my lips when I wear this combo.

3 | Buxom Full On Lip Cream .14oz, $20 – White Russian.  This is a really soft ballet blush pink.  It works for me because 1: it’s sheer, and 2: it’s more of a blush shade vs. a true pink.  I took and loved ballet when I was a kid and I remember my shoes being this soft pink color.  This lip cream is very comfortable to wear, not sticky, and has a decent wear time for a lip gloss.



1 | Charlotte Tilbury lip liner .04oz, $22 – Pillowtalk.  Hands down my favorite liner and shade of all time.  I hesitated to spend $22 on “just a liner” at first, but boy-o-boy I was wrong.  The lip sets up your whole lipstick to look better and stay in place.  This shade is just about my own lip shade, but a teeny bit darker.  It makes my lips look so much bigger when I use it and really does keep lipstick from straying.  I love to even fill my whole lips in with it.  It’s just beautiful and it absolutely an item that I’d repurchase.  She has a full range of shades that I’d like to try, from nude to red and deep berry.  Great product!

2 | NYX Slim Lip Pencil .04oz, $4 – Natural.  This is another go-to shade for me!  This one looks so pretty on.  It’s slightly drier than the Charlotte Tilbury, but still glides on easily.  It also contains .04 oz of product, so it does last.  It’s a great buy at $4 and it comes in so many colors.  This is a great pencil to pick up in shade natural, but also to pick up for a shade of lipstick that you don’t wear that often and but still need a matching liner for (like a burgundy, deep raspberry, etc).

3 | Bite Beauty The Lip Pencil .05oz $18 – Bite’s lip liners hit that perfect spot of being just creamy enough that they don’t tug or skip across the lips, but dry enough that they stay in place and keep your lipstick from bleeding.  They have 49 colors, holy moley, so you’ll definitely find a shade you need.  I have shade 034 Plum Rose now and would like to pick up 020 Beige Nude and 036 next.  This liner is free of petrochemicals.  The formula is so light, it doesn’t feel like there is anything on your lips, but there is so much pigment in the formula.  Awesome product.

Nail Polish




1 | Debora Lippmann .5oz $18 – Fashion.  Perfect neutral nude shade, nice thin formula.

2 | OPI Nail Laquer .5oz $10.50 – Samoan Sand.  Beautiful true nude.

3 | Essie Nail Laquer .5oz $9 – Spin The Bottle.  Pretty nude shade with a slight pink tone.

4 | CND Vinylux Weekly Polish .5oz, $10.50 – Lavishly Loved.  I do one coat of this and then the CND topcoat when I don’t have time to do a full manicure.  It makes your nails realy strong.


1 | Zoya Professional Lacquer .5oz $9 – Rue.  One of my favorite nail polish shades of all time.  The lightest, prettiest mauve.

2 | Zoya Professional Lacquer .5oz $10 – Aubrey.  I love this for toes!  A pretty, mid tone mauve, great Fall color.

3 | OPI Nail Lacquer .5oz $10.50 – Barefoot In Barcelona.  This is a slightly more brownish, pink mid tone shade.

4 | Tom Ford Nail Lacquer .41oz $36 – Mink Brule.  A stunner.  I always get asked what’s on my nails when I’m wearing this.  Slightly more pink than OPI Barefoot in Barcelona.


1 | OPI Nail Lacquer .5oz $4.97 – Red My Fortune Cookie.  Hands down my favorite red shade.


1 | Deborah Lippmann .5oz $18 – Between The Sheets.  A fun bright fuchsia shade, love this for toes.


More Strawberry Blonde Hair Posts:



Oh. My. Gosh.  That is everything, that is all.  Do you feel as tired as me?  Haha.

I really, really hope this is helpful and will keep this post updated as brands update their products.

xo – Molly

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Jaimie September 21, 2017 - 12:22 pm

Thanks for all the tips! I am actually a natural redhead and have brown lashes and brows. I think it is a nice difference.

Katherinita September 23, 2017 - 12:36 am

This is fantastic! I have natural golden red hair and am bookmarking this.

I would LOVE it if you tried the Fenty foundation and posted a review next!

Girl Get Glamorous September 24, 2017 - 9:10 am

Thank you, I’m so glad this post is helpful!! And great timing – I am testing the Fenty products now, review soon! xo Molly

kelly April 26, 2018 - 8:49 pm

Hi – I’ve just discovered your website and insta!! – you’re absolutely gorgeous and your tutorials are what i’ve been searching for…noone understands the pain of the eternal search for all things brown (mascara/eyeliner)when you’re fair! Have made a recent Sephora discovery that i thought i’d share with you after reading your fav mascaras list – after first trying Benefits ‘They’re Real’ mascara (which i thought was pretty average considering the hype online) I next bought their ‘They’re Real Tinted Eyelash Primer’ in brown – omg…it’s amazing!!! your lashes remain completely flexible…i can load this on at 7am and then reapply straight over the top at 5pm if i’m heading out after work and it applies like a dream…when normally i’d look like some demented spider if I tried to apply mascara over the top of my day-old mascara. Anyway, just thought you might be interested… look forward to your next tutorial! 🙂

Joanne July 8, 2018 - 9:27 pm

What an awesome blog! You put so much work and heart into your site, and it’s one of the most fun and informative that I’ve ever seen! I’m a bottle strawberry blonde and love all your color shades. I agree, purple/plum for eyes looks amazing on redheads!

GM Anneveld-Tol August 4, 2018 - 1:50 am

Hi Molly, it’s been a while since you did this post and recently Dior came out with there Backstage range. I really love the colors of their two eyeshadow palettes. As a strawberry blond girl I am wondering which palette will suits us best? I haven’t bought one yet because I want to ask your opinion first. The cool tone palette has some purple/plum tones in it which look great with our eyes. The warm tone palette has the orange and brown shades which look great with our hair. So what to choose? Could you give some tips or even better review the palettes? Thank you so much for giving the world so much inspiration and a bit of yourself! 😉 Love, GonnieMarie, Netherlands

Molly Gardner August 6, 2018 - 9:19 am

Hi GonnieMarie!

I will look into these and do some swatches and a review. I agree they both look so beautiful! 🙂

xo – Molly

kmm February 3, 2019 - 1:17 pm

fantastic post

Deborah June 13, 2019 - 8:18 pm

Great post. I can tell you as someone w natural auburn/red hair——many redheads have brows that are not red! I was born w strawberry blonde hair ans my lashes and brows were very fair more blonde than red. As I got older my hair darkened to auburn and my brows light brown. Im in my early 40’s now and my res color is fading….I now color but never touch my brows to change color as they never matched my hair anyway. Similar tone but always a different shade. I usually mix an auburn and a warm/light brown pencil depending on the haircolor Im using. I am going to check out Anastasia Caramel for sure. Sounds like it could work in my arsenal 😉 One thing about redhair is it always looks diff depending on clothing, makeup, etc.


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